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8 Essential Steps to Killer Content

Typing ContentWhat makes good web content?  Of course, it varies from website to website and it really is dependent upon what you do – but the difference between content that performs well and content that performs poorly is more obvious than you may first assume.  The ways in which we find ourselves enticed or persuaded by written content have been researched, evaluated and put into practice millions of times – and while some techniques will involve applying effective SEO strategies, simply writing original, engaging organic content is enough to set the ball rolling.  Let’s have a look at a few ways in which you can really make content work to your advantage.

Casting the line – headlines count

If you’re no stranger to viral content from blogs and the like, then you may well know that there’s something of a formula to how headlines work.  Headlines which question our beliefs, challenge what we may already know, and elicit new ways for us to look at mundane topics are all great ways to hook in even the most sceptical of readers – formats such as ’10 great ways to engage readers you’ve never tried’, for example – you need to excite your readers, to stand out, to flip a concept on its head.

Be authoritative, research your opinions

Websites or blogs that are poorly-sourced or improperly researched will likely have trouble attaining any kind of credibility – meaning that before you get started, you’ll need to ensure that the topics you are talking about are backed up by credible sources.  Google will likely reward you for linking to external authorities, meaning that it really will pay to make sure that you show your work.

Stay fresh!

Google’s ever-changing algorithms have resulted in a number of big changes for SEO in general – and one of the biggest pitfalls of writing content and building webpages in 2016 surrounds ensuring that your material is new, fresh, regularly updated and that it’s not duplicated.  The fact of the matter is this – Google may well penalise you should you repeat pages to save on time.  Write content regularly, and make sure it’s original.

Don’t be afraid to tell a story

There’s nothing more boring than a half-hearted, middling piece that fails to express an opinion or any kind of personality – if you’re aiming to get shares and visits, you’re going to need to let your voice filter through and to really drive your content.  Content with character will not only enable your website and brand easier to connect with, but it will really help it stand out from the sea of competition.

Don’t drone on

You may well have a lot to talk about, but the fact of the matter is – no one really wants to spend their whole day reading about your opinion.  Harsh though it may sound, readers on mobile or tablet are likely to want to digest any material you produce on a basis that takes minimal time to read – meaning that a list format, or a watering-down of ideas, may be worthwhile if you have a considerable amount of content available.  You’re going to need to engage your audience, keep their attention and maybe even introduce them to a new slant on a particularly mundane topic.

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of varied content

These days, you’re much more likely to engage people via video content than you are with written material – as it’s far easier to watch a quick video that to read through reams of text!  Google rewards this behaviour, too – meaning that you could do well by arranging to film a few minutes of footage for your brand or services if you’re looking to appeal to a specific audience.

Blog often, and blog well

Keeping ahead of the game blog-wise can be hard – but if you write and produce content regularly, and in a fashion that establishes yourself as a knowledgeable and versatile authority in your field, you’ll be more likely to pick up more followers, more regularly!  Spreading your content via social media can’t hurt, either – letting your fans and potential customers know that you’re alive, kicking and ready to engage!

Be vigilant

The number one rule when it comes to producing killer content is a very simple one – do your research.  What are likeminded brands and companies putting out?  How can you stand to be a little different?  Are you making sure that your content has a unique voice, character and is free from errors?  Are you ensuring that your content is rich in organic text and adheres to current SEO standards?  If so, then there’s no reason at all why Google won’t give you a fighting chance in the search rankings – and at the same time, it’s all the more likely that customers and visitors will latch onto you too.

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