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3 Keys to Content Marketing Success with Great ROI

With the tremendous growth of social media and multiple Google algorithm update, content marketing has become more challenging than ever. Similarly, it has also become more expensive and time consuming.

A look at the graph from TrackMaven gives a rough idea of how challenging it has got to market your content better. There’s probably more content getting published than ever, which is, unsurprisingly, directly related to a declining engagement rate.

So, how do you go about ensuring that your content marketing strategy manages to turn successful despite all the competition out there and makes a great ROI? Well, the simple answer is a solid content marketing plan. The not-so-simple thing about it, though, is that it isn’t exactly as simple to implement as it sounds.

The Importance of a Content Marketing Plan

We don’t really know how to go about explaining the importance of a detailed content marketing plan. Let us simply say that without a great plan, you are not going to get anywhere nowadays.

Regardless of whether you’re trying to sell something or offering a service, a content marketing plan is an absolute must. With that being said, let’s walk you through a few most important factors you need to keep in mind while coming up with a great content marketing plan.

Focusing on Your Goals

Well, with pretty much everything related to marketing, focusing on the goals is a very important aspect of a content marketing plan as well. From a local business to a leading global brand, every business needs to have goals – preferably smart goals.

Basically, you would want to have multiple goals to guide the customers through their buying “journey”. You need to create content at every stage of the conversation funnel, aimed at making the process more effective and easier.

Let us now take a look at some of the important things you need to keep in mind while coming up with the content strategy.

  • Using a keyword tool such as Google Keyword Planner for finding relevant keywords to guide your content plan
  • Coming up with a style guide that includes your business’ logo and other stylistic elements
  • Figuring out how you would be using the headings, subheadings and other important parts of your content the right way
  • Determining the length of your posts based on your target audience
  • Social media platforms that you will be using to promote the content, as well as how to achieve an impressive engagement rate
  • Images, quotes, and external links

Figuring Out the Shortcomings

Just like content creation, you also need to focus on auditing existing content. You can do this by analyzing the level of engagement visitors have on your site. So for instance, if you aren’t getting enough subscribers to your email list, you may want to consider offering a free ebook.

Similarly, if you aren’t getting the type of engagement you’re looking for despite publishing content regularly, you may want to include some visual content too, or try covering a wider range of topics.

Targeting the Right Audience

The target audience is probably the most important factor of modern content marketing. It usually involves segmenting the potential customers who want/need your product or service and basing your content marketing strategy around them.

However, unlike the traditional approach, which usually involves geographical and other forms of targeting, such as age, gender and income, you would want to market via “personas”. So instead of targeting customers on the basis of age, gender or income, you would want to use more sophisticated factors such as attitudes, lifestyles, values, as well as occasion-based targeting such as emergencies and gifts.

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