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PHP and IoT makes a Gateway To Successful App Development

Imagine, you are all alone in the home, and you crave for cappuccino. Since no one is there to make it for you, you get no way to have some without making it yourself. Instead, you can just switch on the internet, and your cappuccino is ready. Wouldn’t it be so cool? Imagine the scope of PHP web development services when such thing can happen.

In the coming years, you can expect something wonderful like this. It will be possible due to the Internet of Things (IoT). As per recent CISCO study, there will be 50 billion devices which will be connected with IoT, by the end of 2020. Many businesses are making fast pace advancement in technology landscape with these new technologies which in turns makes the workplace to adapt itself to the regulatory requirement as well increment in employee efficiency. This open new avenues for PHP Application Development Services.

Successful-Mobile-App-Development-and-Launch-Tips-for-Businesses-Endive Software

Successful-Mobile-App-Development-and-Launch-Tips-for-Businesses-Endive Software

At present, the household devices are now upgraded so that they would be compatible with IoT. As motion sensors along with Wi-Fi adapters and cameras as duly embedded in these devices, they will be ready for performing the tasks.

The possibilities with IoT are endless. There are more futuristic things which can be achieved with IoT such as self-parking of vehicles or getting a notification on your smartphones when there is any danger to your device. It can also help you to automatically monitor the progress of fitness levels as well as track health progress and create reports. You also get options of ordering groceries too. All this can be achieved by IoT with the development of applications by any PHP development company.

With lots of talks about IoT, there is an inherent partnership between web development and IoT which can result in creating something different.

PHP Description

Before going into this aspect, let’s first talk about PHP and its working.

It is a server-side scripting language which is used to create dynamic as well as interactive web pages. It collects an entire set of images which are used in a website and provide a great experience to the user. This language operates smoothly and is perfectly suited for web development services at server-side. There are many services in PHP development India.

You might be guessing the limitations of usage of IoT within devices, but there is a larger picture than you expect.

Now we will explain how to use a PHP device by use of IoT device.

Merger of PHP and IoT

There are lots of opportunities for PHP developers who are IoT app development enthusiasts. As a PHP developer, you will feel ecstatic to know that you can create a PHP app use of an IoT device. Now we will explain the details of a different process to create such an app. If you are a business looking for a PHP device which can be used be an IoT device, then you can hire PHP developer who knows the following process.


When you have to develop a PHP app with an IoT app, then you require few things. You need to have knowledge of PHP. You also require a local environment where you can develop PHP with Apache. You also require an Android Studio along with Google Account as well as Blue Mix. At last, you will need IDE or text editor. These are regular tools which are available in PHP Application Development Services.


To understand the process, let’s understand various stages.

First, you have to connect Bluemix with IoT by means of creating a Bluemix application and then binding it with IoT foundation. After doing it, you need to login into your Bluemix account and then click on the button “Create App”. After that, select “web” and then select IoT foundation Starter boilerplate. Once you do this, you can “Create an App” area by clicking on the “Create button”.

Now, you have to make a connection between the device and IoT. By going to the application page, you need to select “Internet of Things Foundation Service”. By doing so, you isolate your device and its corresponding data in a different account. Now, you have to select the “Launch Dashboard” tab and then need to go through from “creating a device” along with “adding a device”. Make sure the developer of your PHP development company executes this step with caution.

After accomplishing this, open an android application and then install the IoT starter. For that, you need to open Android Studio. Now, you need to go to “Quick Start” and have to select “Checkout project from version control”. After that, you have to choose “Git”. Now click on “Clone” by going to clone repository dialog. Then copy the .apk file present on your device and then install it with the assistance of a file manager.

Now, in this step, you have to transfer data from Android Starter to IoT. In order to do so, first, activate the installed app, and then you will see a welcome screen. Now, enter the organization name with the help of device identifier along with authentication token. After this, you have to select a button named “Activate sensor”. This will enable you to receive messages from various channels of the radio. Now developers of PHP web development services will be able to access these messages.

For application access, you have to create an API key. Now, you will be receiving a stream of data which is now accessible to your IoT device. But before that, you have to verify that there is proper access to IoT by your application. After this, activate the API. First, you need to activate the IoT Foundation dashboard. After doing so, and selecting the Access button, you need to go to API Keys and then generate an API key. After this step, an authentication token is generated to use the values in next steps. Now, you have to feed the data from IoT with the assistance of a PHP application.

Here, with the assistance of a messaging protocol called MQTT, you device along with your application can access the data from IoT. Hire PHP developers who is capable of executing all these steps with perfection.


With the endless possibilities and applications of IoT, the world is yet to witness a new era of transformation in the digital world. People are going to experience a whole new approach towards dealing with their environment and devices. With the merger of PHP along with IoT, the opportunities of PHP development India are great.

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