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4 Ways to Use Social Media Management Tool for Your Business

4 Ways to Use Social Media Management Tool for Your Business

We all want to own a business someday. It’s because of the thinking that when you have a business to run, your time is all yours. You don’t need to wake up early in the morning and face heavy traffic every day. However, you can’t just start a business without money. You need to invest if you want to make it a reality.

Nonetheless, your job doesn’t end there. You must hire people who will work for you; buy products that you want to sell, and promote your firm. All these activities do not only need money, but time and effort as well. For this reason, many people are satisfied with their jobs. Because they don’t have enough funds, they’d rather be an employee than to start a business.

However, it all changed when social media arrived. Although the primary purpose of this site is to connect people from one another, entrepreneurs use it for their businesses. They use it to promote their businesses and the vacant positions in the company. Furthermore, they use it to start an online firm.

Unfortunately, using these websites for business is not easy, especially if you’re managing multiple accounts. Good thing there is a social media management tool that lets you handle all your social pages. So the question is – how can you turn these platforms to your advantage?

In this article, you will learn how to turn your social media accounts into different tools. Hence, we will not keep you waiting any longer. Let’s begin the discussion!

Social Media Management as a Customer Relationship Management Tool

Customers are important for any business. They are the ones who buy the products or services that you offer. Thus, you need to treat them well. Otherwise, giving them a poor service will not only reflect on your reputation, but also on your sales.

According to, 78% of buyers have abandoned a deal because of poor service. Nonetheless, 70% of them will do a transaction with you again if you resolve their issues. Thus, it’s crucial that you fix their problems immediately, and the best way to do that is through social media.

Social media is becoming a widely used tool for listening, communicating and caring about your customers. Because more and more people are now using these platforms as a review website, you should register to these sites. In that way, you will have an idea of how people think of you.

However, monitoring their perceptions across social media channels is not easy. You need to log in and out of your page to check your reputation and answer their questions. Fortunately, there are social media monitoring tools that let you check all of your social accounts. You only need to integrate the software with all your social pages. So why should you use the social media management tool as a customer relationship management program?

Through this platform, you can see all the tweets, statuses, and comments of your customers without checking them separately. Furthermore, you can respond to their messages straight from the dashboard. For instance, someone tags you on Twitter and ask a question about your products. You don’t need to log into your Twitter account. You only need to reply to the tweet using the media management app, and you’re done.

Nevertheless, the best thing about this tool is that it tells you which comments or tweets that need a reply. Hence, it will help you save time in responding to their tweets and comments.

Social Network Management as Recruiting Software

Aside from using it as a customer relationship management tool, you can also use it as recruitment software. describes the recruitment management system as a tool that automates the process of finding, interviewing, and hiring new employees. In other words, it makes the recruitment process faster.

So why use a social media management tool as a recruiting program? There are several reasons why you should use it as a hiring platform. First, it improves the viewing platform of your business. With social media, your selection increases, making it easier to hire a person or find a job. You simply need to join groups for job seekers regardless of your needs.

Second, it improves your online presence. Recruiting is like advertising. You need to stay visible if you want to hire new people. However, staying visible is not easy.

But if you use social media tools, you don’t need to worry about your presence. Because you’re posting the vacant positions in your company on social media, chances are, many people will see your ad. Consequently, you will start receiving CVs from these websites.

Third, it is easier to scan the profiles of the applicants. Let’s face it! Scanning application forms is the most tedious part of the hiring process. Still, you have to do it to ensure you’ll make a right choice.

Fortunately, you can make the procedure less dreary. You simply need to use social media platforms in scanning the applicants. Through these sites, you can assess the personality of the candidates without meeting them personally.

Social Network Management as a Marketing Tool

The environment of social networking is ideal for business. Because most of us have social accounts, it will be easier to get more buyers there. You only need to have an account or a page and post your ads. However, using social media marketing tools to promote your business would take away the real purpose of such sites. To prevent it from happening, you need to implement the 70-20-10 rule.

This method promotes equilibrium. Meaning, it balances the content on your account. To stay accurate to this regulation, your page must be 70% informative, 20% informal, and 10% promotional.

When we say informative, you need to provide information that is relevant to your followers. You may include how-to articles or Listicles on your account because these types of blogs are what they want.

As for being informal, we’re not trying to say that you can post whatever you like. What we mean is that you must include user reviews or questions on the content of the page. For instance, you’re selling social network management software. You can pin some reviews of social media management tools to the page content. In that way, potential buyers don’t need to visit another page if they want to read customer reviews.

Moreover, if they have questions, they can leave a comment or message you, keeping the primary purpose of these sites.

Lastly, the content must be 10% promotional. Although the primary reason you created an account is to advertise your business, you need to minimize posting promotional content. Share an ad if you have new products to offer, or you’re giving free coupon codes.

If you keep this rule in mind, more people will support your business.

Social Network Management as a Search Engine Optimization Tool

One of the greatest advantages of social networking sites is that you can use them to improve your page rankings. Believe it or not, social media is a powerful search engine optimization tool. Once you have posted a web link to your page, chances are, it would become viral.

However, not all blogs or videos that were shared with these websites became a hit. If you want to make it viral, your content must be relevant and well-presented. Otherwise, you will not get the online presence that you need for your site.

Apart from that, you must create a consistent profile. Don’t make your followers confused. Make sure that the content of the page is relevant to your profile.

For instance, you mentioned that you are a makeup artist, and you want to share your knowledge with your followers. To be consistent with your descriptions on your profile, you need to provide tips to follow when applying makeup. You may also give a list of makeup brands that are perfect for certain occasions and ethnicities.

Lastly, you need to focus on your target audience. “There’s a ton of fish in the sea” as what we often say. However, you can’t just get them all because you only have a small container where you will put the fish. Hence, you need to be specific with what you need. Get what you want and go to the seashore.

This example also applies to SEO. There are more than 2 billion internet users worldwide. However, you can’t grab them all. You need to identify your target market and focus on that. To do this, you need to put the location, age, or gender along with the keyword. Again, let’s use makeup as an example.

To be more specific, you can use “makeup for teens” as your keyword. In that way, only the teenagers will see the ad.

These are the things that you can do with your social management tool. If your software can do these things, then you can say that you’re using the best social media management tools.

So which is the best social media management tool? Find out the answer by going to and reading our social media management software reviews.

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