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Top Benefits of Learning Management Systems Not Immediately Obvious

When a company searches for an LMS they usually have a list of requirements that the LMS needs to accomplish. The LMS must have certain features to help with their activities or goals and it must fit into a budget. This a good method, but companies might not realize that an LMS is much more than a system used for employee training and selling courses. An LMS can have countless other benefits that might not be that obvious from the beginning.

But first let’s have a look at the common benefits that an LMS can have for a company. An LMS can help reduce training costs, improve training material creation and delivery, increase profit by selling courses, increases staff productivity, provide a centralized location for organizing company data, track employee progress, and more.

This are all very important benefits, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. An LMS can help companies improve in many more aspects. Here are some examples below:

1. Save time on preparing training material – Instructors can prepare course material faster using an LMS, which leads to less hours of overtime. That means less company money spent on paying extra hours for instructors and more money to spend elsewhere such as conferences and team buildings.

2. Learning at the point of need – Learners are not constrained to learn only in a training environment. With the help of an LMS, they can have access to course information anytime, anywhere, which makes them more self-directed and engaged.

3. Reduced costs with software licenses – A company can use up to 11 software licenses for different programs. An LMS can incorporate all those programs and you only have to pay for one subscription.

4. Central hub for all activities – Having only one system that incorporates all your training activities makes everyone’s lives easier. Any employee, manager, or client can simply go into the LMS to grab the data they need, take a course, or evaluate employees.

5. Better connection between all staff members – Any type of information can be shared securely using an LMS whether it’s to specific groups or the entire company, without having to distribute paper all over the company or send a tone of emails. An LMS also facilitates collaboration through engaging tools like chats and groups, that help improve teamwork and communication between employees.

The truth is that each company should use an LMS if their activities incorporate some sort of training delivery. Companies should be aware that an LMS can bring benefits beyond the training aspects. They can help improve many company activities, but this is different for each company depending on its size, industry, and so on. What are some LMS benefits that you’ve seen in your organization since using an LMS?

Alina Toderascu

Alina Toderascu

Marketing Director at CYPHER LEARNING
Alina is an e-learning enthusiast and the Marketing Director for CYPHER LEARNING, a company with two LMS products, NEO and MATRIX.
Alina Toderascu

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