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4 Digital Solutions to Manage Your New Business

When starting a new business you want to start fresh, right? The way to succeed is with the most up-to-date programs. Why, you ask. Well, because these programs are designed to help you save time, save money, and to have proper and efficient control over your innovative business. Let’s get real, we are currently living in a heavily dependent digital world. We must free the trees, get rid of those bulky office supplies, such as that giant paper shredder, the Xerox machine and the oversized printers that demand their very own room. More and more businesses are rapidly converting to digital solutions, which not only saves time but money. What exactly are potential digital solutions you ask? Here are four resolutions for your modernized business.

Elearning solutions

The first solution, the ELearning Solution. Fun fact, “Currently, eLearning accounts for about 40% of all corporate training, and that number is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.”

If you are starting your own small business and cash is tight, there is a plethora of high quality, low-cost, and sometimes free, online options. You can either design your own modules to train employees or you can use a free Learning Management System. The perks to an eLearning solution, once you already have your modules in order, you can easily save and reuse them as your business expands and you hire new employees. You no longer need to waste time with days of training as a digital employee training platform can help you do the job much easily. Rather, your latest employee can dive right into the online learning system with little to no time wasted. You can easily manage, update and manipulate your training system so that it is relevant and accessible to each employee. Sounds good, no?

Digital marketing

Next up, digital marketing. I mean, let’s get real, how often are we, or someone close to us, with their heads and hands on their phones, computers or tablets. Lets not get into the social philosophy of what this means for the coming generations, rather, lets focus on how to utilize the reality of the digital world. Digital marketing is a way to attract costumers online. How so? According to Toprankblog, “Digital marketing utilizes multiple channels such as content marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, social media and online advertising to help brands connect with customers and uncover performance of marketing programs in real-time.” Digital marketing is a reliable and swift way of building your business’ reputation and consumer market. And get this, Google offers an online training course on, yup, you guessed it, Digital Marketing. It’s a sure way to keep your time productive.

Payroll management

Digitalize and control your own Payroll management system. This is especially convenient for small businesses. Manage your own payroll system and save time and money. When you avoid the use of a third party, by outsourcing your payroll, you can utilize a variety of features on your own, in house, management system. For instance, several systems come with calendars. This way both the business owner and the employee can view their workdays, vacation days, sick days, and so on. Managing the Payroll system your self cuts out the risks for mistakes. Most software comes with reminders, for say, pay slips or tax submissions, keeping you on top of your responsibilities. Intuit was rated as one of the top Payroll management systems for small businesses overall in 2016.

Employee onboarding

Want a fourth way to save time and money? Well, here it is an electronic on-boarding system. Let’s shoot off the obvious advantages of going digital here. First off, if you’re still stuck in the paper world, you have to depend on the post. This costs money and time, which could be easily saved when using a digital platform. You want to send out an offer? Just shoot out an email, weekday or weekend, and voila, your offer for new hires is sent instantaneously.  When you have found the person you’ve been on the hunt for, you can send out your offer straightaway and receive your response directly, assuming they are obsessively checking their email as most of us do. This time in between of waiting for your new employee to receive the offer, sign the offer, review the offer, is reduced to a minimum. And there you have it, in a click, a new desirable employee. Any file that has been exchanged and reviewed between the business and the new employee is on file and readily accessible, which reduces any risks of misunderstandings or prospects of miscommunication. Another added bonus feature, once hired, your new employee is automatically assimilated into the payroll system. Additionally, you can set up tasks and an introduction, which are automatically sent to your new employees upon contract. Sounds about right, no? Naturally, to make things easier, here is a link to a 2016 acclaimed on-boarding software, with ratings and reviews for you to peruse and find the most suitable software for your business on Crowdreviews. Enjoy!

Kathy Amato

Kathy Amato is the Director of Marketing at, a website that aggregates online training courses and also offers a free Learning Management System.

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