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To Build Or Buy Your Business Software: New eBook

Many companies often face a dilemma when they need a new business system. The debate usually surrounds whether to build or buy the new business software. There are pros and cons alongside both options, but unfortunately, many decisions are based solely on cost. It is important to remember additional factors such as technical support, implementation and maintenance of the software. We have created an eBook to explore these options in detail and outlining key factors that should be considered before making a decision.

There are many advantages of building your own custom solution in-house. For example, your business will have the flexibility to modify and update the system if and when necessary. This can however be expensive and time-consuming so it is important to find out if existing solutions are available and able to meet the same requirements. Many companies turn to software houses as they are able to reduce their costs and receive technical support from experts in the industry.

New eBook

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Download our eBook to help you make the right decision.

We have released an eBook which outlines the pros and cons associated with both decisions to help you make the right choice. The first key step in this process is to identify the reasons for your change and your system requirements. You need to fully understand why you need the system and what you want it to achieve. From this, you can pinpoint specific pieces of functionality to help you overcome your business challenges. Some of the main reasons that businesses need a new system include:

  • Overwhelming manual administration
  • Out-growing existing processes
  • Lack of consistency

If you can relate to any of these, then a new business system may help you overcome these problems. This list is of course not exhaustive and there are several other reasons why you may need a new system. Many businesses often get side-tracked and start to focus more on cost or additional benefits but it is important to remember the core reasons you started looking for a new business system in the first place.

This eBook not only helps you identify your software requirements but also helps you prepare for conversations with software suppliers. We identify some of the key questions that should be asked along with factors that should be considered.

By the end of this eBook, you should have a better idea of which choice is best for your company. The short answer to the build vs buy dilemma is ‘only build when there is no option to buy’. The costs associated with building a custom software solution from scratch are difficult to justify when there is an existing system on the market that meets the same requirements.

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