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5 Strategies for Staying Connected to Your Remote Employees

5 Strategies for Staying Connected to Your Remote Employees

Hiring remote employees is quickly becoming a growing trend – the Global Workplace Analytics estimates that 63 million Americans will work from home in 2016, which amounts to a third of the workforce. And as technology continues to expand the opportunities for remote positions, it also brings with it new challenges. How does an employer connect with an employee who may be in a different time zone or even a different country?

Below are 5 strategies to help you stay connected to your remote employees:

  1. Focus on the results

Remote employees often create their schedules based on what times they are the most productive. Some people are early morning risers while others may be their most creative at 1 AM. Rather than focusing on what time they get their work done, focus on their contribution. This will lead to employees who are happier and more productive.

  1. Involve remote employees in team activities

It is important to include remote employees in team meetings so they are plugged in to what is going on in the organization. Make sure to include your remote employees when you are assigning tasks, discussing problems, and brainstorming new ideas so they feel like they are contributing to the team and are less likely feel isolated.

  1. Set up times for regular check-ins

Early in the working relationship, establish times when your remote employees are consistently available and schedule a time to regularly check in with them. Remote employees do not have the option to just walk down the hall to your office when they need help with a problem so having this scheduled time for one-on-one communication is vital to ensure they are receiving the guidance they need.

  1. Get to know your remote employees

In an office environment, employees get to know each other through daily interactions and working together on projects. Engaging in this same way with remote employees is more challenging but just as important. By getting to know your remote employees you will learn what motivates them and earn their trust.

  1. Schedule face-to-face encounters

If your remote employees are local to you, regularly schedule times for them to come into the office or meet off-site to talk one-on-one. This is a good time to go over their performance, discuss their career goals, and answer any questions they may have. If your employees are not local to you, you can schedule video conferences.

As an employer, developing a solid method of communication and building relationships with all employees is essential, including remote employees. This will lead to greater success for all team members and enhance the overall growth of the organization. Remote employees need to have access to the same amount of communication as in-house employees so they feel connected to the team and like they are receiving the guidance they need. Communication through email, phone calls, and video conferencing will enable remote employees to ask questions, feel connected to their co-workers, and receive support.

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