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Future Of Salesforce Development in Web And Lightning

Salesforce has turned out to be one of the most interesting cloud platforms of our age. Its applications are widespread which is increasing by leaps and bounds in various industry domains. It has been experiencing great growth in recent time.

So, the obvious question arises is that what future holds for Salesforce? Are the Salesforce solutions going to dominate the enterprise software market for years to come? What is means for Salesforce Development?

In order to gauge the future for Salesforce, let’s take a look at its past. The brief overview of the present status of CRM industry along with Salesforce apps’ role. This will help us to understand the future trajectory of Salesforce. Also, it will give us a look out about possible ramifications to be made by any web development company.

Even though the necessity of quality CRM software can’t be overestimated but with the current speed of advancement in technology, it has added a new dimension in it, which is intelligence.

It is important to note that companies now require CRM or ERP tools to effectively operate to beat the competition. It requires using powerful tools which are capable of dealing with a large amount of intelligence. It is required to deliver better results which amplifies the business advantage in the current competitive market. In this regard, any Salesforce consultant can play a key role in managing a business and implementing Salesforce.

There is an increasing transaction of data along with the technology of purchasing and selling becoming getting more complex. This has resulted in an inherent need for a tool which is intelligent to process sales activities, which remains to be a crucial aspect.

In order to promote intelligent selling, it is often considered beneficial if there exists a tool which helps in creating best sales opportunities. It should also help in prioritizing prospects as well as time along with better understanding of customers. This opens up new avenues for any Salesforce development company which is targeting businesses looking for such intelligent solutions.

The Present

According to a recent report from MIT, over 91% of businesses use Salesforce in their CRM strategies. They consider it to be a powerful executive voice. This report also highlighted that 64% of marketers tend to place more stress on existing clients. They prefer them over acquiring new clients. Salesforce assists salespeople to cater the requirements of the clients as well as customers in the entire buying and selling experience.

It is reported that over 54% of businesses which use CRM solutions state that Salesforce provides them a personalized way of customer service. Most of the Salesforce customers’ requirements were completed with quite an ease with the use of Salesforce than any other CRM available in the market. This leads to growing trend of the hiring of Salesforce consulting services.

Since the cloud allows the employees to get the data from any location along with the inherent advantage of utilizing a single account for records of different clients as well data across finance, sales, etc. can’t get lost.

Being an intelligent tool which assists the Salesforce at the business to spend less amount of time in searching. It also saves time in managing as well as entering the data. Hence, it provides more time on selling. This way, Salesforce platform has improved the performance of the businesses to a whole different level. Hence, there are vast opportunities for any Salesforce development company.

The Future

Even though the enterprise software market is expanding at a tremendous rate and the great success of the tool, the lack of stream of new products as well as features, it is difficult to keep up the growth in an area where the main competitors are likes of IBM, SAP, etc.

Here, Salesforce has utilized a new strategy and grasped it well. It launched Salesforce Lightning, back in 2015 in order to maintain its growth trajectory in the CRM market. It is an efficient version of the main product which aims to increase the sales representatives’ productivity. It also helps in providing businesses with in-depth analytics as well as intelligence which are important factors in increasing the sales.

Few of the important aspects of this Salesforce Lightning consists of offering customizable dashboards as well as opportunity boards. These are helpful in obtaining a comprehensive view across all deals. Using this, the sales professionals can now drag-and-drop various deals from different stages. With the contextual hovers, the user can also get informed about the present status of the customer without any requirement of navigating through various pages.

In future, it is expected that Salesforce will be integrating data science along with big data capabilities to its Service Cloud as well as Marketing Cloud. It would deliver automated customer service tasks and will allow the marketers to use the data for both predictive purposes as well as targeted marketing. This will be great capability which can be utilized by any Salesforce consultant.

By offering customized CRM tools to various business categories along with providing a personalized experience to different clients, it will help in converting important as well as particular information. Salesforce consulting services are looking forward to the growth of Salesforce which is expected to sustain over the time.

The future also brings new avenues for Salesforce with the entry in healthcare industry along with Internet-of-Things (IoT). This process has already started with Salesforce outlining its own Health Cloud in coming months. Salesforce remains to be among the first CRM providers which ventured into the mobile platform; its different apps are now well-rooted at large businesses.

The Conclusion

Salesforce has changed the way businesses operate. It has revolutionized the sales process providing great capabilities to sales representatives. It has opened new avenues as far as any web development company is concerned which is providing Salesforce solutions. Salesforce enables its user to have a better understanding of its customer and assists in improving customer experience. With the introduction of Salesforce Lightning, Salesforce is rapidly making strides in CRM market. With its intelligent design and availability of analytics as well as upcoming integration with big data, the future of Salesforce is bright.

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