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A Detailed Post on Data Deduplication and its Benefits


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Other than IT professionals, very few people understand the idea and the concept of data deduplication. Of course, there are a lot of a number of professionals who are connected to the field in some or the other way but will clear the concept and its real advantages. So today, in this post, we will explain what data deduplication in and the kind of benefits it offers.

When it comes to the standard definition, the term data deduplication is nothing so far. However, there is an explanation that can assist you in understanding it in a better way. The word deduplication means the act of decreasing the needed storage capacity as only the unique data is same. For instance, there will be a lot of backup file for the same 2 MB file attachment. And the file is archived, then all 1000 instances are saved and that leaves you to need at least 100MB of storage capacity. However, with data deduplication in hand, only one instance of the file which you need will be saved and the rest subsequent instances will be just referred back to the actually stored copy.

Anyhow, the below are the some of the benefits that your business can attain from data deduplication.

—  Reduced storage allocation

When it comes to deduplication, you can reduce the capacity it requires nearly up to 75% files on backups. Henceforth, a company can save a number of data files for a given expenditure and this stretches disk purchase range automatically. All this process will help in saving data to disk in a more cost-efficient way and thus taking advantage of its speed and reducing the requirement for tape.

— Efficient volume replication

As only that kind of data will be written to disk which is unique and of course only search blogs are required to be replicated. This process can eradicate traffic for the replication of data by 85% based on the application.

— Effectively enhance network bandwidth

There would be no other copies are required to transmit via the network if he deduplication happens in the source.

— Eco-friendly environment

There would be less electricity consumed, less space needed to house the data in both remote and primary locations.

Not just one or two, in fact, every business certainly wants to cut all the unnecessary and unwanted expenses and modify their spending habits. Maybe this is why the company’s interest in getting a new software is also quite low. However, if you are one of those companies who indeed want to Adjust their spending habits then one of the investments that you really should consider is data scrubbing software. It is one of the most reliable data cleansing tools that can help you and save more money and cut unwanted expenses down.

However, there is one certain problem that businesses face in this process is that linking to duplicate data which can produce helpless spending for your organization. The first and foremost purpose of a data scrubbing software is to make sure that it eliminates any search duplicate data and also prevent mistakes like funds that are misguided.

A recent report says that companies almost end up losing more than 6 million dollars every year just because of not employing efficient data cleansing tools. By acquiring software that is both reliable and efficient, the quality of the stored data will be significantly improved.  You might be thinking that duplicate data isn’t that a big harm. But unfortunately, it is. For instance, your marketing team will be calling the same person again and again what the materials will be sent to the same people and does it cause both your resources and time.

No matter how much money your business generates, wasting money is definitely not good for any business. But depending on the reliable and efficient software, your money doesn’t go anywhere not especially wasted by poor marketing decisions and activities that are taken as a result of duplicate data. All you need is data cleansing tools which can assist you in keeping your customer information up-to-date. The sole purpose of any data from software is to eradicate all the duplicate data and to find out if there are any abnormal information and the database which should be removed manually.

In addition to removing the duplicate data, some data cleansing software tools have the capability to remove invalid data records and maintained the valid data which will be useful for the business activities and decisions. Also, companies can utilize the data from some software to improve the data accuracy that will be generated by your business. Having an accurate data will have the power to avoid the silly mistakes and errors that marketing teams time to do. You will never have to make decisions based on the inaccurate data and you will not end up wasting money on unnecessary marketing activities because of the duplicate data.

There is another important element that the software will be able to assist you is that you can keep your business on track, by monitoring daily data entry activities. You might think that it is not a big concern but yes it is.  Such ongoing activities should be monitored all the time if you really want to avoid the risk and the loss that the inaccurate data generates. Maintaining your record up to date and free from unwanted redundancy will certainly contribute to the success of your company as it can save you a lot of unnecessary expenses.

There are a lot of data cleansing softwares that are available in the market. Instead of looking for brand and name, you should focus on the needs and requirements of your business and proceed accordingly.


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