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5 Solutions to Training Staff Across Multiple Geographic Locations

Nowadays, organizations need to span the globe and employees from many different backgrounds and skill sets are hired in order to make the organization run. Each office in each location usually has their own training program. One such tool often used are LMS Training Software. These allow employers to create a unified set of training material that can then be implemented across the organization regardless of the employees geographic positioning. An example of such a tool is the Aktiv Mind LMS Online Training software. Regardless of a users location, device or timezone, the Aktiv Mind LMS Online Training software allows the user to access the system and partake in training. This LMS Training Software tool saves the employer money, time, and more importantly the increases the efficiency of putting out important training material to their employees. If there has been an update to a policy, the employer can simply update the material on the Aktiv Mind LMS Online Training system which will then be accessible to hundreds of employees in real-time.

While some organizations have offices across many different cities, other local organizations might only have one office, but they may allow their employees to sometimes work remotely (i.e. from a home office). These employees can also benefit from an LMS Training Software tool as they can access the latest and most up to date training material from wherever they have internet access.

Here are some steps an employer can take help create a seamless remote learning system:

  1. Set up face to face meetings at least once a month

While working remotely has its benefits, meeting face to face on occasion is a good way to

strengthen relationships and clear any issues.

  1. Hire staff who are able to work well remotely

This one is a tough one. While many employers expect their employees to work efficiently

away from the office, there have been studies that show that 40% of employees who work at

home often do so while doing other things, such as watching tv, drinking alcohol or

responding to personal text messages/phone calls. Hire staff who have the ability to focus

while working away from the office.

  1. Register on a LMS Training Software platform

LMS Training platforms are relatively new and will be the future of learning. Get in early and

find out which platform works best for you

  1. Reward employees for results

Focus on rewarding employees for results rather than activity. This will enable employees to

become more productive and effective.

  1. Encourage employees to use their most favoured devices

Many of the top LMS Training Software’s today provide fully responsive e-learning interfaces

that work across multiple platforms. For example, an Online Training tool that works

on any device, from tablets, to mobile phones. Allowing your employees use of their favoured

device will motivate them to use the e-learning tools.



Rob Macleod

Rob has been in the training and education space for over 10 years. He has invested in multiple training based firms and is one of the co-founders of Aktiv Mind LMS, an online training software that enables businesses to move their training from the classroom to the cloud.

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