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What to Look For in a Task Management Software and Why

What to Look For in a Task Management Software and Why

As entrepreneurs, you face various responsibilities every day, from creating tasks to tracking their progress and completion. But in between these processes comes many responsibilities, too. Understanding the effective task management techniques will help you finish your tasks on time, on the least possible budget and with only a minimal disruption to the rest of your business.

Running a business is not something you do alone. You have clients, vendors, and you also have your team. Communication within your team is essential to carry out the best results for your business. You need to create harmony for everyone to work accordingly. You have to run meetings, create plans and schedules, manage resources and budget, as well as analyze reports. These can be quite overwhelming and daunting.

But, it does not have to be. The best way to help you organize all of these responsibilities is by using a task management software. This will lighten your workload and create a more distinguished and easy way to communicate work with your team.

What is a Task Management Software?

A task management software is a kind of software that can help you in your planning, scheduling, collaboration, documentation and resource allocation. It will allow you to manage budgeting and control costs, quality management and documentation of your tasks. Project management software also creates a better and more collaborative communication between you and your teams.

Using project management software is just the same as using an alarm clock. It will help you manage the daily tasks. This software also aims to handle the aspects and complexities of projects to help keep the cost down.

Types of Task Management Software

There are various ways in which a task management software can be made available by vendors or service provider.

Desktop. You can buy a task management software as a desktop package and this gives a more responsive and graphically-intense style of interface. A desktop type of management software stores data in a central database which can be shared by multiple users given that they access it one at a time.

Client Server. A server-based type of task management software is designed to support multiple users who work on different tasks. This is a system that holds central data and where users can also collaborate and incorporate their ideas.

Web-based. A project management software can also be used as a web application. This can be accessed through the internet using a web browser. What is best about this type of software is that it can be accessed from any device without having to upload the software. This automatically updates itself and is maintained by your service provider.

Integrated. This type of task management software combines management or planning with the other aspects of company activities.

Functions of Task Management Software

Task planning software can be used in various ways but its main purpose is to facilitate the creation and planning of tasks, tracking progress and resources.

A task planning software aids in task planning and resource allocation. You can use this software to define your task schedules. This can also map your tasks and describe task interactions. Using this software further allows you to manage and document your task deadlines and status reports. Task management software also values the importance of time tracking to maintain records of your tasks.

Benefits in Using this Management Software

Using a task management software can allow you to optimize your process to ensure the highest possible efficiency in accomplishing your tasks. There are a lot of benefits you can get in using this software, and this is something you may want to consider.

  1. Real Time Team Collaboration. Using a task management software can give you a real-time communication with your work team. Thus, keeping the team always updated, helping with the tasks, and getting issues discussed and resolved.
  2. Track Project Progress. Keeping track of the progress of your task or project is made easier by using a task management software. Late deliveries are not good for your reputation as a business and this software helps you know what tasks have been completed and what still needs to be done. Employees can also easily give work updates without having to create status updates, meetings or emails.
  3. Stay on Schedule. Since a task management software has the ability to track task progress, it also alerts you on upcoming deadlines of certain tasks. This will then help you manage time to accomplish the tasks before their due date.
  4. Internal and External Communication. The task management software creates a channel for easier communication about tasks and progress. Shared files are collaborated online and integrated for regular email updates. This makes it easier to communicate with your clients since business documents can be sent directly to them through the software.
  5. Budget Management. In running a business, budget management is one of the most critical items. In using task management software, you not only align your tasks with the deadlines but also manage your task budget to the actual spending to ensure a clear return on
  6. Optimal Resourcing. By using a task management software, the finest resources are employed on the right project by examining the skill level required to finish the task on time. This will give you the resources and information you need to complete your tasks.

With these key features, find and compare task management software that works best for you.

Features to Look for in a Task Management Software

According to Information Week, 77 percent of companies use task management software and 87 percent of the users are high performing ones. However, there are a lot of management software available. But, the key to finding the right one for you is to understand and find the features of project management software that you need.

  1. Time Tracking. This is an essential component where you can keep an eye on the progress of every task and notate what was done and what else needs to be done to meet the due date.
  2. With task management software, it is easier and more accurate to do estimating of project costs. An ideal software should allow for time and expenses, cross charging, cash-flow requirements, expenses and labors, and automatic calculation and recalculation of costs. You may also want to have something with multiple rates and currencies feature.
  3. Risk Analysis. The risk analysis feature of a task management software should ensure accurate analysis on the task’s life cycle. It should incorporate data well, including threats, opportunities, risk correlation, probability and sensitivity analysis.
  4. File sharing. In a task management software, file sharing is a key component of team collaboration. This establishes a central location for all the documents. However, this feature should also be provided with security and an easy interface to keep everything organized.
  5. Planning and Task Scheduling. This tool is great for team work as it outlines all of your planned tasks and makes scheduling new tasks easier. This will give you an overview as to who is working on that specific task, the progress, and what tasks need to be prioritized.
  6. Resource Management. In using a task management software, resources are available to you all the time. An ideal software will help you manage and assign resources to certain tasks and make sure that everyone has the resources needed to complete the tasks they are working on.

Tips on How to Maximize the Use of your Software

If you get a task management software, choose something that you can use. A software that is not user-friendly and is hard to use will just make your responsibilities harder. Look for a software that is both instinctive and in line with how your organization works. It should suit your business, not the other way around.

In choosing a task management solution, pick something that can scale, such as a software that will grow with you through time and will offer features that you never even thought of using at the start. And, you may also want to choose the software that can integrate with apps like emails. Everyone uses emails, thus, integrating this will increase your engagement and extend your reach.

With all of the features in your task management software, you may have some questions in mind. It would be essential to have adequate training to fully know your software and learn how to use it. You can also do online video tutorials. In choosing a software, you may also want to consider something that offers good community support. As questions arise, you can ask your fellow users for answers and advice.

Maximizing your use of a task management software is just a way to use everything that it offers you in order to have a more organized business platform. To know more about the advantages of utilizing the use of task management software and to see a list of software choices for your business, visit and read our project management software reviews.

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