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4 Misconceptions That Could Hamper Your Online Growth

The internet has left the whole world open to newer opportunities. People found the perfect place for their voices. Products from different countries have become easier to trade to the point that, according to Web Hosting Review 2016, digital interactions has resulted in over $2.2 trillion in retail sales in 2015.

So how can you remain to be part of this growing trend? Check out our list of misconceptions that might be compromising your online growth.

Misconception #1: Focusing your online campaigns toward gaining more traffic

It’s an easy assumption to make. More traffic means higher lead conversation rate, right? In a way, that is true. You need the traffic, but it’s amazing how changing the aim of your campaign can cause a huge turnaround for your online business. According to a study by Eisenberg Holdings, for every $92 spent for web traffic, you only need to spend $1 to convert visitors. There are several cost-effective ways on how to increase your conversion rates such as featuring customer reviews or by simply making your website mobile-friendly and improving its page loading speed. This brings us to the next point…


Misconception #2: I have a website and that is enough

Most companies are happy enough to have a chunk of the online space dedicated to their business and products. The content is good, the images are great. But did you know that one of the ranking signals of Google is site speed?

Speed matters. Even a second of delay can cause a loss in conversion by about 7 percent. Instead of investing more in driving traffic to your website, try to focus on how not to drive them away from it first. There are a lot of studies on how site speed affects consumer behavior. Google says that 40% of users will abandon slow-loading mobile pages or those that takes up more than 3 seconds to load. And in the presentation at Velocity 2013, it shows every second shaved off the site loading time improves its conversion rate. From 15 seconds down to 7 seconds, their conversion rate went up by 3% by every second, 2% every second from 7 to 5, and 1% from 4 to 2. That’s a massive improvement just by simply upgrading the performance of your website.


Misconception #3: Concentrating your online efforts on social media

Improving your online business means reviewing and exhausting all viable avenues possible. Yes, social media is huge. Facebook alone has 1.55 billion active users to date, and every business wants a morsel of that the active community. Here’s a surprising fact: according to Monetate Ecommerce Quarterly, email marketing remains the top source of conversation in e-commerce at 3%, Search generates 2% while social media generates 1% conversion rate. It also remains as a top referrer to websites.

Marketer Jay Baer says on Monetate EQ1 report that email marketing “hasn’t had many impactful technology jumps in recent years” and that it’s a “huge missed opportunity.” He mentions that it drives twice the direct traffic than social media, and four times the conversion rate. According to Digital Marketing Association, every dollar spent on email marketing has an ROI of $38. You might want to rethink and relearn email marketing again.


Misconception #4: SEO is all about keywords on quality content

You often hear that “content is king” when it comes to SEO, and there’s some truth in it. However, if you think that SEO stops when you have stuffed all top searched keywords on high-quality content, then you never have to wonder why there is no progress in your efforts. Knowing the relevant keywords is only the beginning. Some mistakes that you might find yourself doing is keyword stuffing, using poor quality links (or not link building at all), not using anchor texts for the links that do matter, leaving tags and meta descriptions empty, or being inconsistent with SEO. SEO is a process and you have to analyze which keywords actually work.


Some of these misconceptions are quite easy to make, but you what you do after committing them is what matters now. Some of the suggested steps for online growth are simple, but sometimes research data can just astound us. Let us know which of these tips for growth you’ve tried out and tell us how it worked for you! is the right place for all your SEO and internet marketing needs.

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