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Social Media: Beyond Pokes and Likes

Social-Media-Beyond-Pokes-and-LikesSocial networking has become an integral aspect of the World Wide Web. Ever since the popularity of different social media sites a decade ago – including MySpace and Friendster, it has become the go-to arena of people who want to have a quick and convenient way of communication with their friends, family, and acquaintances.

In the past several years, in the advent of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, social media set standards in the online communities have improved anew. With these social media sites, both the physical and online worlds have become inevitably smaller. However, other than that, social networking also has been improving other aspects, including marketing, advertising, and promotion of different products, services, brands, health blogs and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

Social Media and Marketing

Giant companies of today depend largely on social media presence to reach out to their loyal clients and prospect consumers. Many accomplished firms have turned to Facebook and Twitter to make their message across to the newer version of marketplace – the Internet. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for companies to make their announcements on their social networking sites. Since millions of people are on Facebook and Twitter, posting updates and reminders can be easily done with just a few clicks away.

Additionally, due to the arrival of different social media tools and features, companies could even make it easier to send across their announcements. Tools like Hootsuite, and Wildfire, companies can easily and conveniently communicate with their clients. These software pieces were specifically designed for enterprises for better and swifter means of communication and marketing. Since social media sites have become the new avenue to promote products and services, these tools are essentially helpful in making ends meet.

The Power of Social Media Outside the Marketing Arena

Social media sites are not only designed for personal and corporate use as they could be used for other means. In the past couple of years, many NGOs and charity institutions have used the power of social media to get more support. Some of the groups that have turned to social media include UNICEF, Make a Wish Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, the America Red Cross, Greenpeace, Stand Up to Cancer, Heifer Foundation, PETA Amnesty International, WWF, among many more.

Social networking sites have become the breeding ground for people wanting to share their time, money, and effort to NGOs. Incidentally, these NGOs have realized the power of social media, thus, using it to promote awareness to people. With Facebook and Twitter pages, groups can make people aware of their missions and goals, and in the end, making people more proactive as far as helping other people and causes is concerned.

In A Nutshell

Nobody can be certain on what lies ahead for social media in the next five to 10 years. However, what’s sure is that social media sites would continue to become a tool for seamless communication among people and groups, online reputation management of companies and personalities, and an avenue for people to voice out their beliefs.

At the end of the day, with responsible use of social media, the Internet will continue to expand and to improve, making every person’s task on the World Wide Web a bit easier.

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