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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Web Hosting

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Web Hosting

Publishing your business’s website online requires a provider that will let other people see it. Web hosting allows individuals and organizations to post their web page or website on to the Internet.

You will need a web hosting provider that will guarantee its visibility to potential customers online.

A good web hosting firm should make it easier for you to make changes to your site when necessary. They will be in-charge of all of the technical aspects of your website to allow you to focus more on your other business strategies. Their team will provide technical support to get your site up and running should any problems occur.

There are a lot of web hosting agencies that offers businesses with other useful features. They will provide assistance from finding the perfect name for your domain to gathering the tools needed for the creation of your website’s design

Most of the top hosting agencies usually offer businesses with a dashboard with every account on it. They also have a software that has a shopping cart functionality to make purchasing online more convenient.  In addition to this, their services are also equipped with security features such as servers that are secured which allows website protection against viruses and cybercriminals.

Websites that collect payments via debit and credit cards are provided with a feature called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate to ensure that data transmitted from one website to another is highly secured.

Below is a practical guide about the basics hosting a web. You will learn about its advantages and disadvantages, how it works, how much it costs and what kinds of services do they offer.

Web Hosting Types

A web host is a provider of technical services needed by a webpage or website so that it will appear on the internet. Websites may be stored or hosted on a specific kind of computer called a server. Users online only need to input your website’s address to their browser to access your site. Hosting companies will require you to have your own domain name for you to be able to host with them. If you don’t have an existing domain name, then they will assist you in acquiring one.

By storing several web pages on the server one at a time, a business can be spared from maintenance and hardware fees needed when you host a site with your own dedicated server. It functions like renting a space with the web host. The server has sections of its own where each site can be found. If you rent space with your web host, your business is freed from maintenance and hardware fees required when you host a site with your own server which is dedicated.

There are several hosting services that are available out there to host your webpage. You need to understand first what particular service your website needs before you sign up for any hosting services. It may also be useful if you have a general understanding of the different kinds of hosting services so that you can compare their offers. The available options for hosting are free, shared, collocated, dedicated and in-house.

If you wish to build a simple website for fun then free web hosting is recommended for you. A free hosting environment often has a slow connection with the automatic presence of ads. You will be required to purchase a domain name of your own or a subdomain under their name. However, subdomains are not transferrable.

In a shared hosting environment, you share one server with other website owners. This will include sharing of the applications within the server including the software. The physical server is shared too. This type of hosting is inexpensive because you have to share the operating cost of the server among the other owners. However, one downside of this setup is it can become slow since everything is shared.

You are required to purchase a server of your own in collocated hosting. This server will be housed with the web host together with its facilities. You’ll be in-charge of the server itself. This may be advantageous to some because the web server will be under your full control. Any necessary installation of applications and scripts can be done on your own.

For dedicated hosting, the entire web server is all yours. It is faster because you don’t have to share your server’s resources. This leads to a better performance. The downside is you have no one to split the operation cost so it can be pretty expensive. If your website requires more system resources and an increased level of security then this is a good choice for you.


Most web host providers can charge up to an amount of ten dollars monthly. The fees are based on a few factors such as how many sites the business needs to be hosted and the amount of storage space required. The quantity of email accounts required and website-building tools to be used also contributes to how much they will charge.

Other web hosting agencies host an unlimited sites for a flat fee. These sites also occupy unlimited space for storage. However, there are also those with tiered pricing models tailored to the specific needs of your business. There are also smaller packages that are usually fit for businesses with only a single website.

Monthly plans for unlimited disk space, domains & email accounts also range from two dollars to ten dollars. However, there are some companies that offer discounts as long as a business would commit to hosting for a long period of time.

Certain agencies provide increased security features, but this comes with an additional fee. This helps guard your site from hackers. They run regular scans to detect if a malware or virus has infected your website. It also protects a user’s private information when they use the site.

Businesses with multiple sites or those wanting to expand in the near future may want to consider unlimited packages since these are better suited for growing businesses. Both of these options are economical for startup businesses.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Small businesses should take advantage of a web host service. They do not have to pay the additional costs such as network capabilities and increased hardware since there is no need for them to host their own website. The web hosting provider will handle all the necessary initial equipment purchases which are beneficial to cost-cutting of startup businesses.

Services such as these also save time and energy for those who are not that familiar with web design. They provide their clients with access to website tools that helps users maximize their online experience and productivity. With the help of the right tool, it is possible for a user to construct a site that looks professional and can attract potential clients.  Everything a small business needs to create a site is already provided.

However, a major disadvantage of web host agencies is that you need to share your server with others. Whenever one of the sites you share your disk space with does something shady such as sending spammy links, other websites on your server may also be affected. It will make you difficult to reach your target customers.

If you want to avoid these risks, you need to have a server that is dedicated only to a single website. However, it is not a practical choice for startup

 businesses that are just starting. Also, there are web hosting agencies that can be unreliable. It may be best to evaluate all your available options first before you commit to a particular web host.

Always remember that although it is important to be practical, do not be easily enticed by hosting services that offer cheap services. You still need to select the service that best fits the specific needs of your business. It is important to look for web hosting firms which offer services that would cater to the needs of your business whether it may be simple or complex.

A web host should offer services such as functionality for email, unified control system for managing the site, one-click installation and website building apps. For more complex web design, services such as raw access logs, script library, error pages that are customizable and cron jobs (a command for Linux that schedules tasks that are repetitive). Web hosting firms should also offer adequate options for server access.

It is also critical for businesses to choose a provider that will be available to assist them in case something is not right. They should be there most of the time to provide you with the technical support your website may require. It would also make a difference if they also offer 24/7 mobile support, email and live site for immediate assistance of website emergencies. Giving you access to video tutorials, forums and other sources of information are also beneficial. Wizards to get you started are a useful tool that can help walk newbies through the whole procedure of getting things done for your site.

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