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Website Hosting: Understand How Your Site Becomes Live Online

Website Hosting: Understand How Your Site Becomes Live Online

Best website hosting providers play important role in making your online business operations happen. It is never enough to simply hire a team of web developers in order to create your website. Choosing a web hosting provider is a major step in order to deliver what you could offer to your customers. Without hosting, your customers will not be able to access your website, get information, or probably purchase your products.

The purpose of website hosting provider is to make your website available online both day and night. Regardless your lack of supervision, the hosting will keep your operations going.

Before you choose a hosting provider, you must also be aware of the basics of the service. By doing so, you could evaluate companies properly without wasting your budget.

Web Hosting and Why Is It Important?

Selecting a web hosting provider means you have to know the definition of the service. Web hosting is the process of storing your website files to a server remotely located. The host is the server, which could be with the company offering the service.

It is crucial to find a reliable hosting company, especially now that you will be leaving your files to the firm’s server.  You pay for hosting every month or yearly depending on the package. Take note that domain name of the website differs from hosting package.

One of the top reasons why you have to consider looking for website hosting service providers is to avoid your site’s downtime. Basically, downtime is encountered when your website is not working properly or it is not accessible to internet users. Apparently, this could affect your sales greatly.

When your site is down, your visitors will not be able to obtain information, find out about you, or even buy your products. Your business would also appear unprofessional. Your reputation might be damaged as well, especially now downtime could also mean your website does it purposely to get information from visitors illegally. With the right hosting partner, your web performance will definitely be maintained.

According to Gomez study on web performance, an average online shopper anticipates a page to load in a couple of seconds or even less. This is a decline from their expectations in 2006. If your page loads in three seconds, there is up to 40% chance that they will leave your site.

The research also revealed that web performance has a relationship with visitor loyalty. As much as 38% of visitors abandon a page, which has a response of two to 10 seconds.

From these findings, it is apparent web performance is essential in driving sales and boosting your business brand. It could be great to add attractive visuals to your website. Nonetheless, people still consider the functionality of your website. If it does not work as they expected, it could mean a loss of sale for your business.

Apart from losing sales, you will also have a negative SEO ranking. Your content marketing will fail, especially if customers will not find you. If search engines find that your website is repeatedly down when crawled, your ranking will surely go downhill.

Low rankings in search engines could mean a lot. It could be loss of potential customers, conversions, traffic, and sales altogether.

Lastly, security is crucial, which is why the right web hosting service is necessary. With the right hosting company, you could back up your data to a server. If your initial set of files gets lost, at least you have spare. This is a preventive measure against hacking or illegal attacks. Most hosting providers even provide 24-hour support in terms of security, maintenance, and technical concerns.

Basic Services Under Web Hosting Packages

Top website hosting providers would provide you diverse set of services. Nonetheless, there are important features you have to take note of to ensure you are getting a reliable hosting package.

Primarily, there must be a remote server where your files would be placed. Most common hosting services center on shared hosting. In other words, your website files will be placed along with other sites’ files. The range of sites in a remote server may be from hundreds to thousands.

It depends on you whether to consider such service or not. Nonetheless, most sites do not mind as long their files are backed up aside from their computer.  The hosting service is as effective as other types. You could also share RAM and CPU services. If your business is on the entry level, you could consider this service.

Database storage is important for your website files and information systems. If you have embedded information system in your website, hosting providers could provide you free access to database with as much as 1GB capacity or more. This could help your website’s modules work without issues on corrupted files. The database is also stored in the remote server.

If your business website would likely grow, you no longer have to worry for hosting providers could offer as much as unmetered disk space. Cloud web hosting providers are known for providing no limitation to the amount of files you will store in the remote server. Additionally, global web hosting providers do not cap data transfers.

E-mail addresses are always included in a hosting service. There should be unlimited number of e-mail addresses for your website, especially if your business is composed of many employees. Most hosting providers are now open for business growth, which is why restricted number of e-mail addresses is avoided.

The control panel of your website should be under the basic services of a web hosting package. Control panel is the set of modules that will enable you to modify and set your website. The modules may include database management, file management, and e-mail management among others.

Basic services of a web hosting provider should always include 24/7 technical support. You are naturally not an IT expert, which is why maintaining your website could still be complicated at first. Hosting providers worldwide are now required to assist their customers via telephone, chat, or e-mail 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This eases your worry in avoiding website downtime.

Money-back guarantee service is not limited to physical products, but to hosting services as well. If you could find such service, the better it is. This helps you have a trial of a hosting package and cancel it if you are not satisfied. This saves money and frees you from expensive commitments that do not benefit your online business.

The Perks of Choosing a Reliable Web Hosting Company

There are various benefits of selecting a reliable web hosting company. If you carefully read through reviews of website hosting providers, you will save yourself from a lot of losses, financially and operationally.

One of the best advantages of finding a reliable web hosting provider is reducing the impact of downtime to your business. A hosting provider could avoid downtime by routinely checking your site for errors. There will be no more customers to complain about your site being inaccessible. In addition to this, you could now maintain your business reputation. A reliable web hosting provider could handle large amount of traffic without system overload.

Although not all hosts will be able to provide you 100% percent uptime, a reliable hosting firm will give you 99% uptime on the average.

You also have different options when you consider a reliable web hosting service. Some hosting firms offer shared, cloud, managed, and dedicated services. For instance, if you believe your business is slowly growing, you may switch from shared to Virtual Private Server (VPS). By doing so, you could store more files without worrying these may get lost.

You will give your employees more professional e-mail addresses with web hosting service. Having a custom e-mail address goes a long way in professional communications.  According to Nili on domain-based e-mail address, using one proves that you are a businessman. Customers deal with companies that have their own domain name. It increases credibility and could promote your company for every e-mail.

Web hosting provides you access to MySQL database, which provides many benefits to your business. Primarily, it is about security. If your database is stored on a remote server, access will be more secured. There are login credentials required before you could manage your data. As a website owner, you may even set user roles.

In addition, efficiency of database is proven in data storage. Programmers will find it more manageable to create modules with a data in tabular format. Take note spreadsheets will not be applicable for large business websites. Retrieval and storage of data using MySQL queries are more straightforward and easier to validate.

Your search engine ranking is also affected by your web hosting, Performance level of your website matters, especially if you are talking about e-commerce.  According to market researchers, e-commerce sales will increase to $2.3 trillion in 2017, which will be contributed by web server’s performance. Web server performance includes page loading time, server uptime, content delivery network or CDN, and versatile payment system.

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