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The Pros and Cons of Using Social Media Management Tools

The Pros and Cons of Using Social Media Management Tools

There are a lot of social media sites that can be used to track engagement or share content. It is not easy to find a social media management tool that you can depend on to organize your social media tasks. Effective social media management tools will help you organize your site and manage your time as well.

Social media is an influential tool that can help you in the promotion of your website. Sites such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook allow you to share content instantly. You might be surprised how content can become viral on social media. If you know how to properly market your services and products thru the power of social media, then your business will surely succeed.

Social media management software tools have its pros and cons. You need to carefully choose the tools you will be using on your website because this will help your business create its brand name. These tools help you in increasing your marketing performance. It has features that allow you to monitor your friends and followers on social media. You will be notified when users post something that is related to your business.

Social media tools allow you to interact with your followers and friends on social media. Your aim is to make your audience a potential client. Although these tools can be helpful to your brand, they also have disadvantages. It is important to remember that what works for others may not always work for you.

Software tools often have free trials to give you an idea of how it works. Choosing the right software is not easy. You must have an idea of the pros and cons before you plan your social media marketing strategy.



Social media management software tools are really effective. You can easily have access on a lot of topics that may be valuable for your brand. Most social media sites can be accessed for free. However, to reach your target market you must also spend some money. There are tools which are geo-targeted for a particular criterion. This helps your posts reach the right audience.

Tools incorporate your accounts into a unified inbox so that all activities are seen in one stream. It also monitors your keyword and has a scheduling functionality. These tools also have a feature that allows managing of your workflow and assigning of tasks.

Remember that if someone shares your post, this information will be available to a huge number of new audiences in such a short time.


It has several features that allow you to monitor your social media accounts. You are notified whenever there is a new user. It also messages you when someone retweets, shares or interacts with your post.

Social media management software allows a one-time log-in where you can have access to everything. You can also give a team member access to your dashboard in the event that you go on leave or vacation. You will be able to analyse, listen and engage your page’s overall activity.

The environment plays a critical role when engaging with your social community. Also, pay attention to tools that are not performing properly. Your tool should not have problems on tagging, commenting, scheduling and posting.

Stunning Interface

Most of the time social media management tools improve the layout of your page. It organizes your account and makes it looking clutter-free. Aesthetics may not be the most important aspect of a tool but somehow it has an effect to the one looking at it. When you work all day in front of a computer or laptop, you might as well want a tool with a design that’s pleasant to eyes.

However, when you try all your social media accounts to fit in into one dashboard, it loses its characteristics and features. There are even times when a certain feature does not work anymore.

Technical Support

When you use a social media management tool, you are also paying for their customer support. Make sure that your tool has a reliable team that will be able to assist you when you encounter technical difficulties.



These tools can definitely help improve your social media marketing strategy but they can be pretty expensive. Some can even cost you around $100 every month. This is a bit expensive especially for start-up businesses. The popular social media management tools are pretty overpriced and can only be afforded by companies with seven-figure budgets.

The pricing design of these tools ranges from inexpensive features up to the most costly that offers advanced features. Basic plans typically have a limit on pages and profiles that you can integrate to your account, while more expensive plans offers more features and accounts.

Lack of Spam Filtering

Almost all social media management tools are filled with spam. Too much spam can be a problem. There are tools that market their product as “spam free” but still have spam. Before purchasing a tool, make sure to check other to check user’s feedback and experience on the product.

Automated Sentiment Analysis

Automated sentiment analysis is a report that is automatically generated by most monitoring tools regarding customer sentiments. Reports like these are usually inaccurate even if the product claims that they have 75% accuracy. When you rely solely on scores interpreted by a tool, you lose sight of the real purpose and content of what your customers are really trying to say. You might miss important insights from clients if you automate sentiments.

It takes time and effort to update your social media account. You need someone who is an expert about your company’s services and products. Content on social media will only appear for a short period of time. Newer post will soon replace it. You must present your content in an interesting manner so that your followers always look forward to your page even if they already follow other pages.


There are several risks of social media marketing. If you don’t check your account from time to time, unsatisfied clients may post negative comments which some may not be easy to remove. You need someone to monitor your social media account to politely respond to such customers to avoid similar incidents in the future. Nothing goes viral faster than bad news that can cause irreversible damage to your business.

Some social media management tools also carry the risk of malware and viruses. Be careful because these may cause your content to be hijacked. There are also tools that cause spammy links so choose carefully.

Before you adopt a social media management tool, there are certain questions that you need to ask yourself first. You have to identify what kind of tool you really need for your business and what will you gain by using that tool. It is ideal to pick the right tool in your first time to save money. A social media management tool is an investment so you have to spend on it wisely. Also remember that you know that what works for others may not work for you. It’s not just about the tool but also how you use it. You can already assess if the tool is worth it by the trial period given to you. It is up to you to decide it would be a reasonable purchase.

Building your social media presence takes time and patience. You will not immediately see the results. Usually it takes around 30 days to see whether the there is an improvement or none. Look out for red flags so that you will be able to stop your subscription before it does damage to your business.

Today’s top social media management tool contenders have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some has overlapping features so you just have to review each tool carefully to avoid duplicate features. Remember to also compare the tools prices and not only the features that they offer.

Sometimes you tend to be addicted to social media sites and spend all your time online. This prevents you from doing your other responsibilities and duties. Planning ahead on how long you are going to work online prevents you from neglecting your tasks.

Social media plays a huge role in immensely helping your business as long as it is done right. You don’t want your brand to have a negative image so it is best to take precautions when handling your online friends and followers.

You should plan accordingly and use the tips mentioned above on your social media marketing strategy. It is not easy for a brand to make an impact on its audience, so you need to plan carefully. Most successful businesses know how to make the most out of their social media management tools.

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