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10 Tips for Social Media Management


While having a regular posting schedule is important, many people think that social media management simply involves posting content regularly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Management of your social media involves much more than that if you want to see results.  socialmediagraphic

Here are 10 things you can and should be doing to truly manage your social media.

1. Develop a campaign strategy
Before engaging in a campaign, have a detailed social media strategy in place. This is an outline what you are hoping to achieve. Is it brand awareness? Is it driving additional traffic to your website? Is it to actually increase sales? Is it to engage readers? What exactly are you trying to do? Once you have made this determination, the rest of the planning will come easy.

2. Be consistent with branding
Review your branding and make sure it is clear and consistent. This includes logos, tag lines, mottos, colors, type style and “flavor”. It must be the same everywhere you post as well as other areas such as letterhead, envelopes, printed marketing materials, traditional advertising etc. Your logo should be your profile photo.

3. Create a monthly calendar
Instead of posting on a whim, add some structure to your postings by creating a monthly posting plan list. This can help you gather content in advance and plan for important dates in your company such as sale dates, special event dates, guaranteed sell-out dates and other dates that are important to share with your clients and audience.

4. Schedule posts in advance
While some social media sites allow you schedule in advance, if you use one that doesn’t, consider an automatic posting system such as Hootsuite. It allows you to schedule posts weeks or even months in advance so even if you are on vacation, your messages will still be posted on schedule.

5. Respond to comments
Make sure you’re responding to all messages or comments from followers within a reasonable time frame. Even if it means simply “liking” a comment. People want to feel that you are responsive. You can even create a document with standard responses you can use to copy and paste. For instance, a compliment response could be: “Thank you for taking the time to share your compliment. We always appreciate when people take the time to recognize the great effort we put forth to make sure your experience is a positive one.”

6. Monitor Posts of Others
In addition to scheduling posts, Hootsuite can be set up to search the internet for mentions of your company name. It is important that you chime in to conversations involving your business or your industry that could result in landing a new client.

7. Paid Advertising
You can sit around and wait for people to come to your site or you can draw them to your site by paid advertising. Facebook has a particularly robust advertising program that allows you to target exactly who you want to connect with. You will pay for the click of an interested party but if they clicked through to your website, let’s face it, they are an interested party. The more you pay, the more your ads will be served to others.

8. Run contests
Although it may not be right for every business, competitions and prize draws are very popular on social media. They can help to increase engagement levels, get more followers and help you to develop an email database. Photo contests such as The Cutest Pet Costume can drive throngs of people to your social media site.

9. Create a monthly report
Check to make sure your strategy is working by creating a monthly tracking report. Look back at how your site as performed over the last month to identify how you can improve.

10. Stay up-to-date with social media changes
Social media is a rapidly changing environment. It’s important that you actively keep abreast of new tools, feature changes, best posting practices and updates to social algorithms.

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