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How to Wow New Employees on Their First Day

Do you remember your first day of work? You’re beaming with nerves and enthusiasm, ready to contribute to your new team and prove your worth. But this enthusiasm can quickly dissipate within the first few days as the mundane realities of inductions, training and compliance set in.

According to an Aberdeen report, 90% of businesses believe that employees make their decision to stay with their company within the first year of employment. It’s no surprise then that wowing your new employees with a killer onboarding experience from day one is the key to creating a lasting first impression.

Leaders need to inject personality, fun and culture into their onboarding experience and get their newbies excited about joining the company. This doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming. Here are our top 5 tips for creating an amazing onboarding experience.

Record welcome videos

At one time or another, most new hires have worried about how they will fit in with other team members. Recording a short welcome video from different members of the team is a simple, effective way to help new hires feel welcome and get to know their new colleagues. Aberdeen reports that companies that pre-board are 11% more likely to retain first-year employees. Sending a new video in the days leading up to the new hire’s first day will fast-track the onboarding process, familiarise them with their new team members and reduce first day jitters before they’ve even started.

Drip-feed training content

Microlearning is a powerful resource when developed and executed properly. Microlearning involves delivering training content in easily digestible, bite-sized chunks. Video training is a really effective way to deliver this content, but ensure videos are no longer than 4 minutes to keep your new employees engaged. With such a large proportion of the workforce now consisting of Millennials who want their information fast and in small pieces, using micro learning techniques means these employees will have a greater chance of absorbing and retaining important content. Find out more about microlearning.

Test their knowledge

Simply watching a series of short videos won’t have much impact without testing your new employee’s knowledge. Follow each training video with a short quiz to make sure they understood the content and to reinforce key messages. Keep it short and sweet, between 3-5 quiz questions is ideal. This will also ensure the employee pays close attention to the video content and can absorb the information faster.

Go mobile

The best way to deliver microlearning content is to allow employees to access it on their own, when they need it. Delivering content to your employees’ mobile device enables them to complete training videos and quizzes at a time and place that suits them. This might be on the bus during the morning commute or on the weekend when they have some free time. Mobile-based learning also allows remote workers or those in non-desk roles such as hospitality, retail or sales, to consume content and learning processes on the go. See how employee comms app, REFFIND onboarded their US team using mobile-based training.

Make it fun

At the crux of an effective onboarding program is one simple question: how engaging it was for the employee. If an employee is bored, disengaged or unmotivated during onboarding, then it’s likely they’re not having fun and won’t retain information as easily. According to the 2013 Onboarding Report by Aberdeen, best-in-class companies with an engaging onboarding program retain 91% of their first-year hires. Arranging fun, out-of-office induction activities, team lunches, playing ice breaker games and including fun ‘get to know you’ quizzes and are all ways to make the process fun and memorable.

First impressions count and you want your new hire’s first day to be memorable for the right reasons. Remember, the first day, week and even month in a new role can be daunting, but with a fun, engaging and well-thought out onboarding program, your new hire will have an amazing onboarding experience with your company.



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