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5 SEO Tools to Up Your SEO Game

SEO or search engine optimization represents a set of techniques and practices used to improve a website’s ranking position in the search engine results page. When searching for something, most people rarely go beyond the first couple of results, let alone the first couple of pages. This is where various SEO tools come into play, as they allow users to optimize their websites and improve their ranking. This leads to greater exposure, increased traffic coming towards the website and most importantly, more conversions and potential revenue. There are dozens of SEO tools currently available on the internet and we’ve made a list comprised of the top 5 tools you should incorporate into your SEO campaign asap.

1.      Ahrefs


Ahrefs is not a single tool, but rather a comprehensive suite of various SEO and social media tools which allow you better understand both your content and the content used by your competitors. It’s excellent for link building as it provides you with stats for each broken, lost and new link you post. It features a content explorer which you can use to find new and creative ideas, in-depth site explorer, crawl reporting and a rank tracking. Unfortunately, the keyword tool is considered to be somewhat rudimentary by SEO enthusiasts. Another major downside is its price, as the monthly fee will end up costing you $99.

2.      Majestic


Majestic is one of the best link building tools out there. It has an index of 52 billion pages and 2.6 trillion different mapping relationships, or individual URLs pointing to another URL. It uses its own web crawler and dedicated database, similar to what major search engines are doing.  Majestic provides its users with relevant statistics such as reported, external and total backlinks, the number of referring domains linked to a specific anchor text and much, much more. Majestic offers several payment plans which range from £29.99 for the silver plan up to £250.00 for the platinum plan.

3.      ScreamingFrog

screaming frog

An exceptional crawling tool for website structure analysis, ScreamingFrog is used by many professional optimizers, web developers, and website managers. It provides its users with all the information necessary for a proper website optimization, such as

  • 404s
  • alt text
  • anchor text
  • attribute lengths
  • heading tags
  • links
  • numbers of internal links
  • numbers of external links
  • page titles
  • redirects
  • status codes

It’s available for both Mac and PC, with the free version being available for a limited period of time before you have to upgrade to a proper payment plan. This plan costs £149.00 per year, which is fairly reasonable when to compared to the pricing availability of similar tools.

4.      SemRush


SemRush is a keyword research tool which is used for a more in-depth analysis. If provides you with information regarding the popular keywords in your specific niche, related keywords and phrases you might consider incorporating into your content, a list of top-ranking websites competing for said keywords, it’s average use on Google and more. Its databases include countries including Germany, France, Spain, UK and the US. Just like ScreamingFrog, SemRush also offers a free trial period which can later be upgraded to Pro, Guru or Business plans which cost $99.95, $199.95 and $399.95 respectively.

5.      CognitiveSEO

cognitive seo

CognitiveSEO offers a range of different backlink analysis tools which are used to improve your link building services. With an easy to use interface, CognitiveSEO allows you to monitor up to 500 keywords per individual account. It’s unrivaled when it comes to the process of reviewing backlink profiles, as well as with link removal options. You can simply upload an entire disavow list directly into the Google search console and be done with it. Other features include competition analysis, keyword research, website exploration, search engine rankings tracking and even PPC search. It comes with a 14-day free trial which can later be upgraded to a number of different monthly plans, depending on your budget.

There are numerous search engine optimization tools which are supposed to work but end up being a complete waste of time, so don’t forget to research the effectiveness of a particular tool before you actually pay for it. That said, these 5 SEO tools are by far the best tools currently available. Just make sure to pick the tool that works best for your particular SEO efforts and choose a monthly plan which won’t be a burden on your overall budget.


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