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3 Worthy Alternative Enterprise Video Streaming Solutions for Contus Vplay

complete enterprise video streaming solution

Video is the new currency of the web. Surprising? Felix Kjellberg (aka PewDiePie) earns an approximate $15 million. Roman Atwood pegs at $8 million. Smosh (Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla) pockets $7 million. All estimates as per Forbes list of 10 highest-paid YouTube stars for the 12 months ended June 2016.

The Internet and endless number of enterprise video platforms has thrown open opportunities for anyone with a passion for video to turn into sources of revenue. Video monetization is no longer buzzword for television behemoths, but for anyone who have a video library that can be streamed across the Internet.

Oh! And we missed to mention live streaming all this while. The multi-billion dollar industry is no longer restricted to broadcasting live sports events and musical shows. Enterprise video solutions now enable live streaming in education, entertainment, marketing and several other industries with great ease.

Contus Vplay is a comprehensive enterprise video streaming solution that allows anyone in these industries, or even outside of it trying to make their mark, launch their own enterprise video content management platform with encryption-level security and monetization capabilities.

Here is a thorough comparison of Video streaming solutions that best fit as alternatives to Contus Vplay you might want to checkout.


Brightcove is an enterprise live video streaming solution that helps deliver and monetize videos across the Internet effortlessly. Brightcove extends its video facilities primarily for video publishers and broadcasters, digital marketers and enterprise users.

The enterprise video platform helps monetize videos using several monetization techniques including ad insertions at pre-roll-, mid-roll and post-roll junctures.

Additionally it also offers a range of other enterprise video streaming services for publishers and broadcasters for video hosting, live streaming, OTT Tv delivery, video player, live and file cloud transcoding among many others. A video marketing suite and enterprise video suite complete also forms part of Brightcove’s expansive video offerings.


If you are a fan of pay as you go or use policy in, then DaCast is a good choice. DaCast offers a tiered pricing package where your video streaming happens according to the bandwidth you have paid for.

Well, that’s a good thing as well as a bad thing. If your enterprise video portal picks up traffic and too many viewers started rushing to your video, you might run of bandwidth causing the stream come to a standstill. Just in case you are not sure how to calculate how much video bandwidth you will need, DaCast offers an in-built Launch Calculator to pick the right plan best fit for you.

However, there are ups that makes DaCast irresistible for video streaming. It provides a comprehensive suite of white label APIs and video tools that enhances video productivity streaming.


Ustream is one of the noted enterprise video streaming solutions that offers video solutions for all range of video owners, from enterprise to individual creators. The global video platform allows its customers to stream heavy-weight videos on demand or as live streams. Ustream has been taken over by IBM and is now offered as a high-end video solution for enterprises.

Some of the highlight video offerings of the corporate video streaming solution include advanced video stream manager, secured video hosting, live or on-demand video streaming, scalable internal video and much more.

Ustream runs on the cloud, giving it much needed scalability and elasticity for real-time video streaming across the Internet to all possible digital mediums. The TV solution also offers various video solutions to focussed solutions for live events, corporate communication, marketing, media and entertainment.

These are the 3 best alternative enterprise video streaming solutions available for Contus Vplay. Contus Vplay is offered as a readymade video on demand solution that comes equipped with multi-tier monetization for SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, pay per view and many other customizable video monetization avenues.



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