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Friday Fun Facts

Don’t Taste Someone’s Food Without Asking
The wife of Daniel Blackwell took a bite of his grilled cheese sandwich without permission. Blackwell retaliated by shooting at her. This began a police stand-off which finally ended with his arrest on reckless endangerment, attempted murder and illegal possession of a firearm.

San Francisco Fixer Uppers Start at $920,000
Thinking of moving to San Fran? You better have at least $920,000 for a fixer-upper. The median sales price of single family homes is $1,325,000. If you want a view of that famous orange bridge, you’ll need an average of $2,569,000

Pokemon Go Banned in China
China, citing “a high level of responsibility to national security and the safety of people’s lives and property” as well as “a threat to geographical information security and the threat to transport and the personal safety of consumers” as reasons to ban Pokemon Go in China. You could fall off a cliff, crash your car or stampede through a park searching for Poke’ characters. Iran had already banned the game when it was first introduced. Aw, it’s good to live in America!

Chipotle Poised to Offer Dessert
The restaurant chain recently announced their intention to introduce a dessert to their line-up but came short of revealing what it is. They say they are currently tweaking the recipe. What could it be? We speculate flan, churros or tres leche cake. Only time will tell.

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