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September 14, 2017 - September 15, 2017

Preparing to Comply with the New FDA FSMA Rules: Planning Valid Preventive Food Safety Controls

San Diego, California

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Begins: September 14, 2017

End: September 15, 2017

Event Location: San Diego, California

Website: http://www.globalc..20SEMINAR

Event Organizer

Event Organizer: Global Compliance Panel

Contact Person:

Phone Number: +1-800-447-9407



Upon completing this course participants will leave with a preliminary preventive control implementation plan and will:

    Understand US FDA final rules for the Preventive Controls for Human and Animal Foods
    Define and review your current system to identify gaps in your preventive controls planning.
    Be able to develop and implement a valid preventive control company food safety plan to close any gaps
    Write and implement appropriate procedures.
    Know your requirements for control over your supply chain
    Be able to plan and implement HARPC
    Be able to perform environmental monitoring
    Know how cross contamination can impact your preventive control plan
    Know the difference between validation and verification
    Understand and be able to use statistical process controls basics
    Be able to plan and implement a team approach to preventive controls
    Be able to help your food importers to jump through FDA hoops
    Develop a system to risk rank your suppliers
    Have a plan in hand that will pass any validation check for preventive controls
    Understand some of the technology and costs that can help you establish preventive controls
    Prove that your system actually prevents food safety problems
    Be able to document and report results to upper management, external food safety auditors and FDA auditors
    Save your company money Establish simple, low cost complete data collection and reporting systems.
    Establish teambuilding between food safety and quality personnel to develop and implement changes to your current system
    Understand food safety, security and recall responsibilities in light of cargo theft, adulteration and temperature failures
    Learn how to use your system to get some ROI and improve your marketing position
    Review current and future technologies designed to improve and simplify data collection
    Establish a completely documented system


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