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January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018

IFRS 9 After Implementation In-House Training

United States

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Event Details

Begins: January 1, 2018

End: December 31, 2018

Event Location: United States

Website: https://glceurope...-training

Event Organizer

Event Organizer: Global Leading Conferences

Contact Person: Milu Sini Lal

Phone Number: +36 1 848 05 27



I am writing to draw your attention to our IFRS 9 After Implementation In-House Training. IFRS 9 is said to be the most disruptive evolution banks have been facing in the last 40 years. It is also likely to render obsolete many regulatory requirements.

The ambition of this training under the traineeship of Jean-Bernard Caen, Policy Advisor for PRNS, France is to give you the insights and vision that will help you make the right decisions to leverage this challenging standard into added value for your institution.

Why should you consider to have a IFRS 9 After Implementation In-House Training?

· You can choose the day and the venue

· Save money on travel cost

· Suggest topics you would like to hear at the in-house training

· Discuss different matters with the trainer


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