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June 12, 2018 - June 14, 2018

ICAgile Certifed Agile Coaching

London, United Kingdom

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Event Details

Begins: June 12, 2018

End: June 14, 2018

Event Location: London, United Kingdom


Event Organizer

Event Organizer: UNICOM Seminars

Contact Person: Mukulika Mukherjee

Phone Number: +44(0) 1895 819 489



Agile Coaching clarifies the role of the agile coach, exploring the relationship between Coach and Team.  As an Agile Coach you move beyond being the team's facilitator. You will serve as teacher, mentor, problem solver and conductor - it is a challenging role that needs to be well understood before undertaking it. 

Agile Coaching will enable you to gain deep understanding and practice of professional coaching techniques as applied to Agile.  You will learn and practice techniques such as presence; active listening; powerful questioning; silence and feedback.  You will learn to identify a team's development stage and adapt your Coaching approach accordingly.  You'll learn how stress can hinder the relationship and how the application of emotional intelligence will help.  You will take these techniques to coaching the immediate team and then also learn about mentoring the wider team such as product owner, agile project manager etc.  You will learn how to help a team get started so they get to norming and performing as quickly as possible by practicing powerful team startup exercises such as Market of Skills and Values and designing your own team startup.  Learn about characteristics of healthy teams such as trust; shared purpose; shared leadership; self organisation and more, and how to help the team better exhibit these.  


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