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It's nice but not really worth it unless you want to use all the features.


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Used For: Project Management Software in 2016

What was the best part about using Wrike?

It's really marginally better than google apps. It can do things to save you time and emails! (this is really important) They do a lot to help you learn and get involved.

What would you change about your experience with Wrike?

Not so user friendly. Unpleasant aesthetically. It does cause division within a team unless there is complete and utter adoption by all of the software. It limits the number of how many people can create tasks. It's not user friendly and it's unpleasant aesthetically.

Overall Feedback

Nice program but not worth it unless your whole team adopts it. It can do amazing things for project management. Review the features and make sure you could really use them, because if not, the growing pains it takes for adoption are not worth it.