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Get more customers

Our website reviews and rates the best companies based on user feedback. Use our traffic estimator to see how many potential customers we can send your way.

Watch your rankings rise

We award companies that are transparent with buyers. For being transparent, gain a 15 point advantage and move up in our rankings.

Shorter sales cycles

Buyers guides generate the best quality leads. The potential customers are on a "buyers guide" for a reason - to transact. Which means truncate your sales cycle.

Build and protect your reputation

Positive reviews help your image. Negative reviews can be deadly. We offer a 7 day grace period to right any wrongs. If resolved, the negatives reviews never make it to the public.

Increase conversion ratios

Getting aligned with us means getting ranked on a buyers guide. Being ranked as one of the best gives you that extra edge to increase your closure rate with potential buyers.

Trusted rankings

Finally an even playing field. On this website the only way to earn your way to top notch rankings is by delivering a quality product and service and earning great reviews.

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Pay only for what you get

The amount of traffic you get determines your spend. Our flat rate CPC model means everybody in your industry pays the same rate.

Showcase your achievements

Companies which reach the top of our list of recommended services and software are invited to download their award seal to display to potential customers.

We are available

Contact [email protected] with any advertising account questions or concerns. You can also contact our solutions consultants toll free at 1-800-874-2458.