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“You’ve Got Mail”: An Introduction to Email Marketing Software

Electronic mails (also known as Emails) have been one of the most common means of communication all over the world. It is by far the most efficient tool to send messages cost-free. Email has so many uses; for business, work, blog, leisure and more. Almost everyone has email address; can you even think of anyone who does not? You probably can barely think of anybody.

“You’ve Got Mail”: An Introduction to Email Marketing Software

Email can also be used as a marketing medium. This is possible through the help of email marketing software; software designed to help people send well designed campaigns to numerous audiences through emails. This medium is tested to be a simple yet effective tool to help marketers boost brand awareness and eventually, win sales.

At the end of this article, you will be able to gather ideas on how email marketing tools work. So, if you are not using email marketing as part of your business strategy yet, reading this article might make you think twice.

What Is an Email Marketing Software?

Email marketing tools or software is a marketing platform on the web that helps user in optimizing their campaigns through different types of automated emails. It helps user send emails to multiple people and get results in a matter of minutes after it being delivered. Email marketing offers a lot of features that can help user track sent email’s status, assess progress and make a better campaign design.

Using this medium also does require fees, although there are tons of free ones available on the internet. But according to a review, the best ones require a bit of a spare budget which is practically fine as results seen are excellent.

Email marketing service has been in the business for a while. And as the demand for email marketing aid increases, this service has also been developing. Email marketing software is well known for a handful of benefits which will be discussed on the later part of this article.

Types of Email Marketing

Making an effective email promotion is not as simple as writing a typical letter and sending it to a customer. This is totally a different thing. There are various ways to do email marketing right and effective. And it can be made easier through the aid of email campaign manager software. According to an article, these are the different types of email marketing:


Newsletters are created to inform clients about current activities inside your business like promotions, hot deals, upcoming events or new arrival products. Newsletters compared with other sales tools, helps develop customer relations.

Video and Catalog

Catalog email is almost the same as newsletter, but uses elements such as images with brief descriptions and an indicated pricing rather than pure articles. Catalog email is the same as a printed copy but in electronic form. Video email is an addition to this category; it is a combination of both newsletter and catalog email. It is a combination of images, video footage or graphics. If you are good at video editing, you have the edge in making a successful marketing strategy using this kind of email.

Press Release

Press release is among most underrated marketing tool among small businesses. It is typically published through printed mediums such as magazines and newspapers used to inform the public about new items or deals. Press releases mostly focus on only one agenda and aims to entice clients to check out their business on the web or at their physical store.

Invitation Email

Invitation email from the world itself is an invitation letter which promotes events or promotion. The main goal of this email is to convince the reader to take an action and respond to the said invitation. This is an effective tool to entice customers visit your site or store for the purpose of taking your offer.

Survey Email

Survey email is another interactive method to use. You need to encourage clients to provide feedback which can be helpful in assessing customer’s needs and preferences. This method is helpful for any kind of business; it is a way of knowing the areas where you are most competitive at and the areas where you need some improvement.

Email of Gratitude

One key to building a good relationship with your customers is showing gratitude. Email marketing is not just about selling. It is also a great way to say thank you to your customer whilst building a good reputation. Making a thank you email is very easy; you can use email marketing templates to make it look presentable. You may also opt to include a little bit of shameless promotion such as current or future offers but do not focus on it. The sense of gratitude should be emphasized this time.


Using email marketing software has many advantages to offer. It has been a staple to almost every marketer all over the globe. In fact, email marketing software reviews online shows how so many people benefit from this marketing medium. Looking for the right software, you must also get acquainted with a handful of benefits to enjoy when using the top email marketing software. Below are few examples of satisfactory factors about it:

  1. Affordable Price – one of the best things about using email marketing system is its affordability. According to a ranking, the top-notch software is for as low as $10 a month which service’s is said to be a really good value for money.
  2. Target Audience – is easily reached. According to study, email marketing is the only marketing medium that allows clients to subscribe in order to receive news emails. It is a great opportunity for businesses to see who those people that need their products and services are.
  3. CTA – call to action is the step closest to conversion. Email marketing campaigns usually use CTA instruments such as buttons where if clicked, redirects to a page in order for the client to make a purchase, do surveys or simply visit a site.
  4. Easy to Use – from signing up to creating campaigns; everything is simple. Email marketing software do not require in depth technical knowledge or a separate work-group with much expertise in using it. Everything can be done by a one-man band.
  5. Return on Investment – according to statistics, email marketing gives back around 4300% ROI rate. If you do the math, it results to $44 return for every dollar spent. It assures you that your money will definitely not go to waste when venturing into this marketing medium.

That is only a highlight to the numerous benefits you can enjoy for your business when investing to tools for email marketing. There are still other ones which are not mentioned here. Take time to carefully study before considering this medium. Although there are merits, having demerits is something inevitable. Below is the rundown of all disadvantages that you will possibly (not always) encounter in the long run.


The advantages email marketing services can offer is indeed enticing, but it is also essential to know the disadvantages. Not to discourage you but as a way to pre warn and make you aware that these challenges can exist in the middle of the way. Here is a comprehensive list of downsides of email marketing according to study:

  1. Delivery problems – it is possible for your emails to not get inside your recipient’s inbox. Spam filters and firewalls are features on the internet that can block emails. One solution to avoid this is to carefully set your email policies.
  2. Wrong recipients – competition is common when we talk about marketing. It also happens in email marketing. A lot of companies use separate emails to get into competitors email list; through that, they can see details such as price lists, new items, upcoming deals and so on. It would be a tough job to separate real customers from competitors in your email list.
  3. Risks – it is possible when advertising through email. There is a possibility that you will be flagged as a spammer or an email with uninteresting contents. To avoid this, always design your content well and ensure that you have a high quality email campaign.

Having knowledge about all the possible challenges you can meet whilst marketing through email is crucial. It enables you to make efficient adjustments and somewhat improve the way you do email campaigns. In fact, these are only probable instances. It can be resolved through proper content management and nothing but honest details and agenda.

Wrap Up

Email marketing as a strategy of business marketing is indeed a good investment. Through the help of email broadcasting tools, doing this strategy is made a whole lot easier. It is best to look for email marketing software reviews online to see what best fits your business’ needs. Having a thorough research before choosing which platform to choose for is crucial to the betterment of every business. To see a list of reliable software and to see who’s made it as top email marketing software, click here.

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