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Will Cloud Website Hosting Work for Your Business Needs?

Will Cloud Website Hosting Work for Your Business Needs

Best web hosting agencies offer cloud hosting for it is one of the most effective solutions for your growing business online. Cloud web hosting for small business is also available, which means the service is open for every type of enterprise. You may look into this hosting type and determine if it suits your business operations.

There are differences between cloud hosting and other types of hosting services, such as dedicated server. Apparently, people are slowly switching to cloud hosting. It proves that soon enough, everything will be based on cloud.

The Differences of Dedicated and Cloud Web Hosting

The difference of web hosting agency packages, namely cloud web hosting and dedicated server, are numerous. The first difference between the two hosting services is the type of server model. Basically, cloud servers are distinctly diverse virtual servers.

Cloud website hosting does not store processing power and storage disks in one physical host machine. It uses a computer node and storage backend, which operate separately.

In a dedicated web hosting service, you would likely encounter servers, which are designed privately for a client. Physical server is set based on the client’s preferences on storage, hardware specifications, processing power, and software among others.

In terms of scalability, cloud hosting offers a greater offer of expanding your business operations online. Depending on your demand every time, cloud hosting could be flexible to store your files and accommodate additional modules in your website. In cloud hosting, you have unlimited capacity.

Dedicated server’s scalability may as well be increased, but most of the time, there is a limit. The charge would also be higher if you opt for upgrade.

The performance of best ecommerce web hosting is very high. Since there are no limitations with capacity, your website could perform very well. For your information, cloud hosting is not limited to one server. It is usually set up in multiple servers. This makes cloud hosting very flexible and effective.

Storing your files in multiple servers is actually a big advantage. If one of the servers crashes, you do not have to worry that your website will entirely shut down. You may only experience some performance issues or a short-term slowdown.

Despite loads of traffic to enter your site, you will be able to prevent downtime or errors. System overload will be avoided at all costs.

Dedicated server could guarantee high performance, but it does not assure 100% downtime prevention. There is still little possibility that downtime will occur in your website once in a while.

The value of cloud website hosting is less expensive compared to physical servers. Most of the time, you will only pay for the capacity you requested. Additionally, your server could be set up any day and time you prefer. No need for installation of hardware or further configurations since everything is set on cloud.

Dedicated hosting service may still require a few days before your website could be live. There are cases that the preparation of your private server may take time. Tailoring the server based on your needs and testing if it works accordingly still needed to be done.

The security of cloud hosting is often questioned since you will not be able to access it as quickly as with dedicated server. However, with intricate and more secured technologies, cloud hosting provides assurance that your server is programmed to resist intruders and hacks.

Why People Are Now Switching to Cloud Web Hosting

There must be several reasons on why people are now shifting to cloud hosting. Although dedicated and shared servers are still requested by various firms, the advantages of cloud seem to overshadow their features.

Cloud Security Alliance study showed that 33% of organizations are not moving towards cloud services. In addition, IT budget of as much as 86% of companies is spent on cloud services. Every month, end users request 79% of IT companies to buy more cloud applications. These cloud applications include tools for social media, communications, content sharing, and file sharing.

One of the reasons why cloud computing is also now a reliable platform for servers is the cost savings. Unlike dedicated and shared servers requiring web hosting charges for hardware, cloud web hosting tend to eliminate this.

It is expected that as a business, you are tightening compensation for operations. You look for more ways to save money. With cloud hosting, you can reduce capital costs since no physical storage or in-house server configuration is needed.

In-house server charges are not limited to the hardware, but also include air conditioning, electricity, and administration costs among others.

The flexibility of cloud-based services has long been proven. In line with continually changing bandwidth demands, cloud hosting offers you unlimited capacity. Having unlimited capacity allows your business to expand more in the future unlike with dedicated and shared servers.

Small businesses also adapt backup and recovery solutions based on cloud. They appreciate the cloud-based version of the said services twice as how larger enterprises do. This is brought by up-front investment prevention, time savings, and third-party expertise included in cloud packages.

Cloud-based hosting service is more straightforward. The services on the cloud are often simplified for IT management and maintenance. Since your website will be stored on a remote server on a cloud, you no longer have to worry about updates, software access, installation, error detections, or module testing. Instead, you could concentrate on your business operations.

Your team would surely be able to work effectively with cloud-based server. This is due to the fact accessing, editing, and sharing documents could be done irrespective of location and time. Since the server follows a cloud-based workflow, updates will be provided in real time. Collaborating with your team will be easier, especially in project completions.

You have the document control everywhere you may me. As long as you have internet connection, you could manage your website with cloud computing. Most cloud-based servers’ control panel is flexible and accessible to mobile platforms.

Top Cloud Web Hosting Services to Look For

Before you read the reviews of web hosting agencies, you have to be aware of the top features to look for in a cloud-based server.

One of the top features you should look for in a cloud-based server is a platform that you could access everywhere. Ascertain that you have means to launch the cloud server in seconds. Some firms use OpenStack as cloud-based platform.

The platform is known for providing large pools for storage, computing processes, and networking among others. Different businesses are using the platform, including popular enterprises and world’s largest brands.

OpenStack guarantees that you could reduce costs, expedite operations, and avoid downtime. The environment of the platform is strong enough to resist changes in the community of developers.

You should find a cloud-based server that does not use the term “limited capacity”. A cloud server must provide great customer’s experience with unlimited capacity for business growth in the future.

Connectivity is very important for a cloud hosting. Since all your files are stored on a cloud, you need a network that will transfer your data quickly and effectively. Optimized routing and premium bandwidth in combination is the best for your cloud server.

A control panel for the cloud server must also be included in the hosting package. Prefer a package with simplified and accessible portal regardless of the platform. This is important if you usually travel and you want to oversee website security.

Though your website files will be based on multiple cloud servers, security must be assured by a hosting company. There are different strategies to keep your cloud server safe from hackers. There must be firewall rules management, SSH Keys support, and Private Networks ideal for your team’s internal communications.

IT infrastructure control is most preferable, especially if you want to lower your operational costs. Take note that cloud-based server could help you with this. There is a function in cloud server that allows you to change your ecosystem depending on the resources you need. By resizing, you also limit what you pay for.

To further reduce your capital costs, you should prefer cloud hosting services with quicker deployments. However, this will not be a big problem since most cloud servers are deployment-ready. You will reach the market faster than your competitors. If the cloud service is deployment-ready, it is anticipated that there is no large upfront costs.

Despite the fact you have total control over your cloud server, you still need maintenance and technical support. Some cloud hosting firms offer maintenance support for free, whereas others charge depending on the service you requested. Support should not simply be there. Instead, it must also be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

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