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Why You Should Use Business Process Management Software

Why You Should Use Business Process Management Software

What is business process management software? Business process management software (BPM) is a software that is used to streamline business process management. This streamlining can be achieved through system integration using middleware or software packages.That reinforces with process mapping and connects the back-end systems linked in the process. It is a tool used for the measurement, optimization, execution, automation, control and modeling of business activities. It has the ability to synchronize business processes to cater to the needs of the customers. It can help to monitor, plan, measure as well as to deploy the resources of the company. It can help cut down the costs in business processes and minimize errors to enhance productivity provided that it is properly managed and applied.

How Does Business Process Management Work?

Basically, business process management is a systematic procedure in making a business workflow more effective.At the same time, it is capable of adapting to a developing environment. It is a set of activities that is aiming to accomplish a certain organizational goal like that of reducing human errors and miscommunication. A business process management expert, Janelle Hill indicated that compliance is a good example of a business process management. Since compliance is not well-managed, you will know the processes of work through the business process management. Aside from that, a complete audit trail is provided.

Using business process management software can do a lot of great impacts to the business. It enables enterprises to enhance their production through driving business agility and distinctive operations to greater heights. This software has the ability to detect missing requirements in making assessments on business processes. Using this tool, all the business processes will undergo scrutinizing through metrics, analysis, and models. These are essential in identifying the improvements needed and making evaluations to achieve better performance.

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Importance of Business Process Management Software in Companies

The business process management software is of great importance to both big and small companies. With today’s fast-paced and competitive business market, the company needs to have great alertness and vigilance to the changing world of business. With the use of business process management software, it enhances flexibility. It can quickly adapt to certain aspects and circumstances that need change. The company will also become competitive and advanced in many aspects. And at the same time profitable.

Companies using the BPM software are more efficient and effective. They will most likely make well-informed and better decisions out of the software’s enhanced powerful tool. They will have the edge among other companies that do not have business process management tools and who also most likely be left behind.

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Common Errors Done With BPM Software

The business process management software can certainly take your business to a greater degree of advancement. It can bring your company to the next level positively.However, inclining to a wrong direction in dealing certain aspects can somehow resultin a negative impact.

Based on one study in crowd reviews, there are possibly common mistakes that companies make using business process management software. These certain errors are something that you should avoid in order to make all your business deals great and effective. So here is the list of common errors done using the software and solutions on how to avoid it:

  1. Most companies neglect integration – More often than not, they overlook the necessary integration or application of the system. In purchasing certain software, you need to make sure that you get the correct application. You have to consider that workflow system should have an open application so that the connectors can be built in workflows.
  1. Exaggerated or impractical time implementation – You need to make sure that the workflow system you choose is able to meet the development of projects that needs to be done. There are purchasers of BPM who do not properly measure up their project leading them to take on too much and set aside the original timeline which is more essential.
  1. Not being aware of the certain platform – There are certain applications that require on-premise software solutions and are not compatible with cloud-based. Others mostly take heed of the advancement of the features and ignore the other benefits. Users must be aware of the platform.
  1. Taking flexibility for granted – You should not underestimate the importance of flexibility when trying to look for business process management solution or workflow.
  1. Overseeing the buy-in and budget – failure to get buy-in from decision makers may lead you to certain desperation. Be sure to consider your budget first before settling immediately to certain workflow and automation.

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Best BPM Software Striking in the Market

According to, the 5 software that is considered the top business process management software based on client reviews are the following:

  1. BPM ONLINE CRM – is ranked number 1 on the list of the best business process management software. This is easy to use. It is also easy to customize dashboard for users to work according to their specification. It helps users automate project workflows all throughout the processes. This software comes with cool features including process simulation, business rules management, process/data mapping, process change tracking, and process analysis.

According to the satisfied users, these great features have been making the business process management online an intense and effective product ever.

  1. ALFRESCO – this software is great in making the business process easier and more efficient. It is also giving many extensions to the users. It has a digital transformation and data sharing quality. Using this software, the employees can easily interact with each other effectively and therefore promote productivity at its best.
  1. WEBMETHODS BPMS – this software is believed to be kind of expensive and having high rates in the market with a limited corroboration of the tools. But its complex nature can be used in multiple activities. In terms of the functions, this software is very reliable since it consists of many products such as digital business platform, IT management, integration, memory data, and the transaction processing tools.
  1. OPENTEXT – this tool is exceptionally user-friendly and well-customizable which allows the user to adjust to their needs. It has an intelligent function that can easily access every stored item with its distinctive ID. With it, there is an assurance for security which smoothly functions.
  1. NINTEX – according to the users of this software, the best part about using Nintex is that it helps you to automate and improve as time goes by. It has a great functionality. The system is specially made for business users and IT professionals. It also effortlessly transfigures business process without a hitch. This software can improve your office automation and process controls.

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Based on research, there are important factors to consider in ranking the best software. The criteria for judging consist of review strength, reputation strength, profile strength, reviewer strength, and verified status. These criteria are thoroughly reviewed by the people who are considered as the users of the products. And it is further explained at this page

  1. Review Strength – this strength is assessed based on the number of reviews. The more people view the profile of certain software, the better. Because this means that the software is more effective than those with lesser views. Review strength is also reviewed based on specific category and anonymous percentage.
  1. Reputation Strength – this means that the positive reviews are, of course, more prioritized than that of negative reviews.
  1. Profile Strength – is examined through 3 categories such as profile completeness, the minimum number of reviews, and a minimum number of LinkedIn reviews.
  1. Reviewer Strength – In this aspect, the client reviews are highly given consideration than those reviews from the employees. Under this category, it consists of competitor reviews, employee reviews, the percentage of LinkedIn reviews, and potential client reviews.
  1. Verified Status – this is the verification of certain companies that they are willing to expose their company’s profile and other certain documentation.

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