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Why You Should Start Using Point of Sale Software Now

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If you are doing a retail or wholesale business, using the cash register is a constant occurrence. Being quick and accurate is important in getting repeat and new customers. If your business is booming then it is time to change the old cash registers to the new point of sale (POS) system. This is a system with both software and hardware that works together to track your company’s sales and your inventory the moment they occur. Your transactions are being recorded in real time.

If you are still not convinced that POS system is the way to go, here are some reasons why you should start using a point of sale software now.

Lessen Risk for Human Error

You have probably heard the saying “We are only humans, and we make mistakes.” But this doesn’t have to be the case for your business. You could eliminate errors if you really want to. Using a point of sale system will lessen the risk of human mistakes when it comes to your cash transactions.

When it comes to sales, inventory is mandatory. You need to count how many products you have sold, how many are remaining, and how many you need to order for the next business day. When the counting is left to people, there is a chance that the numbers will not add up. There might be missing products and no one will be able to tell except for the one who did the inventory. Unless you double check all the works of your employees. That is counterproductive and even you, the business owner, can be prone to human mistakes.

This can be avoided when you use the POS system. The counting of your products will occur as soon as they are punched in the cash register. At the end of the day, your software could give you a report on how many merchandises you have sold and how many you have remaining. The software will also suggest if you need to replenish your stocks already.

Losses Will Be Reduced

According to Fortune, retailers lost $32 billion in 2015 due to shoplifting and worker theft. A staggering 34.5% of the $32 billion came from employees stealing from the company. That is a lot of loss especially if you are operating a small business. If you are still using simple cash registers and manual inventories, stealing will be easily done especially by employees who already know how your traditional system works.

The use of a point of sale software will ensure that your loss will be reduced significantly. This software can track your product from when you ordered them until they reach the hands of your consumers. With the data your software collects, you will be able to immediately tell where and when the theft is occurring. You would also be able to see the weaknesses and flaws of your old system.

Studying the data from your new software will help you brainstorm ways in which you could improve how you do business. In decreasing your loss, you might also increase your gains.

Overall Efficiency Is Improved

When employees are sure of what they are doing and do not need to second guess and double check their works, their efficiency increases. They can get a lot more things done. They can also devote more of their energy to other things.

When some things are automated, it takes out some of the time for inventory for other revenue generating activities. Other areas of the business that needs improvement will be given more time. If you are looking into getting a point of sale system, check out this beginner’s guide to the POS system.

With the software, you will always be informed if some of your stocks are running out. This is because everything is recorded and tracked in the software. If before there are times that you are running out of stocks, with the use of this software, that won’t happen again. Being out of stocks is one sure way to lose clients. Not only because they might not come back but also because they might tell their friends and family that your store is always low on stocks.

Give Idea on Return on Investment

Using the POS software will help you identify which of your products is the highest grossing. This will also mean that you can know which of your products can give you the quickest return on investment. When the top grossing products are identified, you can stock more on these and increase your revenues.

Similarly, the software can also identify which of your products is doing poorly. And with that report, you can make a decision to remove those products if you deem it necessary.

Other reports that can be generated by the software are the most successful marketing activities and how you can more optimize your marketing strategy for improvement of profit margins. You can check out reviews of the best point of sale software to know which ones offer the most comprehensive reports.

Better Checkout Process

One of the most significant changes that you will see when you use the best point of sale software is that the checkout is more efficient and effective. You will see an increase in the speed of the process, thus more customers can be entertained at a certain period of time. When customers do not have to wait in line for a long time, it can guarantee that they will return to your business again.

Another advantage is that you can serve much more clients if your checkout process is quicker. This will also bring a surge of income for your business. Remember that sales are recorded immediately in the software database, so the more customers you have, the more data you also have. With this information, you can generate more reports to help improve your business more.

Moreover, the software can also help you automate the pricing process. If you offer discounts and promotions, the software can be easily used to monitor or track any price changes that you may impose. Discounts can be easily managed by the software without compromising the whole database of prices. Read reviews of the best point of sale software to know more about how the software can help you with discounts and promos.

Remote Monitoring

When you own a business, you might not always be on the site to monitor how your business is doing. There are times when employees tend to relax if the boss is away, and it might cause the customer service to suffer. With the POS software, you can monitor the performance of your staff and products even from a remote location.

There is also a POS software that you can control using your mobile phone or tablet. This is especially good if you are always traveling. You are in the know of whatever is happening in the business even if you are far away. You can take whatever action is needed with the use of the software. To know more about remote monitoring, read the point of sale software reviews.

Comprehensive and Timely Reports

The use of the POS software will give you information on how your sales are doing. And the data will be analyzed by the software for you; you wouldn’t have to do it yourself. With the analyzed data, information is more accurately interpreted. You will also have an idea on how your marketing strategies are working and if your marketing campaign is effective.

According to Smart Insights, 80% of searches are done through mobile devices or smartphones. This means that mobile marketing is an effective way to reach people nowadays. With the use of the POS software, you will be able to tell if your mobile marketing efforts are effective and how more you can improve them.

The reports will also help you calculate your daily and annual revenues and costs. History of your business will help you predict the future of your business.

Better Customer Relationships

One of the best advantages of using a POS software is that the customer relationship is improved. Quicker and better checkout process will mean happier customers. The promos and discounts will also make customers happy. Another thing that the software can do is keep track of the most frequent customer of your store. With this data, you can reward the most loyal customers. This shows your gratitude, at the same time a good marketing strategy too.


If you have plans for expansion, the POS software can also expand. This is called scalability. You can add more cashiers and computers to the original network and this can be used if you expand your business. The software offers a connection method, it can be via the web or other methods. This method will depend on the software provider and what option you opt for. With the interconnection between stores, you can manage everything through the system.

With all the benefits mentioned above, it is safe to say that shifting to automated POS software is the way to go if you want your business to prosper.

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