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Why Use Business Intelligence Software to Transform Data

Why Use Business Intelligence Software to Transform Data
Businesses have overflowing data involving their internal processes, prospects, partners, suppliers, competitors, and customers. It’s often difficult to leverage this huge amount of data and translate them to useful information that can generate profits and revenue. A business intelligence software is the key for an enterprise to operate efficiently. Business intelligence tools enable businesses to transform their data into useful information that will help their business succeed.

Business intelligence tools have long existed and are constantly evolving and innovating to meet different industries’ needs. In the past, only large enterprises have access to these kinds of tools. Nowadays, even small-scale businesses can utilize these types of software. These tools have features that can analyze data that will help your analytical needs. It is important that you select the right tools that will suit the needs of your business the best.

Today, businesses have figured out a way to extract and analyze huge amounts of information from their systems. Operating systems are using tools that can pull data to generate reports that reflect what is happening in a company. These tools have functions such as calculating customers’ profitability, tracking visitors’ navigation paths, identifying fraudulent activity, and providing real-time customer service.

Business intelligence tool vendors are now catering to younger crowds. Younger generations are more open to decision-making, usability, interactive analysis, and visualization which are components of these tools. Consumers are always looking for a software that is easy to get familiarized with and does not require long trainings. Most business intelligence tools are even going mobile. People who are always on the go prefer this over traditional laptops or desktop computers.

Vendors are always looking for ways to make their software usable as well as affordable. This was not always the case before. Tools were expensive and exclusive only for bigger and more established companies. The rapid and continuous evolution of technologies has made it more user-friendly for small businesses.

Provides Immediate Answers to Questions

Business intelligence tools should be able to provide answers to business questions with the click of a button. It is important for companies to extract large amount of data quickly and immediately. Accessing internal data allows you to use your time efficiently analyzing information and making decisions. It is important to look at trends in sales that may affect the business cycle. This will help a business decide on what action needs to be done efficiently and quickly.

Aligning Business Strategies

Companies usually incur large costs when people focus on tasks that do not align with the strategy of the company. The key is to establish metrics that have performance indicators which are aligned with your business strategies. Business intelligence tools provide accountability and drive visibility. It is important that your activities are aligned with your desired business strategies.

Accessible Data

It is important for your employees to be able to access data because this empowers them. Business tools help businesses maximize information by giving every employee the ability to make decisions. When an employee has access to relevant and real-time data, they can make data-driven and informed decisions that can make a huge impact on the company.

Saves Time on Data Entry

Time is greatly reduced on manipulation and entry of data with a business intelligence software. A well-configured system helps eliminate time spent on pasting and copying data. It will also lessen the time spent to perform certain calculations. Employees can generate reports quickly, and most work has already been done by the software. The time that is saved to prepare these reports can be used to analyze the drive and outcome and make profitable decisions.

More Customer Insights                                               

Most business intelligence software for small businesses have the option to gain customer insights. It helps businesses discover patterns in the behavior of customers. It also offers great visibility on what customers really want. Knowledge like this can be profitable for a company. They only need to leverage existing data and maintain their valuable customers. Knowing which customers are best is necessary for you to be able to prioritize them and grant them perks.

Reveals Sales Information

Business intelligence tools help benchmark your sales partners. They reveal relevant sales information about your channel partners. It is important for your team to know which performers are at the top and which are at the bottom.

Identify Cost-Saving Areas

How much does a business intelligence software cost? A business intelligence system doesn’t come cheap; that’s why it is critical to be able to identify areas which you can cut the cost. A business intelligence software is an investment that would soon pay for itself because it can help decide cost-saving areas. Excessive inventory can always be cut because it can be costly to maintain. Small changes like this can help a company and can immediately affect the company’s savings.

Consider a business intelligence tool with a dashboard. A decent dashboard can help retailers have better inventory visibility which helps them on their decision-making. This is beneficial especially if you don’t want goods to stay on your shelves for a long time. It will also help you cut and control your business’ costs by examining manufacturing processes. Accessing and collecting data are needed to measure productivity and factors that influence production. The key is maximizing the efficiency of production from the factory floor, supply chain, and distribution network.

Boost Employee’s Productivity

You need to monitor your employees’ internet/network usage to ensure productivity. It is important to make use of your software’s tool to see network traffic. It is possible to monitor how much time an employee spends on non-work-related activities. You need to avoid employees taking advantage of your fast internet connection for their personal use.

Increased Social Intelligence

Businesses nowadays are focusing on their customers. This is because of the huge effect of social media on the way consumers behave. Small and big businesses make sure that they do not fall behind this trend. There are different kinds of tricks and strategies that will make a customer purchase your services and products. Customers’ nowadays actively participate thru sharing reviews and writing blogs. Venues such as Twitter and Facebook are where most potential customers tend to lurk.

Social media has given businesses endless opportunities to connect with their potential customers. It allows them to pick up data trails created by these social networks leading to more customer engagement. Starting a Twitter or Facebook page is not enough because of the huge number of competition online. Businesses now rely on tools and technologies to gain insights on how to attract customers online.

Increased Online Threats

Almost all businesses online are exposed to outside threats such as hacker and malware attacks. That is why business intelligence tools are equipped with analytics and security tools. Threats on the possibility of hacking business intelligences are a worldwide concern among many industries. Many businesses are offering tools to combat these risks thru advanced security. It has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for users to detect potential threats.

Tools like these are critical for businesses. You always have to think of ways on how to leverage technology that can be reliable for your business. A company without security is more vulnerable to such attacks. There are a lot of devices from different locations that can access your company’s website. It is not surprising that a huge percent of malicious attacks come from credentials that are compromised.

With the use of advanced business intelligence software with a security system, your business is always prepared for malicious attacks. A business that is vulnerable to hacking and viruses can cause trouble for your business in the long run.


You always have to compare fixed asset management software with other available tools online before you make your purchase. Do your research first before you decide on what type of software your business really needs. You need to consider if it has the features that you are looking for. There are business intelligence tools that offer packages with features that your business do not need. This will just be a waste of your money and resources.

Selecting a software is not an easy task and may need the help of an expert. Remember that what works for other businesses may not always work for you. It is also important to consider your budget and the skills that are required to manage business intelligence tools. Business intelligence suits are also a better option because these are resource-efficient and cost-effective than business intelligence tools alone.

There are times that a business requires a more complex software. It may require longer lead time and specific set of skills to be operate. This is more expensive than ordinary business intelligence tools offered online. However, these may have upgraded security and customer service features. It is important for a software to be able to offer immediate customer assistance especially when experiencing technical difficulty.

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