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Why Time Clock Software With the Fingerprint Is Better

Why Time Clock Software With the Fingerprint Is Better

Time is very important and when we define time in the world of business, it means money. Time corresponds with money and every second really counts. In fact, many companies are investing in different time clock systems to make sure that every second is properly accounted to each employee. The time clock software was created to avoid human errors and integrity issues on the attendance records of every employee.  In that way, there will be no more problems on both sides between the employee and the management. The number of working hours of an employee will correspond to the amount of salary that he or she will get. This process clearly defines that time means money.

There are many types of time clock software and most of them have preinstalled payroll computation feature. The number of hours will be computed by the system and it will generate the amount of the salary of the employee. Some types of time clock software are installed at the workstation. Others are installed on their mobile phones or smartphones as an application. There is a system that requires a fingerprint for time-in and time-out or also known as biometrics. These types of the time clock software function differently but this article focuses on the importance of the time clock system with the fingerprint.

 Let us have a clearer point of view about the importance of time clock software with the fingerprint.

Importance of Time Clock Software With Fingerprint

There are many important points why many companies still choose biometrics as their time clock software. The main reason why they use biometrics is because it is hard to clone, copy, or reverse-engineered the physiological credentials of any person. This helps the management to avoid time theft.

  1. Refrain from practicing buddy punching

This is the reason why biometrics time clock software has been invented. The buddy punching culture is when you are not around, you can ask somebody to log you back in or out, during breaks. This system prevents that form of time theft because the characteristics of biometrics cannot be duplicated, forged, or copied. Fingerprint biometric will assure every organization that every second is properly accounted.

  1. Time-in and Time-out Are Accurate

As mentioned in number one, the fingerprint biometric is well curated and it only identifies the unique characteristic of the person. It cannot be easily copied by anyone and this characteristic makes it unique and more accurate to any other type of time clock software. Hence, biometric identification gives way to generate an organized attendance data of every employee. It also helps the management to prevent time theft issues like unauthorized overtime, early departures, and early arrivals.

  1. Effectively Manage the Operations and Increase Productivity

The management and payroll department do not need to collate the attendance and manual time records because the time clock software will help you track the trail of every employee’s attendance. It also eliminates the manual computation of the total number of working hours of all employees because the system has a feature for automated payroll computation. It prevents committing human errors and it allows the faster release of the salary.

  1. Generate Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

Time is really important especially to all business owners because every second counts to keep the transaction of business up and running. If a single employee does not work in time and becomes idle, it will hit the company by losing money. The biometric fingerprint will avoid all these instances, and it will eliminate all forms of time theft. Thus, it also prevents the company to committing typical loopholes and inaccuracies in the time records of employees which are brought by the old-fashioned attendance. Any person can copy, forge, and duplicate the old-fashioned attendance but the time clock software with fingerprint will stop all those unethical practices inside the workplace.

  1. Employee Accountability

The time clock software with fingerprint biometric will make every employee become accountable with their attendance record. The system will not lie unless it is down, but all records are stored in the system for future use. As an employee, you are responsible for making sure that you have logged in when you come in and have logged out when you come out of the office. When something wrong happens with your attendance record, the only person that will be held accountable for that problem is you. There are some employees who are not observing over breaks, scheduled breaks, frequent breaks, and other time thefts which make an employee unproductive. These issues will come to an end because biometrics with fingerprint can now identify those employees who do not follow the break rules.

  1. Increase Job Satisfaction of Every Employee

This also increases the job satisfaction of every employee because management can easily determine those who are spending much time to accomplish a certain task, especially those tasks that require intensive attention. Another factor is it increases the confidence of those employees who are taking overtime. They know that management will recognize their contributions, efforts, and extra miles for the company. On the other hand, management can easily identify those employees who are abusing overtime and recognize those who are extending extra miles for the company.

How to Choose the Perfect Time Clock Software for Your Company

Time clock software is beneficial to both employer and employees. Now that we have learned the importance of time clock software, the next critical thing to learn is the steps to follow for choosing the best time clock software for your company. There are many best time clock systems available in the market. Some of them are Journyx, Clarizen, and Hubstaff. Journyx is a time tracking and web-based software that helps you determine the future cost estimates based on the history of your own data. This system is useful for those who want to track their billing and payroll automation.

Clarizen is another type of time tracking software that enables collaboration between enterprises so they can integrate and improve workflow. The Clarizen time clock software helps every business owners to process repetitive task with the help of the system’s automated feature. Additionally, it also enables business data and resources to be shared with your workmates and other relevant people. The last example of time tracking software is Hubstaff which easily tracks time to immediately create an invoice for your clients, create an in-depth reporting, and pay your employees. The system also allows every user to access outside the office because of the integrated application that can be accessed via phone, smartphones, tablets, and netbooks.

These are just some examples of a helpful time clock system but only you can name the best time clock software. These are the steps that you need to take in order for you to come up with the best time clock software:

  1. Search for Credible Survey Websites

It is necessary to search for survey websites because it will help you to narrow down your choices by choosing the best time clock software. The survey website shows the ranking of different products for time clock software and it will give you a full grasp of their differences.

  1. Check Your Budget

There are many superb time clock systems but their prices are also outstanding. When choosing the right time clock software for your company, it is crucial to consider your budget. This will save your time and effort because, after all, the research and reviews, you will still go back with your budget. Stick to an affordable software.

  1. Read Reviews and Feedbacks

Do not allow yourself to jump in immediately with your choice because it is also necessary to read reviews and feedbacks from existing users. Know the pros and cons of the brand you are choosing for your time clock software because you might regret it at the end. The reviews and feedbacks will truly give you an overview of what to expect once the system is implemented in your company. It will also answer your question on how it benefits your company and your employees.

  1. Do a Quick Background Check

After knowing the best time clock software reviews, the next step is to do a quick background check. A credible company for time clock software has a website with complete contact details. It has sophisticated web design to showcase the product reliability of the company. The people behind the company must also be credible. You can do a quick background check of the CEO, COO, and other people behind the management to check if the company is composed of high caliber personnel.

  1. Check if There Is a Free Trial

Lastly, the free trial is usually available in any system to guarantee that the user will have a grasp of the full potential of the software. The free trial will prevent the user from experiencing difficulties and all questions can be answered ahead of time. It helps the organization to save money as well because free one month service is already a big saving.

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