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Why Is Automated Software Testing Important for Quality Assurance?

Why Is Automated Software Testing Important for Quality Assurance?

Automated software testing solutions are available on, a platform providing unbiased and community-driven reviews of multifaceted applications worldwide. Although you may have a pool of automated software testing solutions, it is still most ideal to consider knowing more about the core of the information system.

You may think that automated software testing system is no longer necessary now that there are still various tools that could help your team build and execute tests. Truth to be told, you have survived without automated tests. However, think about reducing mistakes. Deny it or not, testing manually poses more risks and may miss a lot of hot spots in the software you are developing.

Why Is Software Testing Important Anyway?

Before you jump into conclusion on why automated software tests are important, you should begin from where it all started – the essence of software testing. In a Software Development Cycle, testing would always be present. Everything begins with the collection of requirements, specifications, software construction, design, and then testing. After testing, you need to proceed to debugging phase.

According to International Journal of Computer Science Issues in 2014, the major responsibility of software testing is to ensure that there is no lapse in the development process. According to a survey, U.S. economy’s gross domestic product is also credited to software errors. By percentage, mistakes attribute for 0.6 percent of the data. Furthermore, around 80 percent of the software development value is compensated on locating and resolving issues.

There are more reasons why, testing software applications is important, such as how the trust of your customer is affected if it is not done. Take note that clients depend on your software development team to deliver the error-free project. Who would be satisfied with an application that displays error every once in a while or suddenly closes because of bugs?

If you want to obtain leverage in your industry, you must make sure your software is error-free. Be reminded that the market is very stringent in software selection, especially the less technology savvy ones. One error could lead to their decision of not making business with you. Producing only the good products is your edge to run the race with trusted software developers.

Lower maintenance cost is one of the targets of your software development. It is not always that your team could afford to fix errors in your client firms. By assuring that your product works seamlessly, you could also give yourself a break from the stresses of resolving IT problems.

You could also look back on the history of failed software testing, which had affected even the biggest brands worldwide drastically. In April 2015, do you remember London’s Bloomberg terminal that has suffered from software glitch? This error caused great loss to over 300,000 traders in the fiscal markets. As a result, the government was pushed to delay a debt sale worth three billion.

Furthermore, software errors could bring more than financial loss – accidents. On April 26, 1994, China Airlines Airbus A300 crashed due to a technical bug. The catastrophe resulted in death of 264 innocent lives. In 1985, a software fault also caused malfunction on Therac-25 radiation therapy machine in Canada. Due to the failed software check, lethal radiation doses were administered to patients. There were three critically injured patients and three dead at that time.

If you would only consider the given facts, you could see how tremendous the effect of software testing when done ineffectively or recklessly.

 Why Automate Now That Manual Testing Is Available?

There is also an array of reasons why you should start shifting to an automated software testing course. Primarily, if you want to save time and money, automation is paramount. You are aware that software tests are required whenever a single source code is updated. For each release of an update, you have to apply software checks again no matter how time-consuming it is. If you want to get rid of manual repetition, automated testing is the answer.

Automated software testing methodologies are faster and require no additional tests. No matter how many updates are applied, you could ensure that a software is free from errors or bugs.

It is probable that you are still utilizing traditional software tests. Even the quality assurance practices are evolving, and you may be behind the race. Automated software testing best practices could perk up the scope and depth oftrials .Accordingly , even your software quality will be enhanced. For instance, you could set your software to run under different configurations on multiple computers.

Expanded test coverage will not simply cover the efficiency of it in generating output. This would also address data tables, memory contents, internal or background programs, and file contents. Through the data, evaluation of the software’s behavior will follow.

Do not let aesthetics destroy your project. Most manual tests concentrate on the user interface of the system. Automated software tests would prevent this and maintain balance in checking both the front-end and back-end areas of your system. The automated test software could execute heavy user interface tests in various operating systems and different platforms. This is highly important since soon enough, all software applications would be accessible to every device available.

Manual tests are limited and that is the truth, particularly in screening with thousands of users. If you are developing a web application, you should at least test the online platform with thousands of simultaneous activities. Only then you could determine whether your app is robust or will crash once it reaches the hundred-user level. Automated tests could simulate tens to thousands of virtual web browsers to interact with your web-based software.

The accuracy of a local network or web-based application is influenced by bugs present in it. If you would miss loopholes in the system, even the output of each module would be imprecise.

Security of the software is highly at stake with the testing proper. Hackers often look for ambiguity in a software. From there on, they would penetrate the important files in your network. This could be damaging, particularly in businesses relating to financial management. This is the reason why you would hear others claiming their software was developed with bank-level security measures.

Unauthorized access to your client’s software would cost your team a lot. The customer may even file a legal complaint against your company. Firsthand, among your guarantees to a client in software development is the protection of their sensitive data.

The price associated with ineffective software testing is high not only for your team but for your customers. If the software you delivered keeps on failing, your customer may even dread and put a halt in the development process. There are cases that clients voice out their unlikely experience with a firm. If you do not want others to bad mouth about you, you have to apply mitigation strategies, which include smart testing.

Rewarding projects would definitely be on your way if you adopt automated testing practices. Apparently, your team would now have the confidence to take in more challenging tasks since you have a high-performing quality assurance support. This will not only bring sales but also enhance your staff’s skills.

Automated Software Test Applications Available Today

The automation of your software tests could start as early as today with the help of top-rated applications, which were also commended by its previous users. Given below are the products could begin with:

Optimizely. The positively reviewed testing software guarantees increased revenue for your business minus the acquisition costs and ad spending requirement. The experimentation platform uses different devices in order to optimize software use on Android gadgets, iOS devices, mobile web, and the web among others. The cloud-deployed testing software is also built to intuitively support your testing decisions.

Tons of big names have trusted the software testing application. According to its previous clients, the software delivers professional feedbacks, which are necessary for optimizing their applications. What is more interesting about the software testing solution is how it also supports ad campaigns effectively.

WebTrends. If you are developing a website, you may use this application to optimize customer experience and get more leads. The product highlights its infinity big data platform, which would create most effective solutions and integrated analytics for your team.  As claimed, it would set up your customer data in line with new technologies, such as Hadoop, Kafka, and Spark. A few of its features are unified tagging, data storage, event and user processing, and data query.

Sauce Labs. The cloud-based platform encompasses various testing grounds for world’s development teams. It claims to accelerate your tests up to 10 times. Sauce Labs is tailored for both web and mobile apps. Furthermore, it could generate reports with its console, metadata, and Selenium logs.  Even if you would test your information systems in the cloud, the platform guarantees confidentiality and high level of security.

With the given options, you no longer have to worry about extending testing period for your projects. To get more software selections, you may read reviews of automated software testing solutions with unbiased community reviews.

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