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What to Look for When Purchasing an iPhone App Development Software

What to Look for When Purchasing an iPhone App Development Software

Developing an app plays a very important role in increasing customer engagement nowadays. Although there are other marketing methods implemented to improve sales and product recognition, providing an app is a way to keep you customers updated and connect to your business. Some apps like banking apps, and shopping apps provide convenience for its users, enabling them to do business with you in their preferred time and venue.

Some use iPhone app development for business. There are various tools dedicated to helping businesses owners with logistics, tracking deliveries, and inventory. Others use business apps to process and store data, make business analysis, and increase the security of databases.

Convince & Convert says that we spend a lot of time accessing digital content using our mobile devices. They further extended that 80% of mobile users access digital information through apps while 20% use their mobile devices’ web browser. By looking at this existing data, it’s easier for you to convince yourself to make your own app as well.

Why Make an iPhone App in the First Place?

Given the number of different platform in the app development industry today, it may be hard to choose which platform to go with. Most of the time developers struggle in choosing between developing for android or for iOS. While others can easily pick many platform, some prefer targeting a specific platform first. In the case of choosing between android vs iOS, the major consideration to make is the user demographics. According to Savvy Apps, android users are mostly from developing nations and countries with low incomes, as compared to iOS users who are from more fortunate areas where people have higher income and higher educational attainment. For those are eyeing on the iOS development platform, you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of potential users that could download you app.

According to iPhone apps statistics, the total number of cumulative downloads in the Apple app store amounts to 140 billion. Among the many app categories, games rank as the most popular with 24.3% of the total app download count. Second on the list is business apps, followed by education, lifestyle, entertainment and utilities, travel, books and health and fitness.

If you plan to develop an app that fits under the categories mentioned above, then you have a chance to gain a good number of users. The only problem you will need to deal with in the long run is how to keep them engaged with your app.  Statistics reveals that the average mobile app session length can amount to 7.55 minutes for gaming, 5.59 for media and entertainment, 4.26 for travel and lifestyle, 2.85 for e-commerce and retail. You should start thinking how to develop apps that will meet the average app session length provided for each category.

Complications of Making an iPhone App

While developing an app presents a huge potential to earn money, there are a few complications that you will eventually face when you are already in the process of app development. It’s crucial to know these things beforehand to help you prepare effectively in case your app gets messed up.

  1. iOS Updates

Updates can present big problems for a lot of app developers as this could affect app performance. In worst cases, apps can crash because they are not compatible with the new codes and scripts of the platform update.

  1. Apple App Store Approval

Some developers struggle in getting their apps uploaded in the Apple store because they failed to meet the given specification. Make sure that you read the restrictions and the instructions carefully so you know what to consider when you start looking for an iPhone app development software.

  1. Lack of Coding Background

The most important factor to consider in iPhone app development is your knowledge in coding. Although the Swift Code is relatively easy to use, it pays to have a more solid background in app development to help you work on the technical aspects of the app such as the limitations in app performance and memory for iPhone devices and network connection speed. It is also important to have a coding background to help you create excellent user interface.

  1. Making the App Design Compatible to Apple’s Guideline

App design plays a huge role in getting a fair number of users engaged with your app. Complicated to use apps easily gets lesser user interaction overtime. Apart from that, there are guidelines that you Apple requires developer to meet before the apps are uploaded in the store. Sometimes these guidelines change when there are new iOS updates.  Meeting these guidelines will also be crucial to make sure that your app looks good across all Apple devices available in the market.

Considerations in Choosing an iPhone Development Software

For those who have already figured out where to start iPhone app development, it is only a matter of weighing in on the features that you want your development software to have. You can check iPhone app development company reviews to see what the software developers can offer. In case you want to leave the designing and developing responsibility to more expert individuals because you don’t know how to do iPhone app development yourself, go consult the best iPhone development companies today to make the best out of your time and money.

In looking for an iPhone development company, make sure to prioritize on considering their reviews. While reading reviews of iPhone development companies pay special attention to answering questions like: How easy are the software to use? Do they have tutorial videos or resources to help you polish your background?

Another point to consider is to see how much does iPhone app development cost? How much are you willing to spend on your app? Do you think the services iPhone app development company offer match their fees?

Don’t forget to check the software tool providers’ portfolio. Answer questions like: what sort of apps have they created? Do these apps fit the same category as your app? How are these apps performing today? What do users complain about them? What do users love about them?

In addition to these things you may also the need to consider if the tool you will purchase can work on cross platforms. After your success in the iOS platform, you can try to launch the app in Windows, Android or even Blackberry. In most cases, cross platform tools can be categorized to three different groups, which are codeless tools, mobile web tools, and developer cross platform.

For developers who use iPhone app development for business purposes, it would very useful to check if the tool works across platform because this can help you give employees access to the app regardless if they’re using an iOS device or not.

Some examples of iPhone app development software that can work on multiple platform includes Phone Gap, Xamarin, IBM Worklight, Salesforce, Telerik, Sales Force, Kony, Sap, and Oracle. In considering which sort of cross platform tool to use, you need to consider the size of your company. For companies with smaller number of employees who will take care of your users’ complaints, you need an app that will a company that provides tools that launches fast. Otherwise you will have problems in the long run. The larger your company is, the greater the need to look for tools with security features integrated in it. This will serve an important purpose in safeguarding the data and to prevent hacks or other similar issues.

Apart from the size, you will also need to consider the important feature you want your application to have. If you prioritize on the speed of the app, then you will need tools that combines COTS products and template apps. If you think you can’t afford high-tech tools for your app development, you should consider using tools like HTML development or Apache Cordova.

In an age where technology has taken over our lives, developing your own app for whatever purpose can really serve you well. Whether you end up launching the app in Apple store for free, or setting up a Premium version of the app to create income, or including in-app purchases, there are plenty of benefits you will get when you have your own app. Just be sure to weigh in on all the considerations you need to make, as well as make a comprehensive plan to help you map out your app better. To sum things up, you have to consider the cost of the tool, size of your company, your intended app features, you goals, the need to develop cross-platform apps, customers reviews, and company portfolio. By considering these, you can easily identify your apps’ goals clearly and set proper indexes for measurement, as well as pinpoint possible issues you might encounter later.

Don’t know how to develop your own app? you can ask somebody else to do it. The only trick is to find a company that suits your needs. To know more about the different choices that you have, read reviews of iPhone app development companies.

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