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What Is the Best Time Tracking Software and Its Advantages

What Is the Best Time Tracking Software and Its Advantages

As the technology grows, there are already management systems and programs that are available to help businesses grow and improve in all aspects and side of the business’ process.

From accounting, human resource management, manufacturing, to resource planning, there is also a time tracking software system available. This will help improve the business efficiency through time and attendance tracking of employees, workflows and work progress on every business project.

Time Tracking Software Overview

A time tracking software is a tool that can make recording your work time effortlessly. It works as an easy application where you can just click the timer whenever you check in work and click it again when you check out.

In having a time tracking software in managing your business, you can use this to know how much time a certain employee is spending working on a specific project or task. This makes the time reports of every employee a hundred percent accurate since everything is automated. It will also make generating your payrolls become quick and easy.

A time tracking software can help you close any possible profit leaks like overstaffing, inefficient workflows, and billing inaccuracies to provide more efficient work effectiveness.

Features and functions to look for in a time tracking software includes the basic such as a time clock that can either me automatic or manual. This also includes time sheets or records, absences management, dashboard and reports, labor regulation management, and integration features to other management solutions.

When looking for a time tracking software, there are also things to consider like the newest trends in the market. This includes time tracking software programs that ha software as a system or SaaS system that can give you wider access to different types of devices using an internet connection.

There are also software systems available that can be integrated into mobile phones. This can be very helpful for employees that have to work outside the office at times. This will allow them to check in and out of work wherever they are and still have access to the resources within the system whenever they need to.

Best Time Tracking Software System

There are a lot of time tracking software systems available in the market. Choosing the best time tracking software for you can be quite tricky. However, there is one thing you can utilize to help you choose the best one there is through the experience and views of other people who have used certain software. You can read them in This will give you some ideas on how a certain software actually works.


Journyx is a web-based time and expense tracking software. It’s a smart time and expense tracking system to give you a more accurate means to identify what and how much a certain thing should cost. Journyx will help you refine your future cost estimates based on your own historical data. It also has a pivot table and accounting extracts function to help give you some interesting analysis opportunities.

Journyx is a software solution if you need a basic time and expense tracker to help you with your billing and payroll automation, plan, manage and monitor project resources. The features and functions you can get from it include reporting and approvals, billing automation, payroll automation, pay rates and rules feature, vacation and time off actuals, project monitoring, integration with other accounting packages, project planning, and forecasting.

With Journyx, you can manage your time and expense with minimal effort, minimal error, but with a maximum profit. One of the best features that help it stand out is its ability to integrate into many business systems. This includes integrating to Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Excel and Quick Books.

One thing to look for in software system to help you along the way of learning how to use it is the customer support you can get from the provider. Journyx, from Journyx software reviews, provides an award-winning customer support for all its users. This can be very helpful whenever you come across technical issues and questions while using the software.


Because of its strategy as a time tracking software, current offering, and market presence as an award-winning software solution to help enterprises collaborate, innovate and move faster, Clarizen was named lead in this type of system according to The Forrester Wave.

Clarizen can provide you with customizable and configurable workflows to fit the needs of your business. You can also get an in-context collaboration by using it. This will centralize and share your resources and business data, develop business strategies and align your communications between your workmates.

By using this as your time tracking software system, you can easily automate your business process. This software program will allow you to create automated processes, alerts, and workflows to avoid repetitive tasks and works and save time and effort for more productive tasks. It can also give a flexible intuitive interface that can fit whatever the way of your working is.

With Clarizen. You can create dynamic reports and dashboards easily. You have easy access to the system in order to share immediate project data and track the progress and health of all your projects. From Clarizen reviews, with an effective management system to help you manage your business, you can improve your project outcomes and business decisions; boost the productivity of your employees, assets, and your resources.


Hubstaff is considered that single software system that can function a lot. From time tracking, screenshots, employee monitoring, and payments, website tracking with more than 30 integrations, Hubstaff can do it all.

Using this, you can easily track time since it runs just like an application on your desktop. By easily and effectively tracking time, you can create an invoice for your clients quickly, pay your employees, and generate an in-depth reporting. Monitoring your team especially in remote places is also made easier through Hubstaff. This is because of its lightweight desktop timer that can take screenshots and measure activity levels. It can also track time on the go through mobile apps via GPS.

Through this Hubstaff feature, you can track the accurate activity of your employees. This is possible since all the screenshots are taken entirely random and the desktop apps are able to track the keyboard strokes and mouse movements of your employees.

It also offers a website tracking software. This will let you see what websites are visited by your teams whenever they work. You can also see the time they are spending on every site and previews what the page looks like. These features will help you identify who among your staff are the most productive and who are not. Hubstaff also saves you the time in doing manual payrolls since it can create an automatic payroll from every time tracked and can integrate with Paypal, Payoneer, and Bitwage for a wider paying option.

With the Hubstaff’s iOS app, you can have access to the system, check in and out of work, and track your time even when you are outside the office. All of the time tracked in the mobile app is also organized through your reports online automatically which you can also customize download or email. Hubstaff makes it easier for you to track employees and project progress. You can read Hubstaff reviews to know more about the views of other users using this system.

Advantages of Using a Time Tracking Software

Many industries and business are now choosing to integrate a time tracking software in their businesses to further their work effectiveness. There are a lot of advantages you can get in using the best time tracking software.

In using a time to track software, you can improve your project and task management. This will help you monitor every task effectively. Tracking the working time of your employees will help you manage and prioritize your projects effectively. Having an improved workflow by using this system will allow your employees to do their duties effectively. This will allow them to determine how well they are spending their time and re-evaluate how to manage their workflow to make the most out of their time.

A time tracking software will help you generate a more accurate billing. Because everything is already automated and streamlined in a single system, creating bills and invoices for your clients can be made quickly. This will also help you create a precise pricing for your services, preventing you from underpricing your services and help your customer prevent any unnecessary costs.

With a time tracking software in your business, you can achieve an efficient payroll management for all your employees. It will also allow you to integrate their compensation system into the software itself to ensure that they get their fair share from the time and effort they put to their work.

With an efficient time tracking system, you can get an improved cost management. This is an efficient way to reduce your additional and unnecessary costs and expenses. Through this time tracking function, you can easily track cost inaccuracies and inefficiencies. This will help you address and correct these issues to make your project more successful and more profitable.

Having a time tracking software in managing any type or scale of business will surely give you a lot of benefits and advantages. To learn more about how a time tracking software works and how it can help your business, visit and read our reviews for more time tracking software choices.

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