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What is Portfolio Management Software and its Benefits?

What is Portfolio Management Software and its Benefits?

Investing a huge amount of money in a business could be really scary especially if you don’t have a way to oversee what’s going on with your investments. It’s a good thing that our computing technology now has portfolio management software. This can help you have financial peace of mind by giving you a way to oversee all your investments.

To better understand what a portfolio management software is and what it’s for, it is first important to know what a portfolio is and what portfolio management is.

What is a Portfolio?

According to, “a portfolio refers to a collection of investment tools such as stocks, shares, mutual funds, bonds, cash and so on depending on the investor’s income, budget and convenient time frame.” It is usually held by individual investors and managed by financial professionals or financial institutions like banks. Figuratively speaking, it’s like a briefcase that strategically holds your money and assets.

What is Portfolio Management?

Now that we already have an idea what a portfolio is, let us now understand portfolio management. As the name implies, it basically means managing the portfolio. It is analyzing and weighing the strengths and weaknesses of your investments to achieve maximal returns. Portfolio management has several functions. These include deciding whether an investment or asset needs to be mixed or reallocated to mutual funds, bonds, or shares etc. to reach to full capacity of the investments. Portfolio management is important to achieve the full potential of the investments and to increase profitability. Another function is to minimize the risks involved or at least balance the risks.

Portfolio Management Software Defined

A portfolio management software is the application used by portfolio managers to assist them in managing their clients’ investments. There are several benefits of using a portfolio management software. There are several articles online that could give you several reasons why it is beneficial to use a portfolio management software. The website is one of the many websites that can give you some insights.

How is the Portfolio Management Software Beneficial?

Below are some of the benefits of using this application.

  1. Provides the summary

One of the main features of portfolio management software is to provide the portfolio manager with an overview of the investments. Through this feature, you can see if an investment goes well or not. You can view if one is earning profit or just becoming a bigger risk. If one is able to see the summary easily, the decision-making will be faster as compared to the decision-making when there’s no project management software involved. By looking at the overview of the investments, you’ll know which one of the investments would need your utmost attention. The summary or overview can also give data regarding your contributions, withdrawals, account fees paid, etc.

  1. Puts you in control

Since you have full visibility of your portfolio and also of the data for every investment on the portfolio, you’ll be more in control of all your ventures and finances. You’ll be able to plan your move or decision-making strategies based on the historical data of your past decisions.

  1. Maximizes return of investment

Portfolio management software will also help you in maximizing the full potential of your investments which in the long run will also maximize the return on investments (ROI). Since you’ll be able to see all your investments and their status in one place, it will be easier to manage them. The best portfolio management software is also capable of giving analysis and insights for improvement. It can provide you various information such as trend analysis, what-if analysis, risk analysis, and cash flow analysis. It can also give you capital gains and loss calculations, mutual fund comparisons, and other important figures. Thus, you’ll be able to handle the investments better.

  1. Helps with risks reduction

Having several investments can be too risky and too hard to manage if you don’t have any portfolio management software. It is a fact that with investments come some risks. Using a portfolio management application can help reduce the inevitable risks. This is through the several features of the software which let the portfolio manager oversee the investments and plan the best strategies to take. The software will help you calculate and reallocate funds if necessary. It will help you balance your portfolio, hence reducing the risks.

  1. Helps with funds or project realignment

The top portfolio management software can help you with your decision-making when it comes to fund realignment or with project realignment. Because you have a way to look at your investments in a bigger picture, it would be easier for you to make changes when needed depending on the risks involved. For example, if you see that one investment appears to be earning more, you could decide to adjust and put in more funds into this. Studying and reviewing the trends from your previous investments and projects can help you with this as well.

  1. Helps achieve business’ goals

Every company has a long-term goal aside from just making the usual profits. The company might be planning on buying a bigger property or maybe having their own establishment built, or maybe buying or franchising another business. These are just examples of what a company or a business might be planning that’s why they are putting in some of their finances to investments. Utilizing a portfolio management software can help you achieve these goals.

  1. Provides financial peace of mind

Everyone dreams of having financial freedom and peace of mind. If your finances and investments are properly managed, you are very near achieving financial peace of mind. If all goes well, you might probably get the financial freedom everyone dreams to achieve.

Some Portfolio Management Software Features

Features of a software could differ from one application to another. Below are some of the top features of some of the most popular portfolio management software.

  1. Multiple portfolio views
  2. Insights for improvement
  3. Capability to import transactions and other data
  4. Mutual fund comparisons
  5. Portfolio comparisons
  6. Trend analysis
  7. What-if analysis
  8. Capital gains estimates
  9. Performance vs market
  10. Helps with the buy/sell decisions
  11. Check account balances
  12. Track budget
  13. Store receipts
  14. Notifications and alerts
  15. Graphing
  16. Multi-currency support
  17. Customizable reports
  18. Portfolio rebalancing
  19. Risk management
  20. Cash flow analysis
  21. Workflow automation
  22. Secured data
  23. Mobile accessibility

Definitely, there are other features that are not on this list so it would really be helpful to do further research. The website has a ranking of the best portfolio management software based on client reviews.

Choosing the Portfolio Management Software for you

There are different portfolio management software in the market. One software might work for one type of business but not for another so it is important to know the features of a potential portfolio management software in picking the one for you. Official websites of the different software usually list down all the top features of their product. Some of the best ones even have online demos of their product on the websites. Aside from these demos, you can also take advantage of their free trial which usually runs for 30 days. This is one of the best ways to actually know if the software fits you and your type of business.

There are also several portfolio management software review websites that can give ideas and advise about the top applications in the market. Websites like have several articles and blogs regarding portfolio management software. There are also reviews of the best portfolio management software from the actual users themselves which could really be a good source of information about both the positive and negative sides of the software.

YouTube is also a good source of information about a software. You can find tutorials and reviews from there which can give you a better picture of the software before actually trying it on your end. There are also feedback in the comments section which can also give you more insights about the software you are researching on.

Also, another factor that needs to really be considered in picking the software for your investments is the software technical support. Does the software have a technical support that could provide assistance 24/7? It is a money matter after all so it’s really important that someone is ready to answer your queries.

You can do a comparison of the software you think will be the most useful for you. Once you have narrowed down the list, you could contact the software company and request for some documentation or an actual demonstration from them. also has comparisons of the best portfolio management applications in the market today which could assist you in your selection process.

Keep in mind that the best portfolio management software depends on your financial situation or your business’ goals. The portfolio management software being used by another company might not be right for your business or investments. That is why it is important to research and read some reviews online.

To read more information and reviews about the top portfolio management software in the market today, go to the website

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