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What is Online Registration Software and How Does It Work?

What is Online Registration Software and How Does It Work?

Planning and organizing is not an easy task. There are a lot of tasks and responsibilities you have to accomplish in a given length of time. You need to create a smooth workflow of everything from planning the event, marketing the event to people, registration works, handling payments, addressing feedbacks and even following up all the attendees.

There are already a lot of online tools and systems to help with every specific aspect of businesses. From project management to marketing and accounting, software systems are available to help organize and streamline tasks.

Since the total success of an event depends on how many people registered, the more registrations you receive, the better it is for business. To address this sometimes grueling task of managing registration information, online registration software are available for all the event planners and event planning businesses out there.

What Is an Online Registration Software?

An online registration software helps you in organizing and automating everything about the registration processes of a certain event. This will also streamline your process of payment collection after every registration. There are also event planning aspects where an online registration can help you and your business; this includes the management of memberships, ticketing, both on-site and online registrations and self-check-in, and badge management.

This online registration software solution can also be utilized to administer and gather polls and surveys from the audiences for their feedback and satisfaction rates on a certain event. This will help you understand your clients more and improve for future events.

An online registration software system has these following common features:

  1. Registration Management. This software feature will help you manage the check-ins of the attendees for your events or conferences. This can be done through either online, mobile, offline systems or all of the above. Some software solutions also have features that allow you to book hotel rooms, venues, and tables for the event and register them for other classes and appointments.
  2. Attendee Management. This feature of an online registration software helps you provide the best possible experience for your attendees. This includes creating customized registrations, handling of guest lists, organizing seating arrangements, and engaging your audience with surveys and Q&A. Some software solution also features travel and room arrangements for your attendees.
  3. This feature will allow you to sell your event tickets easily through registration in both offline and online channels. This will also help you in customizing things for the events like ticket prices, types, and the quantity.
  4. Calendar Management. This software function will help you generate an online event calendar which customers can access. It will allow them to register themselves for your events or appointments. This function can also be integrated to other third-party calendar software systems of your clients.
  5. This feature will help you market your events and reach possible attendees for your event. This can be done through the software’s customizable registration forms, email marketing campaigns, promo codes and even social media marketing campaigns. This will help you widen your reach to achieve more registrations than the traditional marketing system.
  6. This software function enables you to generate forms and reports so you can easily measure your return on investment and revenue. This will make use of the different metrics like membership types, budgeting and expenses, audience engagement and satisfaction, marketing success and the no-show percentage of attendees.
  7. Payment Processing. This function helps you deal with all the aspects relating to collecting payments of your attendees. This will help you come up with various pricing options to fit various types of attendees where you can also adjust discounts and include some surge pricing features in collecting for payments. Some software solutions automate the payments processes and refund of balances.
  8. Site Management. This feature will help you manage and organize all venue-based tasks. This includes managing on-the-spot attendees, creating name badges for all attendees, checking in on them by scanning the barcodes and an integration with self-service booths to make check-ins easier.

Why Do You Need an Online Registration Software?

Having an automated registration software can help you better in planning and managing events more than manual registration systems. With an online registration software, you can ensure a better experience for your customers. This will save them time and effort in going to registration booths and falling in long lines to register.

Using an online registration software can help ensure customer’s satisfaction without spending a lot of money. Event registration is made easy and you don’t need someone else to manage the registration processes, thus saving you some resource expenses and time too.

With the online registration system, you can improve your revenues. This can be possible because the software will allow you to create price flexibility to fit the budget of various types of customers. Thus, you increase your market, gaining more registrations from various types of people. Having the function to do email and social media marketing, you extend your scope in finding customers.

More than that, having a paperless office software solution can help you eliminate all the mess piled in your cabinets and go green. Aside from making a great contribution to the environment by minimizing the use of paper documents and printing, you can cut all unnecessary expenses by digitizing your event planning processes.

How Does Online Registration Software Work for Customers

Having an online registration software can help you ensure your customer’s satisfaction. This will help them save time by giving them a convenient way to access registrations on your events and appointments through the internet. By using this software solution, you save your customers the hassle and that can be a plus for you.

Using this software can give your customers improved customer support. This is necessary when they have questions about additional information about your event or payment processes. This will also give you access to easily respond to their queries, thus, ensuring higher registration rates.

An online registration software helps customers easily avail early bird pricing and discounts where they can also conveniently and securely pay online. They will be given an automated confirmation receipt after the payment process.

This will also improve communication between you and past customers through your notifications and emails whenever there is a new event to launch.

How Does Online Registration Work for You as an Event Organizer?

In using an online registration software for your event planning business, you save time, effort and money in the opening, entering and sorting out all the illegible and inaccurate forms. This area of work can be very time-consuming and exhausting especially if you run a bigger event with lots of registration prospects.

Having this registration system can give you a centralized storage for all your information and data. You can access all the information you need in one system like payment data, view remaining slots, and email participants updates.

This will also help you efficiently in improving your event. You can customize an online application to cater to different customer preference, contact additional sponsors, and you can reply to participant questions and queries easily. This will help you generate progress rates, detailed reports and event analysis necessary to make sure the event goes smoothly as possible.

An online registration software will also improve marketing because you can notify participants of upcoming events and also track the open rates and response on your campaigns.

Incorporating an online registration software in planning an event can give you a lot of benefits and advantages as an organizer. It can help you track historical data and analysis to help you improve for future events you have to organize.

Choosing the Ideal Online Registration Software

All these good things and benefits can only be achieved if you have the best online registration software at hand. There is already a long list of registration software available in the market which you can browse in However, in looking for the ideal registration software that fits your business’ need, there are certain aspects to consider.

  1. Consider a customizable option. One of the best features of an online registrations software is its ability that allows you to customize certain aspects to improve your event planning effectiveness. Find the software that can give you that freedom.
  2. Mobile Integration. More people use mobile phones. Since you want to provide easy registration access for your customers, find the software that can be accessed through mobile devices. This will help lessen the work of having to check-in manually.
  3. An ideal online registration software can also support necessary third-party integrations to make the registration processes more efficient. You can consider getting a registration software that offers integrations with social media marketing and electronic payments systems that can give you access to online payment collections.

Having an online registration management software service with you in planning and organizing an event can be an excellent investment. It helps you achieve more effectiveness in your work and reduce all the unnecessary and repetitive tasks in a manual registration system.

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