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What Is Inventory Control Software for Retail and Merchandise?

What Is Inventory Control Software for Retail and Merchandise?

Obtaining the best inventory control software is easier with a set of options, which are rated by customers without biased inclination. Nonetheless, the clients’ experiences will not entirely apply for your selection. It is ideal to craft your own preferences to choose an applicable software to use.

With the advancing sector of retail and wholesale, you have to run along with other companies that have adopted the advantages of technology. If you want to get an inventory management software for ecommerce, you should have a criteria with the best online retail site features as grounds. Otherwise, you should set another tailored standards.

How Essential Inventory Control Is for All Businesses?

You would likely see warehouse inventory management software download options. It may confuse you why even storage areas should be automated. Nonetheless, there are major reasons why programmers eased the stresses of merchandising companies. These are the same intellects why your business should have proper or automated inventory control.

Getting the Right Balance of Stock. Even in traditional sense, inventory control is highly important in getting the right balance of stocks in your warehouse, particularly if you have limited space. On the other hand, you would not want your retail or wholesale company to lose sales simply because you do not have the items the clients have requested.

Although you may have done regular inventory checks, there are cases that you have failed to create an effective replenishment technique. According to The Smollan Group’s CEO Chris Olivier on out of stock crisis, the situation is more severe than you anticipated.  Relative to his excerpt, the Food Marketing Institute and Grocery Manufacturers Association released a worldwide statistics of 8.3 percent for out of stocks. Consequently, the firms lose as much as nearly four percent of their sales.

There are different responses that clients provide when they encounter out of stocks. Primarily, they will switch stores and buy item from another firm. Alternatively, they may delay giving you extra sale and buy the item later. There are cases that they may try out another model or brand relative to the item. Lastly, they may not buy the product regardless of the store.

Out of all the options, the research done at the United States’ Goizueta Business School at Emory University reveals that there is a probability of up to 43 percent that consumers will make the purchase at another store.

Preventing Overstock. If there is out-of-stock situation, you may also experience the hazard of too much replenishment. There are also problems associated with the issue, such as the higher chances of not selling a percentage of your items. The longer your item is in the inventory, the more it will likely not be bought. As a result, you will put a discount for it or write it off. This lessens your chances of gaining higher sales. Take note that this is highly applicable for items made out of present trends.

Reducing Capital Expenditure. Inventory is costly, which is why you have to find ways to reduce spending too much for it. For instance, if you have acquired a product worth $75, you will anticipate to get profit from it by selling it at a higher price. Inventory control enables you to track products that are highly profitable, or fast-moving items. Furthermore, you may also avoid acquiring more of the slow-moving items that would only reduce the cash reserve of your business.

Avoiding the Halt of Production. Do you know that even manufacturers value inventory control? This is the reason why there is also inventory control software for electronic supplies. Without proper management of their raw materials, they would not be able to pursue their operations and finish the items to delivery. Essential components of all products must be present in the shelves. Delays could be extremely costly, particularly in filling orders.

Top Features of Cost-Saving Inventory Control System

Have you ever wondered why inventory control system became a must even in other business sectors? Apart from inventory for construction warehouses, there are also inventory control software for medical supplies. From this fact, you could see that it has a lot of features to offer that companies pursue to make their operations more effective minus the costs.

Real-time Inventory Tracking. An inventory control management solution must have real-time time tracking of your products. For instance, if you have an online retail site, you must assure that your stocks are replenished on time. With configured alerts, you will not suffer from out of stocks as well as delays or shipment. Be reminded that without effective inventory control, all of your locations could be out of stock. This leads to great losses for your operations.

Accounting Software Integration. You should not only focus on counting your items and making sure each product is replenished suitably. There must be an integrated accounting feature, which will give you financial solutions relative to your capital.

Inventory History Provider. You have to look closely at the inventory record not only at present but previously as well. From the inventory trends, you could plan ahead, particularly when there are issues in the suppliers market. You may not want to risk and close stocks without their proper levels or obtain items at higher prices. This lessens your edge of gaining more profit.

Conversion of Measurement. Since your inventory management is automated, it should be able to convert different measurement units minus the manual operation. Every item has a different unit, which is highly considered in purchasing products. For instance, there are units sold by bulk, whereas others are by dozens.

Precise Location Determination. If you have different warehouses to track, your system must be intuitive enough to give you monitoring capability in each area. Instead of checking out the areas one by one, you could simply set up notifications or alerts. For instance, you would be alarmed if there are negative inventory situations.

Reporting. Reporting is highly necessary for better business decisions. You need to present the stakeholders regarding products coming in and out of your company. This detail must be paired with the costs. Through this advantage of documentation, you could maintain transparency among your corporate peers. If there are problems, you may devise a solution through advanced collaboration.

Mobility. It is better to find an inventory system that could be accessed worldwide minus the extra costs of hardware or software installations. As much as possible, look for a software that could be accessed via smartphones, tablets, and other possible gadgets. In such case, wireless tracking will keep you posted regarding your stocks, warehouse, or issues to improve.

User-Friendliness. You should choose a software that your employees would find easy to cope with. You cannot afford spending a lot of time training them and losing focus on your operations. There are highly comprehensible systems today that require countable clicks for every operation.

Security. Your database must be stored in a highly guarded local network or cloud server. There must be feature-based privileges in the system to assure data integrity. Furthermore, you must also be given the right to set group privileges. For instance, you may only set accessible modules for the accountant group different from the warehouse team.

Start Improving Your Inventory Control Through Automation

Now that you are aware of the features to consider while evaluating inventory control software reviews, you must at least have products on hand. To help you overcome tons of software solutions to choose from, given are three to start with:

Inventoria. The inventory management software could manage your stock levels effectively by supplier, category, and location. The product is not just simply your inventory tracking tool but also a system for ordering and receiving. Instead of meeting suppliers in the flesh, you may create purchase orders and e-mail these directly to vendors.

In addition to item control, the product is powered with reporting feature for costs, stock levels, and averages. The reporting solution of Inventoria is also applicable for product history assessment. It is highly secured with user privileges. Despite being accessible in different locations, the higher authority could assign appropriate access levels.

Lansweeper. The solution is made for software inventory. It is best used by providers of network computers. It could categorize items based on versions, specifications, and configurations among others. It has detailed reports, which could be generated through built-in or pre-set template. Apart from network inventory, it also supports better software deployment, improved help desk services, and automated asset management.

TMWSuite. The inventory solution is designed for fleet maintenance process. It has the right features for improved utilization of resources and control of costs. It prevents problems with asset maintenance in warehouses.  You could select whether to deploy it in-house or in a cloud server. TMWSuite ensures that it will avoid postponed order completion and slow retrieval of parts.

Select any of the best inventory control software given above and start perking up your business’ competitiveness and returns. To get more options, you may check out and its reviews of inventory control software based on customer feedbacks, sizes, profitability, and length of service.

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