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What Are Top POS Software Programs and Benefits in Using It?

What Are Top POS Software Programs and Benefits in Using It

Cash registers have been the center tool for retail for so many years. These days as technology grows, it is now being replaced by computers, tablets, and even mobile devices.

Software providers now also offer point-of-sale or POS software programs to various types and sizes of retail stores and businesses. This software handles all retail works from checkout and inventory control, e-commerce sales, and customer management to merchandising and distribution.

There are a lot of benefits and advantages to retailers when using POS software in their business. It helps automate everything from point of sales, improve your inventory tracking, and help you to do management effectively from all aspects of your business like customer data, thus allowing you to grow your revenue and minimize your business’ inefficiencies.

However, of the many POS software already available in the market, choosing the best one can be quite tricky. This article will help you cover all the basics that you need to know about choosing the best POS software program and all the benefits it entails.

POS Software Features for Different Types of Retailers

Whether you are a single store owner or managing multiple retail chains, you can both benefit and take advantage of using POS software in your retail system. However, choosing the best software program for you will depend on what you need in your business, and sometimes, this can be different depending on business size and scope.

Retail software solutions have the same common functions like updating customers, updating your business’ inventory levels, presenting progress and other necessary results and analysis, and keeping track of your customers. The common and basic POS software features to look for if you have a single retail store business include the following:

  1. The point of sale in your system will help you contact your customer and improve customer interaction and process payments. Using this software will make sure that the cashiers charge the right amount, adjust the inventory directly, and print purchase receipts.
  2. Customer Relationship Management or CRM. This feature of your software system will help you store customer information and data such as their purchase history in a single and central database you can easily access. This will help you track customer contact information and their preferred items easily to help you with your marketing campaigns.
  3. Inventory Control. Using this POS software, your inventory and supply levels are being automated. It will automatically update your inventories every after a purchase is completed. This will help you save time in manually doing inventories from time to time. This will also allow you to generate sales reports and trends on your inventory movement.
  4. Accounting Management. Having all your business’ necessary information in a central system, you can get accurate reports on your business’ performance. This includes having accurate inventory figures and expenses lists and an easy generation of payroll.

In retail business or in just any business, jumping from one store to another is exhausting and more difficult if you manage more than one. In a POS software, you need more and advanced features and functions so managing multiple stores can be made easier. These include the following:

  1. Transportation Management. This feature is essential in managing multiple retail stores to transport inventory from the distribution centers to the store location and to the customers efficiently. This will also help you plan and mode of shipments can be by air, land, or sea.
  2. Warehouse Management. This function helps you automate inventory within the warehouse from picking, packing of products, and pulling up to your labor management.
  3. Product Management. This feature will help you plan products by giving you reports, trends, and analysis based on your sales history.
  4. Business Intelligence. This feature of a POS software will help you improve and choose the products that give you the highest revenue and help you in your product marketing.

Having the idea of what features and functions you need in a POS software based on your business scope and size will help you in choosing the best one that fits your need.

Top POS Software Reviews

Among the many software programs you can find in the market, there are some that most preferred by current users that make them top POS software based on customer satisfaction.


Odoo is a POS software for any retail company. You can use it without any difficulty and can be accessed through any device like in your industrial machines, computers, laptops, and tablets with no specific hardware or installation required.

It is extremely flexible to help fit your business needs. You can easily access it using an internet connection, allowing you to work anytime and anywhere you are. You don’t even need to worry about unreliable internet connection when using Odoo. You only need the internet connection in starting the system; it will stay functional even with a complete disconnection.

By using Odoo, you get its inventory app that automatically updates your stock whenever any transaction is completed from your POS. You can track the availability of your products easily and in real time. With Odoo, you can easily keep track of your customers where you can also send them special offers and sale notice through email marketing campaigns.

Read about Odoo reviews to know more about other current POS software.


If you are managing multiple storefronts, GoFrugal will make it easier for you through their supply chain management or SCM solution.

GoFrugal is an easy-to-use and web-based software solution. It allows you to track sales of different branches, purchase, inventory, receivables, and revenue in a central system where all your business’ data are also stored. Its SCM solution helps you consolidate all the data coming from different store branches into one system where you can integrate sales and inventory trends analysis. Having all information in one system will make controlling expenses and increasing profits be done easily.

By using GoFrugal, you decrease or eliminate the possibility of fraud. Real-time updates from your point of sale will prevent tampering with the data. Also, all the data stored in the system are sent and stored in a secure and encrypted system. GoFrugal reviews will help you decide on the views of current users and help you choose if this POS software is the best for you.


The 2TouchPOS software helps prevent the operational frustrations happening in bars, restaurants, and nightclubs that are still using cash registers for their retail operation. They produce a higher-performance POS technology to help improve your customer service and provide you total control over your business.

By using 2TouchPOS in a restaurant business, you increase efficiency on your staff. Menu items are being charged with the right price, and the printed tickets can be easily read by your cook. This will also save you time in reconciling your credit cards to the register, and it makes sure nothing is served that is not on the check.

With 2TouchPOS, you get to control how your business works. Read 2TouchPOS reviews for more inputs about this software from current users.

Benefits in Using POS Software

By using POS software in your business no matter what the size and scope are, you can increase your revenue by managing your business efficiently, made possible and easier by using POS software. This will also help you improve your customer transactions through marketing opportunities made possible and easier for you.

One of the most important functions of a POS software solution is to improve the checkout process for both you and your customers. It integrates well with retail tools like cash drawers, barcode scanners, printers, and even credit card terminals, which make the purchase process easier. It will also automatically update your stocks so you can save time and effort doing manual regular inventories.

In using a POS software in your retail business, you automate all your data and information. This will reduce unnecessary and repetitive paperwork. This will also allow you to have a quick access to generating reports that are accurate. It will help you get to the bottom of your business and track your progress all the way up. Having complete data and access on what your business is doing, you can make sure to improve sales and cut unnecessary expenses.

Going from an office to another is not unusual especially if you are managing multiple retail stores. Having a POS software will store all your business’ data in a central system that can be integrated with various devices. This will help you access your business even outside of your office. Having a POS software in your retail business will still allow you to work and accomplish your tasks anytime and anywhere you are at the moment.

There are a lot of benefits and advantages you can get in incorporating a POS software solution for your retail business. These are all helping you to manage your business effectively and efficiently to achieve your success goals.

To know more about POS software programs, how it can benefit you and your business, and how to use it, visit and read our reviews to check software availability in the market.

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