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What Are the Top CRM Software and Why You Need It

What Are the Top CRM Software and Why You Need It

When you have a business, you know that a good relationship towards your customers is one of the pillars of you and your business’ success. Thus, every business needs a system that can help them understand their customers better in order to give the best service possible.

You need a system that will help you built new customer relationship and maintain the existing ones. However, in managing a business, this is not all that you do. You also need to organize your sales data, marketing, accounting, operational data and all the things you need to do to run your business without a hitch.

Although there are a lot of solutions to help your business in all these aspects, you need that one specific system that does it all. All the tasks in order to run your business smoothly can be accomplished by using one solution, the customer relationship management software.

What is Customer Relationship Management Software?

Customer relationship management or CRM software is built to address this issue. This tool helps a business to manage their customer data, customer interactions, manage and access business information in order to automate sales leads, marketing, and even the business’ customer support. This software will also help you manage relationships with employees, vendors, and your business partners.

CRM software is built to help you meet the total goals in customer relationship management and many other things. It doesn’t only organize your contacts but also increases your sales through its various functions and this includes:

  1. Customer Generation and Service. Using a CRM software allows you to automatically find new customer leads through social media, inbound calls, through your website visitors and newsletter sign-ups. This will also help you improve your customer service towards your existing clients.
  2. Email Marketing. Since the CRM software organizes your contacts and this include email lists, you can now easily start email marketing campaigns. This will also allow you to send email reminders to your customers and other new prospects to increase your sales.
  3. The CRM software gives you access to tracking order information from every customer account. Also, this will help you in tracking performances of your team and also help them track their own performance through their sales numbers, quotas and incentives from their own respective accounts.
  4. Sales Forecasting. CRM software can make you easily project both short and long term sales and opportunities. This will help you track your progress without having to make progress charts from scratch.

Top CRM Software

A lot of different types and scales of industries that use CRM software pledge of its benefits in their business. However, there are already a lot of CRM software available in the market and choosing the ideal one for you can be quite daunting. Here is a list that is preferred and voted as top CRM software by many users.


More lists of businesses outgrow their rivals and competitors by switching to marketing automation. SharpSpring can be the CRM solution for you so you won’t get left behind. They provide a simple and affordable marketing automation system.

The SharpSpring can help you generate leads and customer prospects by identifying previous anonymous visitors and can capture a detailed information which is then automated and optimized. This CRM software can help you score leads regarding their behavior where you can send them sales opportunity alerts, thus, driving your sale prospects higher. Using SharpSpring will also help you justify your marketing expenses and optimize your every campaign.

One feature that users like most about the SharpSpring is that it is easy enough to use kind of platform that helps you get fast and accurate results and that is what’s making it successful. You can set-up and get ready in not more than 5 minutes. They also have unlimited integrations which will make your job easier with and open API and its universal CMS compatibility.

More than that, SharpSpring has an excellent customer support and service that can help you address your issues and concerns. SharpSpring reviews will help you decide if this is the ideal CRM software for you.


Choosing between an overpriced CRM software with a lot of features and cost-effective CRM software with limited functions is hard at the time. Compromising on a less than ideal CRM software solution can also compromise the goals you want to achieve in using the CRM software.

However, by using InfoFlo, you get the best between the two. With this software, you can have a CRM solution with a variety of functions at a fair price and you can even get free upgrades for life. InfoFlo as a CRM system is focused on managing and organizing all your customer records to give you easy access to all these data whenever you want it. This will lessen your time in looking for information whenever you need it and lets you do more business tasks.

This also ensures the safety of your data and documents where it could work in either your local network or your private cloud. It is also a system that you can use easily for its simplicity. Using InfoFlo in your business is not just having the traditional CRM software solution. It has all the features you need to run your business. InfoFlo reviews will tell you it is the complete office software solution.


Bpm’online is considered the next generation CRM software service. It is a cloud-based process-driven software for both service automation and marketing sales. This software values it’s out of the box process that helps users identify the most effective actions in order to accelerate positive results. Bpm’online reviews state that it has a very engaging interface with a social look and feel that makes it easy to use and ensures the increase in the software’s user adoption rates.

It has been recognized by many companies in helping them manage customer interaction processes that can deliver an excellent customer experience. It is also a holistic and multichannel marketing management software that ensures excellence in gaining demand generation.

Using this will help you deliver the beginning to end process of managing a complete customer journey. By integrating your sales, marketing, and customer service, you can manage all your customers’ interaction stages effectively.

Benefits in Using CRM Software Solution

In managing a business, you want to deliver the best customer service and support possible. By using a CRM software solution for your business, you can keep track of all necessary information and increase your sales. This will help you save as much money and time possible while improving your work effectiveness.

Whatever the type and scale of your business, using a CRM software can give you a countless of benefits.

  1. Analyse Your Buying Patterns. By using a CRM software, you can track your customer’s buying patterns. This will help you understand and identify who are your high-value customers and how you can increase your sales opportunities through them. You can also identify the customers who give you the most revenue and use that to provide them a better customer service.
  2. Email Marketing. In using a CRM software, you have an organized access to your customer contacts and emails. That will help you give email marketing campaigns easily, thus, increasing your marketing range. The CRM software also allows you to personalize and customize emails that can, in turn, increase your visit and click-through rates. It also provides a detailed email marketing reports that include open, clicks and spam reports.
  3. Time Saving. One of the best benefits you get from incorporating a CRM software service in your business is saving your time through automating your business operations. Using this software will help you avoid having to do mundane and repetitive tasks. Because of its tracking features, you don’t have to manually follow up progress and sales leads anymore.
  4. Fewer Using a CRM software will help you reduce costs and unnecessary expenses of having to use multiple solutions to get a certain task done. The program is a comprehensive solution where you can do all your tasks. It also has integration features where you can customize to your existing solution in order to minimize expense.
  5. Varied Functions and Features. This one has a lot of functions that can keep you doing your job efficiently and get it done fast. It has storage and invoicing features, shopping carts, and autoresponders. Some also includes built-in functions like billing and project management feature.
  6. Goal-oriented. Using the software will help you and your team track your own sales performance. This will help you have a clear insight of your goals. The presentation system feature of the software will also help you identify your sales trends to serve as your basis for future improvement.

Most of all, the biggest benefit you and your business can get in using a CRM tool is having all your business data and information stored in a central system. This will help you and your team access certain documents easily whenever it is needed. CRM software will help you develop an automated system where you and your team can collaborate with ease, thus, improving your business processes.

To know more about how CRM software solution works and the available software choices, visit and browse our reviews.

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