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What Are The Top 7 Best CRM Software for Small Businesses?

What Are The Top 7 Best CRM Software for Small Businesses?

Businesses continue to thrive because of customers. Any business will cease to exist without customers because they are the ones who buy and spread the word about the different products that are available in the market. With the growing number of customers, businesses begin to expand and therefore the quality of service that they provide should be enhanced even more. This is vital not just to retain but also invite more customers to subscribe to the products that your business has to offer.

To be able to successfully handle your customers, you may need an application that can help you maintain that good relationship. This application is called Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Customer Relationship Management software is abuzz right now in the business industry because a lot of businesses are already using them. These softwares offer a lot of benefits to businesses, even if your business is still small. Keep reading to know why Customer Relationship Management software is good for your company even if you are just starting with your business.

Before knowing the importance and benefits that a CRM software can provide, we should first be familiar with what it is and how it works.

Customer Relationship Management Software: Defined

Customer Relationship Management software is an application that is designed to aid the customer relations staff of certain details about their customers. This includes the customer’s personal information, sales history, issues and many more. This technology gives you the ability to know the interest of your customers even more. Other than that, it makes you more familiar in knowing how to better serve and respond to the concerns of each customer.

The main function of CRM software is to handle customer relationship, but it can also record the activity of your buyers. Aside from that, it suggests marketing strategies and gives you the tactics to use for optimal satisfaction and profit maximization. Also,  certain CRM softwares have GPS features, calendars, etc. that can help you keep track of the development of each project.

Different CRM softwares have certain features that cater to different needs. That is why  you should know first what features you would specifically need for your business. In choosing, you should consider the size and the nature of the business.

When starting with a small business, you may think that you will not be needing a CRM software since the scope of your business reaches only a small range and that your staff can still handle all customers without the use of this technology. Having a small business means that you still have limited financial means and connections to introduce your products at a wider range. However, the use of CRM software on small businesses not only can be beneficial for you in maintaining your business, but it can also make it even more successful! Recent studies show that the use of CRM software can increase the sales of your business by up to 29%. To gain more knowledge in the uses of CRM softwares, below are reasons why your small business needs a Customer Relationship Management software.

Reasons why you Should use a CRM Software

  1. A CRM Software can Help you Acquire More Customers

In starting a small business, it is a given that you start with only limited resources to advertise your products. Given this, a CRM software can help you widen your range of customers more than the capability of individual promotions. Aside from that, it can also help improve your relationship with current customers by keeping track of the personal details of each customer. A CRM software has features like social media promotions, which can help you observe social media conversations with regards to your product. It also gives you the chance to interact with possible clients.

  1. It Suggests Strategies That you can Take up for Your Business

Aside from what is mentioned above, CRM software can also give you advice and suggestions on what tactics to follow based on the detailed reports and information that are inputted in the database. This will help you in drafting more effective promotional ads that can attract more customers.

  1. Gives you a More Organized Customer Service System

With the growing number of customers even in small businesses, it can’t be avoided that there will be customers who will be unsatisfied. With the use of CRM software, communication with customers can be more organized.  The customer service representative can have access to a customer’s history of transactions with the company, which can allow for a more detailed and personalized response that can increase customer satisfaction. If you need to know what CRM software suits your small business, keep reading to see the reviews of the best Customer Relationship Management software.

  1. Sharpspring

According to, Sharpspring is ranked as the number 1 CRM software for small businesses. It is one of the most flexible platforms available on the market used for market automation which offers the following:

  1. third party CRM integration
  2. fully integrated call tracking
  3. universal CMS compatibility
  4. can be integrated with hundreds of applications

Sharpspring offers a great deal of features at a lesser price compared to other CRM softwares with the same features. It will make sending and scheduling emails more convenient. It also has a simple interface that makes drafting drip campaigns and automations a lot easier.

If you are just starting your own small business and specifically needing assistance in marketing automation or email marketing, then Sharpspring would be an ideal choice.

  1. Salesforce Sales Cloud

If you are looking for a more well-rounded CRM software, then Salesforce should be your top option. Salesforce is one of the cloud-based CRM programs in the market. It has a software that is specifically designed for small businesses. Some  of the features that are available in its small business edition are:

  1. workflow automation
  2. lead generation sales forecasting
  3. collaboration platforms
  4. email integration
  5. social media integration
  6. analytics reports

If you seek a CRM software that offers more features than Sharpspring but is still worth the budget, then you can opt to purchase Salesforce.

  1. Infoflo

Infoflo is a CRM software which has a simple and easy to use interface. It is one of the CRM softwares in the market that offers the most reliable Outlook sync. Infoflo provides full integration and solution on the following details:

  1. contact
  2. relationship
  3. calendar
  4. email
  5. document
  6. sales and task management

The best feature of Infoflo is its functionality and design of its layout that makes it easy for the user to learn and manipulate.

  1. Oracle Peoplesoft

The Peoplesoft CRM is an on-premise solution that is mainly targeted at mid and enterprise-size businesses, but is also made available for small businesses. One of the unique features of this CRM software is its ability to be customized to certain industry requirements. Some of the features that it also offers are:

  1. Sales and marketing automation
  2. Customer service and support
  3. Help desk and knowledge management

The Peoplesoft CRM has an amazing interface with customer-driven features and services. Other than that, it also offers real-time and role-based analytics.

  1. SugarCRM

SugarCRM is an open source software that is guaranteed to be low risk. Its interface and design are easy to understand and handle. As opposed to other CRM softwares, which only offers cloud or on-premise solutions, SugarCRM offers both and gives you the option to switch from one solution to another. It offers a trial version so that you can check whether it is the CRM software that is indeed suitable for you.

  1. Nimble

The Nimble CRM is a smart sales force solution that has an organized and user-friendly layout. Some of the features that it offers are:

  1. Pipeline management
  2. Contact management
  3. Integrated social contacts tracking
  4. Supports eight operating systems

The Nimble CRM has a Rules Engine function which learns and evaluates the behavior of the user that is needed to focus on social signals. Its Today Page feature meanwhile offers a comprehensive view of important engagements and crucial deals.

If you are looking for an organized email database management structure and information management function then the Nimble CRM software is one of the best options you can choose from in the market.

  1. HP Service Manager

The HP Service Manager is described in as one of the software that offers a full package deal. It has flexible customization options and a wide range of features for its service management.


Mentioned above are some basic information that you need to know about Customer Relationship Management software. Even in a small business, it is best to start with an organized system already because it prepares you for a larger flow of customers.  Who knows, maybe your business will boom into an enterprise! Customer Relationship Management software is just a simple investment that you can make, which will guarantee you the best results for the long term.

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