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What Are the Top 5 Benefits of Using ERP Software?

What Are the Top 5 Benefits of Using ERP Software?

What’s Inside the ERP Software Package?

Many articles will show up when you search for the benefits of using enterprise resource planning software on Google. In fact, this software is no longer new to most entrepreneurs because it was developed during the early 1990s and is continuously being upgraded over time. Enterprise resource planning software was developed to integrate the process of managing and analyzing every business data. It falls under the category of business management and is used by an organization to store, collect, interpret and manage data from different kinds of business activities. But the question is, do you know the benefits you are getting when using enterprise resource planning software in your business?

In using ERP software in their businesses, owners are unconsciously receiving the benefits. According to the article written by Sarah Holton, enterprise resource planning helps every organization to manage the business properly. It also influences the decision-making of the management to maintain the profitability and stability of the company. Furthermore, enterprise resource planning is composed of different kinds of modules which are suited to every department within the organization. These modules are sold individually and are still under the umbrella of enterprise resource planning. The ERP modules are sometimes developed in-house by big companies, but independent companies purchase ERP modules from external companies.

The basic enterprise resource planning modules are finance module, manufacturing module, sales and marketing module, purchase module, and inventory management module. These five basic modules have corresponding functions to fit every nature of the business. Finance module is often used in every finance department. It allows the organization to collate all the records of financial activities. The manufacturing module helps the organization record all manufacturing transactions. Sales and marketing module records every sale transaction. Purchase module has a function of identifying potential suppliers automatically. Lastly, the inventory management module records every related inventory transaction. You can read the complete functions and modules of enterprise resource planning at

Common Misconceptions about ERP Software

It is a common misconception about ERP system that all decisions will always be successful once they are delivered. The truth is, the software is just one of the many factors that the management takes into consideration in making decisions about keeping the operations optimized. ERP software is just one of the influencers on the management’s decision but it does not mean that it will generate a concise, clear and specific decision for the organization. It is just a guide to lead the management to a wise decision for the business.

There are many enterprise resource planning systems out there in the market and most of them claim to be the best. The best ERP software always lies on the needs of your organization. There are many new ERP systems that hold great features and functions and that come with a great price. Unlike other known ERP systems, they have the same features with other ERP brands but the latter’s cost is way higher. In choosing the right ERP software, you need to evaluate the needs of your company. If you are using an existing ERP system, you can draw the things you want to have that your current ERP system does not have.

Moreover, choosing the best ERP software relies on the benefits that you want to get from the system. Just like in fairytale stories, finding the right man or woman is not that easy and it takes a lot of time. The prince in Cinderella’s story searched the whole city just to find the woman who owns the glass shoe. It is not easy to find the right ERP software for your business, but with the right amount of time and the process of weighing different systems, you can end up with the right decision.

Choosing the right ERP software can be tiring and exhausting but this article already covers it for you. Sarah Holton enumerated seven tips in choosing the right ERP software. The number one step to take is to review and analyze the needs of your business. The vision that you have for your business will help you decide whether you will choose to use ERP software. The second thing to do is to evaluate if the software fits your needs. Enterprise resource planning software differs in their features and functions. These features should cover all the weaknesses inside the operation of your business.

The third step is to know the cost of the overall ownership. You will still go back to what you can afford when it comes to choosing the enterprise resource planning software for your business. Do not look at how much will you be spending but think of how much the software can give you. It is an investment and the return is more than what you can imagine. The fourth step is to create a comprehensive implementation plan. It means to create a strategy when using the system. It is also important to check if there is a free trial before purchasing the system because you can have an overview of how it will run within your organization.

The fifth thing to do is know the benefits provided by the system. We will discuss the detailed benefits below, but it is important to check the benefits you can get from the system. The sixth step is to create a list of enterprise resource planning products. Consider other options when choosing ERP software because there are modules that will fit your needs when purchasing a certain package. Lastly, the most important thing to do so you will never regret choosing the ERP software is to read reviews. Reading reviews on different types of ERP software will lead you to the right system for your business.

You can read the comprehensive procedures on how to choose the best enterprise resource planning software at

Top 5 Benefits of ERP Software

ERP software comes with many benefits especially when it comes to managing your business. It lightens your work and it lessens manual supervision as the system itself does it for you. Sometimes, due to many benefits that we are getting from a certain thing, we are unconsciously taking it for granted. Here are the top five benefits that you are getting or you will get when you use ERP system for your business:

  1. Enhanced and Tough Security

The system allows you to put security on your business data especially to sensitive information that requires permission before someone can access it. The latest ERP software has a permission access setting which can only be given by the company’s management and it prevents putting the business at risk. The users can only access the details they need.

  1. Online Platform Knowledge Community

Another benefit of using ERP software that we are unconsciously getting is the community. There are many online platform knowledge community and it helps every organization by sharing knowledge about the system that they are using. It prevents the users from immediately calling the technical support team of the vendor because the forum feature of the community knowledge platform allows you to exchange ideas, ask, and answer questions and even connect to other businesses.

  1. Better Business Decision Making

The ERP software also helps every key decision maker within the business to make a better decision. The real-time and accurate business data allows the management to establish a strong rationale on why they have decided to come up with that solution. The solution becomes more objective as it comes from the statistics formulated by the system. Thus, it does not merely rely on the feelings and intuitions of the owners. Year-over-year comparisons of the business data and forecasts are all built-in in the system. This makes every data standardized and it is well presented on the system’s dashboard, making it easy to read.

  1. Always on Top of Rules and Regulations

Financial accounting, product traceability, and data security are the top governmental regulations which make the job harder for the employees. The good thing about ERP system is it covers all the regulations and rules set by the government so the business can comply without human intervention. One example is the financial records of the company which should be accurate. The ERP software does the job to assure that it is 100% accurate through Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

  1. Accessible Anytime and Anywhere

The last and most enjoyable benefit that ERP software can offer is its accessibility. The system is compatible with every device and you can open it on your mobile phones, tablets, netbook and other handy gadgets. Business persons who are fond of traveling can still access important business data in case there are urgent transactions that need your assistance. There are dashboards in the ERP application for you to immediately see crucial business KPIs. These important indicators are sales, customer acquisitions, manufacturing output, web traffic, and sales. The user can easily track and identify the standing of the organization in terms of productivity, profitability, and manageability.

Are you still not satisfied with the information you’ve got about ERP software? You can read more about the reviews on ERP system at so you can have a better idea on how to choose the best enterprise resource planning software.

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