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What Are the Pros and Cons of Getting a Time Clock Software?

What Are the Pros and Cons of Getting a Time Clock Software?

There are several ways in which we can track our schedule for the day effectively. We can refer to our calendar for the day’s events, or by the use of a journal or a diary if you preferred the traditional way. For businesses, time management is essential to attaining a productive day. Back in the days when people are manually scheduling time and employers are manually checking the schedule of their employees, a lot of time has been devoted to doing such tedious task. But with the advancement in technology, people find it easier to schedule tasks and track their time.

A time clock is a tool that helps people in scheduling their day. For businesses, it is used to track the time and schedule of their employees, monitor their attendance and productivity in the workplace. The creation of different tools essential for making your day productive is increasing. This certainly has contributed a lot in helping people manage their time. You can also allocate more time to more important things in life, like your family.

What Is a Time Clock Software?

A time clock software offers assistance in tracking time. It can serve as a time sheet for employees’ attendance. Also, it can be a timekeeper essential for payroll purposes. It makes sure that every hour worked is well-accounted. Companies offer time clock software to people who need help with their schedule management and other time-related tasks.

Because companies are starting to realize the essence of time to businesses, they have conceptualized a device that can help these businesses be more productive. Time is a key element in the success of every business. Business owners are making sure that every time is beneficial to the success of the company.

Why Is Time Essential for Businesses?

Time is a dispensable commodity; you might be spending it to waste without actually knowing it. It will soon too late when you’ve realized that. Businesses are aware of these circumstances. That’s why they have invested a lot in the software or other related programs that can help them manage their time. Available options are tracking time for businesses, and investing in systems that have multi-purpose functions.

With the proliferation of companies that offer services like time clock software that would help businesses manage their time effectively, one cannot help but be interested and disregard other factors. They would simply jump into conclusions of investing one without conducting a thorough research about this software. So here are some of the pros and cons of getting a time clock software for your business.

Advantages of a Time Clock Software

  1. One of the major advantages of the time clock software is the optimization of your time through time tracking tool and an attendance maintenance aid.
  2. Mobility is another major factor. Gone are the days when employees have to line up to punch their time card to their Bundy clock. With the availability of time clock software, employees can now time-in in their workstation or through a mobile app from their smartphones.
  3. If you’re a business owner and afraid that some of your employees might time stamp even though they are not in the office, worry not. Some units of time clock software are equipped with GPS stamps creating Geo-fencing that only credit the employee who time-stamped within the geofence margin.
  4. Creating payrolls have been optimized, meaning, say hello to the paperless timesheet. Sometimes, time clock software has their own payroll computation option so the salaries of the employees would automatically be calculated.
  5. You can synchronize your online banking to your time clock software so that salaries would be generated and be transferred online to the employees. Saving more time and more effort.
  6. You can easily schedule tasks to your employees, avoiding misunderstanding about schedules and deadlines.
  7. Time clock software can prevent employees from altering the time since it uses a universal time clock. So, time manipulation can easily be monitored and prevented.

Disadvantages of a Time Clock Software

  1. One of the major drawbacks of a time clock software is it is vulnerable to error. Be aware that though time clock software is designed to be error-free, it is still a machine/technology subject to the discretion of a human being. One wrong input to the software can result in a more serious problem.
  2. A thing that a human cannot control is the software glitch. All computers and other technology are subject to minor up to major glitch. One major glitch can cause a serious problem that might affect the overall operation of your business’ day productivity.
  3. Employees can sometimes lose access to their account by forgetting their passwords or being blocked by the system because of multiple wrong inputs. This may cause delay to their overall operation, wasting time instead of saving them.
  4. Time clock software doesn’t offer biometric features such as fingerprint and facial scanning, making the software susceptible to fraud.
  5. The security feature of a time clock software is not formidable so it is necessary to do weekly password changes for extra security and protection.

Tips for Managing Your Time Clock Software

If you are planning to get a time clock software for your business or already got one, you might want to consider these guides and tips in maintaining the software and avoiding the disadvantages it might inflict.

  1. Make sure to back up everything to be sure that once a major glitch occurred, your files have backup copies and you wouldn’t be left empty-handed and start from scratch.
  2. Always update everything or run a system check so that you will be synchronized with the new trend and your employees’ page portal. Check if your software is running accurately with others and if taxes are current.
  3. Time clock software is recommended to businesses that are considered technically advanced or internet savvy. If you only manage several employees, it is not a bad idea to stick to your trust physical clock that tells time all the same.
  4. Synchronize your time clock software to all your employees to avoid time theft. It is also advisable to do a premise check once in a while to verify if employees are really in the vicinity of work.
  5. Some companies offer time clock software that has a built-in biometric feature for an added cost. If you have a strong reliance on your old Bundy clock that has biometric features like a fingerprint and facial scanning, the time clock software has the option to take the picture of whoever is timing in for verification purposes. You might want to avail that extra service.

Tips for Choosing the Best Time Clock Software

After much deliberation you have decided to get a time clock software for your company, the follow-up question now would be how to select among companies that offer the same services. Of course, one would choose only the best and the following tips would help you in choosing the best time clock software.

TIP #1: Check for surveys from trusted website that conducts product or company rankings. This way, you can narrow down what is the best clock software available in the market. Study the company, what are they offering and how much is their range.

TIP #2: Stick to a budget. Check how much money you are willing to shell out for getting the services of a time clock software company. This is because prices of these companies can go higher depending on their package inclusions. They can also be flexible to your budget, just inform them of what you really need. Also, ask if they can throw in some free additional options.

TIP #3: Read some advice and feedbacks from a previous or current client from a credible source. They are the ones who have a direct experience with the company, so they can attest to the services.

TIP #4: Choose a website that is unbiased when it comes to giving reviews. There are some websites that are earning by promoting a certain product as the best company. So, check the transparency of how ranking websites arrived in their conclusion of their top list.

TIP #5: Check websites that have a categorical method in presenting different companies. This will be easier to spot on the strengths and the weaknesses of each. A brief introduction of every company would also be a plus point so readers would have an instant idea what the company is offering.

Brief Summary

Moving forward is part of the trend, although some people think getting a time clock software means going technologically advanced. It is also good to put the purpose and the need of the software into consideration. Not everybody is inclined to using the new and advanced time clock. Thus, it always depends on how important your needs are in using the software. You just have to weigh the pros and the cons of getting one for your business to be absolutely sure that it is what you really need.

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