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What Are the Best Investment Management Software for Individuals

What Are the Best Investment Management Software for Individuals

Investment management is not an easy task. You have all kinds of work to accomplish and not to be taken for granted, so organization is always essential. This duty includes organizing your investments in a portfolio, banking, budgeting, and taking care of the taxes.

As your investments and acquisitions increase and grow, you need to have a system to help you manage everything. This can be in the form of having an investment management software to streamline and organize your portfolio and help track the progress of your investments.

What Is Investment Management Software?

Investment and financial management software is a tool that helps you manage your accounts and investment portfolio, stocks, bonds, savings account, fixed assets, derivatives, and other investments. It can be divided into two categories. The first category includes money management that offers budgeting, banking, planning, investing and reports. The second category is the tax preparation that offers tax planning and advice, importing of financial data, access to both federal and state forms, deductions, error checks, and online filing of tax returns.

Benefits in Using Investment Management Software

There can be a lot of benefits in using the ideal investment management software for your own assets or in running a business. However, it may depend on what features and functions are included in your software system.

The most basic type of investment management solution will allow you to track all your assets, savings, and investments and view each detail and progress. This will give you access to view both of your profits and losses in each investment over various periods of time. It will also allow you to create and print investment reports with its built-in templates.

Some software solutions that are built with high-end technologies can provide you with additional investment and financial analysis tools. This can be in the form of having an equity valuation metrics like price to book value, return on equity, dividend payout ratio, and price earnings ratio. This can also include having a feature that can analyze your current holdings and prospective investments.

With more sophisticated systems, you can also get more sophisticated levels of analysis that can be very helpful in running a wide range of investments or a large finance firm. This type of solution can be integrated into some investor brokerage account to give you access to buying or selling stocks directly using the software. This level of the system is capable of doing searches for investment opportunities according to your given investment strategies and stock selection criteria.

Best Investment Management Software

Choosing the best investment management software can be tricky at times especially if you do not know what exactly you are looking for. Aside from making sure you have all the features and functions needed in an investment management software, you can also read investment management software reviews from different users. This will help you gain insights on how a certain software system works.

From the long list of available investment management systems in the market, here are some of the top software solutions based on customer and user reviews.


The Axys management system is a software solution that can give you the benefits of having an easy to use automated management system that only requires minimal IT support. It has an extensive collection off pre-defined reports that allow customization. Axys can help you do more tasks in lesser time, thus increasing your productivity and helping you improve your accuracy. This will also give you a well-defined and detailed picture of your portfolio and all their performances through its portfolio management feature, reconciliation, reporting, performance measurement and portfolio accounting.

As an investment management software, Axys is tailored to fit your every need. Its features include having a GIPS-compliant performance measurement and flexibility in tax treatment, customizable reporting, and graphics. Axys also helps you automate the reconciliation of all necessary trade information and the settlement of data, documents, transactions, and positions.

This software solution also features various technology partner networks to extend its capabilities. This includes having capacity in accounting and reporting using various currencies and supporting a wide range of securities such as cash, equities, and fixed income.

With Axys, you can be better and more prepared for any regulatory request or examination. Axys also has a built-in integration with the Advent Direct Data Service to streamline your processes, communicate to your clients more effectively, and increase your productivity by reducing operating risks. To help you decide if this is the best software for you, you can also read Axys reviews from current users.


eFront is a technical platform that is 100 percent web-based and is tailored to be compatible with whatever type of work environment you have. It is adaptable and can be utilized for the smallest and regionally-focused firms to the largest ones. eFront is built with the latest innovations and designs on a technology platform that can offer you a scalable and user-friendly interface.

Unlike traditional solutions, the system is fully web-based and there is no need to install the software. This will be less costly in terms of support and maintenance. eFront also has an advanced user interface that is well-designed to stay in style for a modern application. This allows you to design and customize your own desktop by choosing Web frames, RSS feeds and Web-based gadgets by drag and drop method.

eFront offers an advanced workflow management to help you create and define your processes and workflows. This feature is helpful in managing your business transactions, investment cycles, and cash flow approval processes. Also, it offers embedded integration to other solutions such as Microsoft Office for access in Excel, Word, and Microsoft Outlook where you can easily and directly access data from the system.

eFront is a user-friendly interface that also offers advanced search and reporting capabilities. It gives you a type of system that has various techniques of getting data into it using drag and drop method as well as integrations with other systems and getting data out of the system. Its searching capabilities include a Google-like search function, full-text search, outlook search, and type-ahead search.

To help you further, you can find other useful information from software users in eFront reviews.

StatTro Revolution

One of the most award-winning software with multi-asset-class analytics platform is the StatPro Revolution. It is a powerful performance measurement and portfolio analytics system that helps you reduce cost, improve client service, and increase sales and assets.

Considered as the next generation application, StatPro Revolution can give you highly scalable performance calculations, visual workflow, and 90 customizable data templates. It has an advanced portfolio analytics that can support top-down, bottom-up, and currency overlay and multiple risk models to give you complete control. With StatPro Revolution, you get an excellent monitoring solution to help you manage your funds directly within the system. It also offers cost effective UCITS, AIFMD compliance reporting, and visual overview of regulated funds.

StatPro Revolution is a fully supported Web API that allows a programmatic extraction of all calculated data. It also has a set of multi-lingual report templates within the system that are customizable and can be made through different document forms such as PDF and Excel. To help you decide if this investment management system has everything you need for your business, you can find out more about this software from other users in StatPro Revolution reviews.


As a financial relationship management software, Blueleaf has complete integrated components and workflows to help you manage and organize your investments and resources as well as grow financial advisory relationships for businesses. Its main features include prospecting tools, asset discovery, goal tracking, automated client communication, account aggregation, client support, and client portal that is available and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

An easy to use web-based investment management software has everything you need in one system. It includes live reporting access using your own business portal, detailed holdings data and information, balances, investment performance, allocations, and push updates. Blueleaf has a secured sharing technology that makes it a ‘sharing image’ center for family members, accountants, and lawyers.

With Blueleaf, you can create and get live or online and printable reports and data. This will help you save time and effort in doing traditional reporting since all your information are always ready in the system. Billing calculations are also made easy in Blueleaf because everything is already automated. It also allows you to automatically monitor all accounts and resources to help you easily monitor your progress and quickly address possible issues.

To help you know more about this software solution, you can read Blueleaf reviews. However, you can also choose to try using it for yourself because they offer a 14-day free trial.

Choosing the ideal software solution to help you manage all your assets, savings and investment can be made easier by knowing what you are looking for. This includes making sure the system you are going to purchase have all the basic features and functions for an effective investment management software. Your budget for this kind of system should also be considered to avoid spending a lot of money for the functions you do not even need. However, you can also choose to add high-end functions whenever you may need them.

To know more about investment management software and their benefits and uses for both individuals and businesses, you can visit and read our reviews for more software choices.

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