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How Have Web Design Services Changed Over the Past 3 Years?

Web design services has changed significantly over the last three years. The web design services are, as with technology in general, ever changing. In last three years, time have definitely changed all around the world, and realm of technologies is no exception. A few years ago websites were very simple in appearance but highly complex in coding. Now a day’s website services have dramatically changed by new programs and technology.

Now a days a solid website is definitely a need of a person to run a small or large business, organization, company, services etc. With the right web design services we can create a website that wouldn’t only attract visitors, but will also lead to higher ranking in search engines and conversions.

In today’s web design services there are certain latest tactics and trends that we must follow before dive in and start designing any old websites. Like in fashion and many more of the arts, web design services has trends that come and go. Time to time certain visual characteristics are popular at certain times. The visual style and format also necessary to cater for the increasing functionality of website services as times goes on.

Let’s try to understand how web design services trends have developed and how structure of websites have changed in the last three years:

Responsive Web Design:

Few years ago we have observed the demand of responsive websites that are adjustable according to the device on which they are viewed. This has replaced the mobile site phenomenon of 2010-2013, which is hugely important development. Responsive web design concept converts longer home pages with minimal text. Large information is being broken up into “slides” so as to preset it in a more readable format.

Faster Speed

Website load speed comparison to previous years are more faster. The internet is getting faster every day, so now a day’s mostly website developer are making websites which is capable to load in less than 5 seconds. Everyone want faster websites to access information, services etc.

Social Media

In current scenario importance of social sites to are on pick, it is almost required to have a social accounts for every website. Why do businesses use social media so much now? The answer is quite simple: content distribution. Someone is more likely to read your content if it’s posted on social sites than on your blog.

Analytic Tool

Availability of breadth of tools available for analysis our website traffics, visitors and performance has increased dramatically in the last few years.

Existing free of cost tools like Google analytic have significantly, making it possible to see more data on the demographics of our visitors for example which can really help with making business successful.

Content Management System

Availability of different content management system software allow us to manage the content on our site as well as provides basis for standard functionality like attractive forms and database management.

Few years ago few websites built in with a CMS, but now a days websites are more complex and website owners require more control to be able to update fresh content on their website on daily basis, so CMS have evolved to be much more flexible and advanced.


We can’t speculate as to how websites will change and what will be structure in the next few years. But some experts have predicted that the emphasis could become focused more on websites as an art-form, rather than purely something that provides a function or structure along with completely 3D animated websites. You can search more on JavaScript 3D libraries such as WebGL which is an experimental project of Google from last several years.

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