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Web Design: Its Huge Impact in The Global Marketing Industry

Web Design: Its Huge Impact in The Global Marketing Industry

The Internet consists of several websites created by different people or companies with different purposes. Web design is the concept or the design behind every website. Its main purpose is to attract people in visiting your website, creating web traffic to what they considered your home and Internet address, and making a prolific in the professional web design agencies. But why is people visiting your page is such a big deal? The answer may vary according to the real purpose of the website. They may be;

  1. If a website was created to sell, may it be a product or services. If your website has been having visitors, then there is a possibility of a sale, thus the website has served its purpose. You market your goods online, you attract buyers and you get a profit from it. Example of these websites are com, or
  1. If a website was created to inform. These websites relay news all around the world, you’ll know that you are serving its purpose when people have been visiting your site and interacting with other people about the information they have read or shared to social media platforms. Examples are com,
  1. If a website was created to advertise. Ad website’s main purpose is to attract visitors by providing information on what the visitor’s need and promoting a certain brand by a series of good reviews. Some examples are Google ads, com
  1. If a website was created to entertain. These websites provide entertainment to visitors by playing videos, or making it as an interactive website such as com, -Space NASA Scott Kelly Mission.
  1. If a website was created to interact and Socialize. These are the mostly used and what people has been raving about. Also called the modern version of socializing. Examples are com,,

How Does One Know if the Website Has Been a Hit or a Flop?

There are ways that a number of visitors in a website is being checked and measured. Websites are equipped with tracking tools or metrics that is embedded in their hosting setup that’s why visits and hits are being tracked. These tracking tools break down the number of visits through the IP Addresses and by an ISP provider. They also measure the web traffic by the number of data a visitor received and sent to the website. So it really is easy to know if your website was a hit or a flop.

The next question now lies to how to make sure that your website would become a hit? There’s no such thing as an instant hit, websites climb its way to become known by means of what their page has to offer. From the design to the purpose, everything matters. In the article by Christy Hughes, She listed down the elements of a great website design.

How Web Design Plays a Major Role in the Marketing Aspect, Globally?

Every design and concept of a website depends on the purpose of getting people visit your site and find out what they are looking for. Every business that has something to sell or wants to catch the attention of the global market, wants a piece of land in the world wide web. Professional web design agencies usually offer both. Below are what web design usually offers;

  1. Web design developer offers the creation of a concept based on the reason why the website is created in the first place. It is up to them on how they will make your page worth a visit and easy to navigate. It is also necessary that your website has an improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to attract traffic and make sure you are reaching the global market. For more information about reasons why you should use local SEO to power up your website, read the article entitled, Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Power Up Your Website with Local SEO.
  1. Some web design companies offer web hosting and maintenance. Websites should always be updated to make sure that you are aware of the latest trend in the market, and what are the demands you can fill so every visit is profitable.

So if you’re planning to set up a website and penetrate the global market, hiring a web design developer is strongly advised. They won’t only arrange everything for you, they are also open to your own ideas and make sure that everything you need to convey to your target market will be properly executed and delivered. To sum it all up, you might want to check out why a business needs a web design service? It was pointed there what are the roles of the web developer and what are the pros of getting one for your business.

If finally, you want to get a web design company for your business, first things first;

Tip #1: Check the stability of the company you’re about to hire, how long have they been around, and if

They have higher retention rates.

Tip #2: Read some reviews or articles about the company, and check the services they offer apart from web designs.

Tip #3: Compare the services offered to other companies such as pricing, design inclusive and other perks.

Tip #4: Make a list of the web design company prospects and compare each and everyone. List down questions so when you had the chance to talk with the company’s representative, you have your questions ready.

Tip #5 For a complete checklist on some tips, check this article, What Should a Business First Consider Before Hiring a Web Design Company?

It is really now advisable that for you to mark your business in the global market, you have to create a space in the Internet, so that you can easily be reached, and be accessible to the world. Though it is strongly suggested that to be globally competitive, you need a website, it is not cheap. That’s why a lot of web developer has been striving so hard to help those who wants to place a mark in the global market, but doesn’t have the funds to do so. The social media platforms have become the cheapest alternative for web address. Apart from being free, a lot of user have been subscribed and registered to it.

Good news is, aside from social media platforms, there are other ways in which you can create a website for free or cheaper. There are companies that offers free web hosting and a step-by-step instruction on how to create your own website. If you have 0 skills, don’t fret, for you can hire your own freelance web developer in a much cheaper price and let them handle your website through the free web hosting sites. Examples of these websites are,, Google sites.

There are also some websites that earn profit from every visitor they have. There are so-called pay-per-click ads where every click or direction to their link, they earn, or the indirect earnings by referring to the products or services which visitors can buy or sign up for.

Wrapping Up

Internet has really helped improved the lives of the businesses, but the major factor of its success is the websites, and its extraordinary content. But when social media websites start to rise, a dark period for web design companies begun, for the social media platforms outshone the web design industry for a short while. The good thing about the emergence of the social media though, is people suddenly have options. Those who can’t afford to hire a web design company suddenly had a chance to show what they have to offer. Competition between the 2 industries start to intensify making the professional web design agencies to drop their price to compete with the free services offered by the social media industry. But now, people are slowly realizing again the essentials of having your own page and address in the web. Especially the businesses that need to place a mark, and create their own identity through a website.

Now, professional web design agencies strengthen their goal to come back to the top as the leader of marketing to the global market. We cannot deny the fact that though social media marketing services are cheap close to free, a website of your own still plays a huge factor and impact to your image in the world wide web. That’s why major companies still opt to maintain a website through web design companies because truly, Web design is still your own identity and the thing that makes you unique among others, and a huge impact to the global marketing industry.

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