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Integration of VoIP Software in Your Business: How to Survive the First Year

Integration of VoIP Software in Your Business: How to Survive the First Year

Most of the medium, large and enterprise scaled businesses would need a more elaborate foundation structure for their hardware and software support system. Basically, it employs more employees, and some even have multiple office buildings within their premise, or might have out of town branches, or to some, even overseas. Thus the requirements for their support system would need a more sophisticated and intricate set of hardware installations, and a more broad software branching. Data migration might also be involved in the process, depending on the particular nature of a business. It usually takes more time and effort to implement a business tool, and in our topic case, the business VoIP software, compared to small scale businesses.

According to a study conducted by Research Gate about the challenges that is encountered in the application of VoIP technology in the corporate environment, there are certain drawbacks of the system in terms both technical and non-technical considerations. As the market is ever changing, and so as the anticipated solution to a particular business does not generalize a specific solution that will fit everybody. Although the advantages of the system are all clear, there could be certain factors that can slow down its full implementation. Nonetheless, businesses continue to adopt it, whether partially or fully.

Apparently, the requirements for the integration of a VoIP business software for all scales of basically the same. And overall, it doesn’t require much complicated processes, and definitely won’t still require an infrastructure even it will be implemented on an enterprise. Most configurations will be dealt in the “cloud”, or inside the software system itself. Hardware installations are minimally required, for this aspect is already in the internet connection. Among other things, there could never be a definite timeline for each specific business for its integrated VoIP business software to be fully operational, and will still depend upon the business’ specific needs, goal setting, or even preferences.

As the business owner, what should be my expectations after the VoIP software integration in my company is finished?

The list would actually depend on a number of considerations, but the basic expectations for the best business VoIP software that worked for you should be at least all of the following:

a.) You will be more efficient and effective

Through the accessibility of the VoIP service, most users experience a more productive lifestyle in dealing with their business accolades and with their employees. Even peer to peer communication is enhanced, there is no need to set aside time for most one on one meetings, because it can happen through the VoIP channel simultaneously while you attend to some important documentation or email from your desktop computer in the office. There is a more efficient use of time management because certain tasks could already be delegated to your VoIP software, thanks to the value added features that come with most subscription packages.

b.) You will be more flexible

There is nothing to worry about a missed call or meetings that needs to be re-scheduled due to lack of time. With the VoIP service, there is mobility because it can be easily accessed through the use of most smartphones and tablets. You can now be more flexible with your schedules, never to miss any important call or meeting anymore.

c.) You will be in control, and on top of your business

Easy access to all business transactions, call logs or call conferences can be achieved through the value added features of the VoIP service. No matter where you are in the world, you can oversee all transactions and business deals that happen within your business cloud. Feedbacks, or even reprimands can be easily relayed to the employees. A series of pre-meetings via video calls can happen before closing a deal with an overseas partner. With the VoIP business software solutions, you stay on top.

d.) You will have a more cost efficient solution in the long run.

With all the basic advantages gained from the basic and value added features of a VoIP software service for your business, it would be more cost efficient in the long run. There are huge savings on expensive telephone bills, building an extensive phone facility hardware and frequent travel or meetings. Work downtime is also minimized because of its efficiency. Productivity is enhanced among all employees of your business. For credible business VoIP software reviews, click here.

It is best to include anticipating some major drawbacks that might occur during the implementation phase of the VoIP business software. Through this, you can address each issue with a prepared solution, should the need arises. In addition, here are some points to do to help you survive your first year of operation:

1. Set Your Goals Straight

Goal setting should start within your business first. It is best to gather key people in your business and start evaluating the current status of your company, as well as your common vision as to where it will be heading. Understanding deeply your business needs will help you address the priorities in a more appropriate and systematic way. Come up with a list of expectations, or goals, knowing which are the ones that can’t be compromised or not.

With this list, you can now look for the best VoIP service providers that can provide the service you are looking for. Then, narrow down the choices for your preferred VoIP service provider. Set a series of discussions with them by laying down your business goals and plans, including future growth and expansion. This is for them to align it those with their proposed solution packages to offer. During the course of your discussion, you can also exchange ideas for a more custom fit service and inclusions, which will better suit your business needs. Discuss the overall cost upfront, as well as the timeline for changes and transition period. It is best to know what to expect before fully implementing the system.

2. Prepare the Data

This one critical point, but to some businesses it is not actually required to do data migration. But to some who may have adopted a new service provider and wanted their logs information to be in the new system. Whatever data that are needed should be prepared ahead of the implementation in order to save time. And since this is an internal document, there is no need for the service provider’s involvement anymore.

3. Assign Key People

One key to survival is knowing how things function, so that you could better utilize it for your benefit. In the case of a business, especially when the large scale or enterprise kind, it is impossible to monitor every aspect of its operation and even maintenance. With this, it is recommended to take advantage of the key people in your company to do the job of monitoring and close supervision of the integration process within their respective departments. These people are usually the heads of each department. Encourage a regular feedback list that should be sent to you so you can go through with it. Regular meeting with your department heads and with the implementing service provider in order to assess problems or other suggestion and recommendations immediately.

4. Hire an expert

To utilize the basic service of the best VoIP software for your business doesn’t normally need for an expert to handle. But to some, most especially with the large scale or enterprise level with several branches spread across the town, or even overseas would necessitate a team of dedicated technical personnel to sustain the continued smooth operation of the VoIP service. This is most especially crucial for the round the clock operation of some businesses. The experts might not be necessary from the service provider, or should be hired separately. Your own IT department could’ve at least be able to handle it.

5. Educate yourself and your employees

Continuous trainings for you and your employees will better acquaint you with the full utilization of the VoIP business software for the benefit of your company. A company evaluation of its rules and systems is also beneficial in order to account the problem while it is still in its early stage. Be in the constant evaluation of your business from your viewpoint as the owner. And when in doubt, do not hesitate to call the attention of your service provider. In the technical aspect, stay in the course of latest technological innovations and if possible, try to implement the same for your business’ benefit. Technology is ever changing, and also continuously improving. Understanding the VoIP business software is not that complicated, and should not intimidate you from learning it from the start of the process. Knowing how things work will save you from time in fault finding and solution making.Working collaboratively will ensure greater success in your first year.

The success in reaping the full benefits of VoIP software integration in your business will partly come from the preparedness of the company for its adoption. Research is now more viable with the easy access of materials from the Internet. A new system, whether in what area of your business it will be implemented on, should be given an utmost attention to all the details to avoid inappropriate solutions. There should be a clear and upfront decision about the financial aspect of the system as well. Both time and money are crucial to certain major business decisions, and a wise business owner should know how to weigh them before anything else.

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