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Virtual Phone System For Business: Why It Makes Sense?

Virtual phone system is the new buzzword in the business world and has completely changed the face of a modern workplace. They work through a groundbreaking technology called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which enables one to make voice or telephone calls with help of a broadband internet connection instead of a regular phone line. Sound is compressed to data packets and transmitted through a high speed net connection. Companies get a virtual phone number that is stored in a cloud and can be accessed from any internet connected device. It is super easy for managers to use virtual phone systems from remote geographical locations also, as all they require is a mobile, tablet or laptop with internet. With a simple and minimalistic interface, this super user-friendly tool is an ideal solution for business houses to revolutionize their communication technology for the better!

In today’s hyper competitive marketplace, any business –big, medium or small can immensely benefit from virtual phone systems. Many entrepreneurs and start up enterprises are adopting cloud based virtual phone system technology to prevent a massive investment in a traditional phone service. They can be used for just about anything that a conventional phone system does – making audio calls, placing orders, receiving customer queries and checking messages. Virtual phone systems are particularly useful for businesses with a large number of remote workers and teams, as it is the most ideal business communication solution to keep them connected. Companies with a high level of field work, with sales force or other teams away from the traditional workplace would also achieve high time, cost and energy savings through adopting VoIP based virtual phone systems.

We do know that the business community is constantly raving about the drastic positive turnaround a sophisticated virtual telephone system can bring about in an organization. It does make one wonder about the radical benefits of virtual phone systems that are converting all businesses to this system. So let’s have a look at some of its most advantageous features:

  • Virtual local Phone Numbers – Virtual Phone systems provide access to buy local and toll free phone numbers across the globe. This feature of cloud based virtual phone system allows users to have multiple country’s numbers without hardware cost of each phone number. This helps users to appear as local to each country’s customers, irrespective of their positioning. Thus connecting everyone globally without hassle of expensive hardwares. This facility can be accessed through cellphones, desktops, tablets and any internet connected devices.
  • Redirect Call Facility – Virtual phone systems provide immediate and seamless call transfers. Often one is bombarded with multiple calls on a hectic workday! Call screening facility enables a user to either answer a call or redirect it to voicemail for later perusal. The ‘Find Me’ feature also ensures that important calls are not missed by routing them to desired locations such as to the workplace, home/residence and alternative phone numbers. This helps managers remain accessible to clients, colleagues and external stakeholders all the time. Call options can also be specifically configured and customized to suit individual need requirements.
  • Auto Attendant – This ensures that all inbound calls are automatically attended to with a prerecorded greeting, no matter the time of the call. Users can record their customized business’ greetings themselves or use a voice studio to create a professional-sounding introduction for callers. Callers can also be given the option to search through a company-wide name directory or transfer to extension or voicemail.  A virtual auto attendant completely eliminates the need of a receptionist or switchboard operator, thus leading to a huge cost and time saving.
  • Voicemail to Email – Many times customers are unable to reach employees and have to leave a message. Virtual phone systems provide the facility of forwarding the voicemail or fax messages to a designated email address, so that a user can access these messages remotely through any mobile or personal computer at their convenience. Each time a voice message or fax is received, a notification is given and it is sent as an email attachment. This feature is very useful as it promotes fast and mobile tracking of messages, leading to quick and efficient follow ups. It connects multiple office locations flawlessly and offers the flexibility to work remotely.
  • Specific Features to Ease Team Calling – Virtual call systems have the ability to evenly distribute calls throughout team members in a preset sequence. Team vision can be unified through sharing a common inbox where calls can be screened, progress can be updated and comments can be left for later follow up. Calls can also be recorded and stored for monitoring the performance of individual members of teams. Virtual phones also streamline internal team communication via group calls, chat applications or third-party software, leading to numerous benefits to an organization.
  • Full Time Accessibility – It is a manager’s dream come true that all of their business communication can now be controlled from the palm of their hand! In today’s dynamic business arena, employees are constantly pulled out of their office space for meetings or client demands. Virtual phone systems enable you to answer, redirect, and review phone calls from your mobile device, so you don’t have to get back to a pile to unanswered phone messages at the end of a chaotic day. Voicemail are instantly delivered to your inbox as an MP3 or text; and faxes are forwarded to your e-mail as PDF attachments. Thus, it keeps you connected and productive on the move, despite being away from your desk!
  • Full Time System Support – Virtual phone systems facilitate businesses to obtain toll free numbers, which provides a huge boost to the long term survival of your firm. Companies can also purchase customized toll free numbers that are easy for target customers to remember and help in promoting the brand. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) facility can be activated to automatically connect customers to the right department or the right person. Call queuing facility is another useful feature that keeps customers on hold until a customer executive is available to handle calls.

There is no place for complacency or mediocrity in today’s cut throat competitive business field. It is hence no surprise that virtual phone systems are being adopted by all kinds of businesses to accrue a host of benefits. Virtual phones make sure you are accessible, productive and efficient at any time, any place in a highly mobile world. It is indeed one of the most affordable, convenient ways to optimize business communication in a fast paced dynamic environment.



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