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Video Conferencing Software: A Must for Business Communications

Video Conferencing Software: A Must for Business Communications

Best online video conferencing tools are gaining prominence due to how they can enhance a workplace communication without necessarily giving away integrity of time management. The goal of any video conferencing software business type is to maintain the information sharing between team players and external contacts for the benefit of the organization.

Online video conferencing tools boast how it can make business communication easier, better, and more accessible regardless of the employees’ locations. Due to increase in video conferencing software free for use, there is no doubt that even your company can start taking advantage of the tools’ reputation in making professional communication better, resulting to increased gains.

Video Conferencing and How It Enhances Communication in the Workplace

Business operations will always require communication. Each player in a team has to share what he or she knows, especially during planning. As Dr. John Lund advised on communication, you have to communicate to prevent being misunderstood and not to be understood.

Successful communication is actually difficult to achieved, especially when different gender, perspective, and understanding clashed.  Before people enter a conversation, they first determine the topic to talk about, the duration of the conversation, and the purpose of the talk.

But why is communication so important? Apparently, communication is applied in marketing, providing customer service, communicating updates on business projects, engaging employees for better teamwork, as well as managing relations with suppliers and third party service providers.

From the aforementioned facts, it is plain to see that communication is a key to successful operations in a business. To make it happen and maintain in an effective way, online video conferencing tools were introduced.

Video conferencing is more than a communication leeway, which you can access personally, use through written message, or voice calls. Generally, video conferencing can be defined as a set of communications strategies in one. It makes use of both audio and video communications. What makes it amazing is that it can help groups communicate regardless of locations.

The communication method can be either simple or complex. Old video conferencing techniques involve the use of written messages and static images, which will sent to each of the participants in a call. On the other hand, new and advanced ones make use of high-quality audio and real-time videos between parties across different areas through internet connection.

One of the top features of video conferencing software for pc, which can be used for business, is communication improvement that delivers better productivity. According statement by David Hassell, 15Five’s Chief Executive Officer, open communication between players in the company enhances performance of the employees. Other than that, open communication builds trust, which promotes stronger relationships leading to better commitment in achieving company goals.

Bad communication is described as a driving factor to hampered sharing of ideas and loss of growth for the company. When employees become less interested in communicating with each other, business issues will not be addressed and more will develop. Worse, even employees may lose trust to the company itself, contributing minimally for they will consider themselves unappreciated.

Through video conferencing, employees and managers will be able to conduct regular discussions.  Conversations may be about projects’ progress, workplace concerns, and other casual topics that may boost one another’s interest in the company goals.

Other than that, video conferencing somehow gives employees the confidence to open up than doing so personally. Some may be given with the reward of open communication but do not use it due to their natural timidness. With video conferencing, employees may feel less fearful on managers’ reactions to their concerns.

Some business projects require constant updates. If each team player is situated in different places, video conferencing can help a lot. As a manager or employee, you may present your reports through video conferencing in real-time. Just open the application for video conference, invite your team, and you can start delivering your long distance speech. At the same time, they may provide feedbacks for easier revisions of work.

Why Business Adapts Video Conferencing for Their Operations

There are different reasons why most businesses today make use of video conferencing software download for their operations. Other than the need to be in trend since companies are quickly becoming tech savvy, there are more important reasons to this corporate change.

Poor communication is eliminated with video conferencing. Why? If you opt for personal communication, either oral or written, some parties do not take it seriously. Team players may pretend to be busy and make it an excuse not to answer your concerns. For instance, e-mailing is a source of bad communication in business when the recipient does not answer right away.

Morale of employees can be uplifted with regular video conferencing. Basically, it is either the good or bad general feeling of the employees in their workplace. It is a big goal for you as a manager or supervisor to make employees feel appreciated and important in achieving company goals. Through video communications, a two-way conversation between superiors and staff can be a drive to employees for morale enhancement.

Your employees’ morale also defines the confidence of your employees. When employees are not exposed to two-way communication, they will not have the opportunity to improve their confidence not only in work, but in personal areas as well. According to Georgetown University MBA program study, 348 students claimed that they wished to improve their explanatory skills, self-confidence, analysis of situation, and anxiety control among others.

Video conferencing can be a tool for you to create a management communication course. Encourage your employees to open up, share ideas, and even act as critics for progress. Once they get used to being able to speak, there is no doubt that their confidence will perk up in no time.

When there is constant exchange of ideas and inspiration for employee improvement, even the productivity in the workplace will improve. Employees will consider the managers as open-minded superiors, which can accept their innovation suggestions. Conclusively, they can contribute better in developing projects in a more clever way.

Besides the skills improvement of employees, the ability to communicate is one of the keys to better leadership, which Harvard Business Review supports. According to the study, in order to become a better manager, you have to listen, communicate, encourage, and be in alliance with your team. Developing yourself as a better leader is proportional to greater returns for the business. When employees trust you as a manager, it will not be difficult to encourage them to work hard and cooperate in finishing projects.

Video Conferencing Features to Keep Your Team’s Productivity Enhanced

Online video conferencing tool reviews highlight the software’s features, which enable business function better in the swiftly advancing markets.

One of the most essential features of video conferencing software is providing flexibility in conducting meetings easily and quickly. If you have teams situated in different cities or even countries, video conferencing will enable each of you to participate in a conversation in just one click.

Video conferencing tools available today are more advanced compared to calls and written messages used by organizations before. Most software options promote their highest quality of service through high connectivity network. They make use of dynamic management of bandwidth, correction of errors, and plaint codecs. As a result, you can have your whole enterprise join in the meeting whenever necessary.

Your Human Resources Department will also benefit with video conferencing. Instead of worrying about no-show applicants, the tool can call for finding potential employees easily. PGI recent study showed that as much as 66% of job applicants prefer video conferencing for interviews than to meet their interviewers face-to-face. This may be due to travel costs and time consumption with personal interviews.

Video conferencing is no longer limited to PCs. There are options that can be used in mobile phones, making it easier for employees attend meetings while off the site.  Usually, video conferencing tool is equipped with iOS and Android compatibility features.

Sharing of documents is also convenient in video conferencing. Instead of e-mailing files or sharing documents in a different platform, the software can provide you the ease of reporting with documents while in a meeting. Other than the common document files, videos, and audios, do you know that you can also screen share with video conferencing?

Screen share is one of the most innovative features made by developers of video conferencing tools. For instance, you are the assigned presenter of the report. You can show your desktop’s screen while you navigate through documents or videos. This works in desktop applications, web pages, and even in your mobile phones. This applies perfectly if your report or topic is difficult to explain without graphical demonstration.

Creating private cloud video conferencing is also now open for organizations. By having your own private cloud where your files are shared, you can also keep your meetings conducted in most advanced infrastructure. This also allows for global meetings.

There are more on video conferencing software that can be revealed by Through reviews of video conferencing software, you will appreciate more of what the tool can offer to your business not only in terms of improving your operations, but returns as well.

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